Internal Memo: 10 times more WIPP nuclear drums risk exploding than media reported — Expert: Data shows increasing amount of radioactivity going into environment — Official: Something “caused drum to later catch fire”; Gov’t should investigate if truck fire & electrical surge led to the radiation release

Published: July 5th, 2014 at 2:28 pm ET


AP, July 4, 2014 (emphasis added): Teams of scientists and engineers are still trying to determine exactly what caused a barrel [at New Mexico’s Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP)] from Los Alamos to burst […] Despite hundreds of experiments to date, investigators have been unable to create any reaction that would have caused the container to leak like it did […] The accident has […] indefinitely shuttered the mine […] According to the memo obtained by The Associated Press, [Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Principal Associate Lab Director Terry Wallace] told employees at a meeting Monday that the probe is focused on 16 barrels of highly acidic, nitrate-salt-bearing waste, including the drum that leaked at [WIPP]. Ten of the other barrels [11 total, including the one that ruptured] are also underground at the [WIPP] mine […] Wallace is quoted in the memo as saying that a technical review “identified certain conditions that might potentially cause an exothermic reaction inside a drum. Among them are neutralized liquids, a low pH and the presence of metals.”

According to the AP’s article above, the investigation is now focusing on 11 barrels in the WIPP underground, yet only a few weeks ago the AP reported: “Officials say 6… potentially explosive containers of waste [were shipped] from Los Alamos National Laboratory… [Five] are being stored at a site in West Texas [and] one at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant [believed to be the source of the radiation leak].

Albuquerque Journal interview with Miles Smith, EnergySolutions’ vice president of Southwest operations, July 3, 2014: “We don’t believe the combination we put into the drums, we don’t think it has the ability to start burning on its own. It needs an outside source of ignition […] It doesn’t look like the kitty litter was the cause […] I don’t believe [absorbent materials] caused the explosion or the fire. [One of the two suspect products, an acid neutralizer, is not a problem]. Its safety sheet says it is not incompatible [The other product, a base neutralizer, is incompatible with the nitrates in WIPP waste but this neutralizer wasn’t used in the WIPP-bound barrels.] We think there are other things that caused the drum to later catch fire [there] are a lot of things out there [to investigate, including a truck fire and an electrical surge in the days before the leak.]

See also: [intlink id=”wipp-expert-very-multiple-nuclear-waste-drums-exploded-risk-occurring-major-signs-fire-container-holding-500-billion-bq-plutonium-americium-nuclear-engineer-huge-dirty-bomb-video” type=”post”]”Very likely” multiple nuclear waste drums exploded at WIPP — Signs of fire observed — It was clearly something major [/intlink]

Albuquerque Journal, July 3, 2014: Don Hancock of the Southwest Research and Information Center, a WIPP watchdog, said Smith’s comments are consistent with those of state Environment Department […] but noted that no one from [Los Alamos National Lab] has weighed in. “I would say I’ve always been skeptical of the kitty litter issue,” he said. “Anybody with a cat knows that kitty litter itself is not combustible. It’s got to be kitty litter and something else.”

Don Hancock, Southwest Research and Information Center, June 25, 2014: […] the current data show that there are increased amounts of radioactivity going into the environment as contaminated filters are being changed. […] DOE presumes that the ventilation system and the exhaust shaft are too contaminated to use in a re-opened facility. On June 18, the House Appropriations Committee approved $20 million dollars […] as a down payment for new ventilation and a new exhaust shaft. […] it is very difficult or impossible to determine exactly what happened and how much contamination was released.

See also: [intlink id=”large-spike-radiation-levels-wipp-nuclear-facility-highest-measurements-recorded-first-days-incident-govt-analyzing-potential-impact-human-health” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: July 5th, 2014 at 2:28 pm ET


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319 comments to Internal Memo: 10 times more WIPP nuclear drums risk exploding than media reported — Expert: Data shows increasing amount of radioactivity going into environment — Official: Something “caused drum to later catch fire”; Gov’t should investigate if truck fire & electrical surge led to the radiation release

  • Any chance of gases from fracking in vicinty making its way inside the storage areas? Drawn in by salt? Or, did the truck fire happen first and cause a reaction from fumes? Not sure on timeline of events…

  • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

    There's already more than enough evidence to shut down WIPP forever…and to put all upper management in jail for life.

    These bits of information dripped out to the public are only to drag people along…in circles…indefinately.

    It doesn't matter what report comes out next. You don't need to know the exact chemical and radiological witch's-brew that's in each drum.

    Any reasonable human being can perfectly understand in minutes that the solution is to immediately halt the production of any more such waste products.

    To abolish the creation of manmade radionuclides is to completely eliminate the very existence of the problems that are formed by situations such as Fuku, WIPP, Chern, Monju, Hanford, Savannah, Los Ala, Mayak, Sellefield, and literally thousands of other such locations spread across this planet.

    You don't have to be Nostradamus to make extremely accurate predictions for this planet…MILLIONS of years into the future. This is because physical, chemical, and biological systems work predictably!

    You can bet the farm that an ice cube left in the sun will be a puddle of water in minutes…

    You can bet the farm that if humanity doesn't abolish the creation of radionuclides, then everything that any human has ever worked for or achieved will be desecrated.

    Participation in the current nuclear industry is the ultimate hate crime.

    So is the purchase or consumption of any item that pollutes in ANY way.

    • Well said, it is frustrating to even have to make the argument that creations of radiation will cause us immeasurable harm.

      I mean, it is so freaking obvious

      • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

        To all of you here: I know its frustrating (as Stock just said)…but we must keep going, because none are better suited to make the right kinds of changes that are needed than those who visit and contribute on this forum.

        Do what you know is right. Constantly try to improve yourselves…in whatever ways are possible for you right now. Start by doing all the easy, little things. Boycott as much as possible.

        Best to all of you on your transition to a life where your very existence is a net gain for this planet (not to mention the universe).


        • 52Rockwell

          I quit throwing my cigarette butts out the winow of my vehicle and bought a truckers ashtray. I love earth. I was born here ya know.

          • WesternKyMan

            above post has been reported

            • 52Rockwell

              What am I doing wrong here?

            • norbu norbu

              WesternKyMan, state your case or stop with report stuff. We dont have time for games. Go play somewhere else. You will stop or you will be removed.

              • Sparky Sparky

                Unknown: humor, OT or in-thread forum-sliding? Posting patterns may be discerned, but discerning intent is subjective and difficult to imposible in a virtual environment.

                It would be helpful if WesternKyMan (a balanced 'Newser from my limited recall)would "state his case". Perhaps he has been more observant in this regard.

                People do see things differently. Case-in-point: I was (still am) of the opinion that "Aw Shucks" JT was an assigned troll; I don't think VAnneV is a troll; and I think that one-comment speculation that Zoerkege is actually VAnneV is ridiculous. Others may see things differently.

                'Can't say I always agree or even appreciate 52Rockwell's comments, but are they reportable? We are all brilliant and annoying in our own way. 😉

                WesternKyMan is certainly not obligated to explain his reports, but it would be helpful to place all within context.

                • Sparky Sparky

                  **Sp., "Zogerke". Sorry Z! 🙂

                  • zogerke zogerke

                    Lol Z!

                    Agree with you Sparky, but it's not the first time THAT has happened!

                    JT I thought was from (maybe head of) Tekton Ministries, if i remember right, he started trying to raise money for the church at the end. Formally trolling or not, there were other agendas he brought here that redirected an awful lot of conversation. I was very glad to interrupt them when I could.

                    And no, I am not VanneV and she is not me! Funny really. I guess I missed that allegation…. we have a pretty different writing style…she has much better spelling and punctuation than I do, consistently….and I am not nearly as good a researcher- i lose patience unless something really gets under my skin. We don't always agree but I respect her opinion, and when i disagree i say so (repsectfully.) (see what i mean?)

                    • Sparky Sparky

                      Hi Z! Dang, I missed that connection between JT and Tekton Ministries! Now I'll have to go research that. Not surprising, though, and I also think he was pushing other agendas. Racist ideology aside, his own ref. to his prior history of violence against "trespassers" was particularly disturbing, I thought.

                      The worst for me and called right by another 'Newser was JT's forum-sliding, dramatic good-bye as the first post on the Enenews 3/11 Fuku anniversary thread. Disrespect and gall epitomized; but thankfully in the past.

                      And for the record, I think you write and express your insightful thoughts just fine, just markedly differently than VanneV.

                      Last also for the record, I agree with your comments a ways back re: ageist posts/posters. All good. We're a unique and vibrant community here on Enenews. 🙂

                      [Sorry for OT post, folks, due to site limitations in this case. Thanks for your patience.]

                    • zogerke zogerke

                      sparky, i just checked. i meant he may have been this: i think?

                      tekton education and apologetics ministries, james patrick holding

                      the 'tekton ministries' site is connected to a black woman, different ministry than JT for sure!

                • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

                  Sparky- I agree we all have good days and bad days…I'm at my saturation point again because I'm getting annoyed at some of my fellow posters. I think it is time for a sabbatical from Enenews.

                  peace to all enenewers-

                  • Sparky Sparky

                    NewblackoutUSA, Somewhat selfishly, I hope that your sabbatical from Enenews is not too long. I ALWAYS appreciate your posts and I think you add ALOT to this special on-line community.

                    I'm just back from a break from Enenews for about a month, maybe more, just because it was just too much to deal with growing personal and professional demands, all the while the current and pending nuclear disasters were raging in the background–which pretty much negates many of my personal and professional demands. Yeah, an acknowledged temporary coping mechanism to deal with a completely surreal, life-altering, ongoing (ELE?) crisis.

                    The "tipping point" for me was the rash of particularly ugly bickering and personal attacks amongst seasoned and respected 'Newsers a few weeks ago (but not the first time). I think a few other regular 'Newsers also "checked-out". I hope they return, although now the system glitches may add to their discouragement and frustration with Enenews.

                    The break helped, but I missed ya'll and felt "in the dark", knowing that stuff was happening while I was in my own little newsblackout. (Amazing how little info gets thru MSM!)

                    Anyway, if you take a break, please do come back as otherwise we'll miss your stellar commentary and Enenews will not be the same without you. And when the inevitable SHTF I’ll feel much better if NBO-USA was among the trusted ‘Newsers to help me/us through it all.

                    Peace, friend.

                    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

                      Sparky- thanks for the pep talk I'm trying to stay in the fight. I've been doing more boots on the ground stuff lately rather than being a keyboard activist. Passing out information, etc.

                      It would seem no one wants to spoil their BBQ's with a flyer telling them they are being radiated. The rad levels where I live have been a steady 100+ CPM for the past two weeks. It's getting hard to advocate for people who don't care they are being murdered a little bit everyday.

                    • Sparky Sparky

                      NewsblackoutUSA, Good for you for staying in the fight and for your boots actionin 100+ CPM "weather"! It IS discouraging at times. I was publically ridiculed on two separate occasions by two top administrators at my job for raising concerns–one of whom prides themself on being a "scientist".

                      We have a lot of work to do, and I fear time is running out on what few options we have left to salvage this world.

                      You may already be aware of/contacted Westpac99, who is pulling together established 'Newserso for off-line chat and organized action. If not, contact him at if interested in hanging with other "boots". 🙂

                      (PS, Given site limitations, the only way I could respond to you was to reply to my own post on this thread.)

                    • 52Rockwell

                      is nomorenukes for real?Gut felling please.

                    • 52Rockwell

                      dont you feel its a psyop?

                    • 52Rockwell

                      Deep Pockets ? Please …Is that not a clue?

                    • 52Rockwell

                      Dont fall for it Sparky. Action will be taken where action is needed . Wait. Patience is a virtue. Let it build to a crescendo like a good symphony. Dont try to rush it. Old man talking .

                    • 52Rockwell

                      I pass out the flyers at the zoo newsblackout. You are doing a world of good here in Waco Texas

                  • We Not They Finally

                    newsblackoutUSA, we well relate to your frustrations. But do stay in touch here while you are trying to crack through harder nuts out there!

                    You said that it was 100+ CPM per day for two weeks. (And was that just beta? Or a private geiger counter? Don't know what you're reading from.) In Albuquerque, NM, where we just left (thank God,) 100 CPM was a LOW reading, and a NORMAL reading was about 300 CPM (and that was beta only, EPA radnet) and that was for the last three years. Yet a local meeting about WIPP attracted nearly no one!

                    If you are in Texas (Sparky said that?) do educate the locals abut plutonium, though, since they may be downwind from WIPP. And that's alpha, which is apparently VERY hard to track. But a millionth of a gram lodged in the lung can kill. Maybe that will attract more attention!

                    Just try not to get too frustrated with activism seeming not to work these days. We're all unclear what it will take. You are hardly alone in that.

                    The maddening thing (eventually) may be that if/when it DOES get public attention, by then TPTB will be desperate to DIVERT — to fabricate something else.

                    Just know that your frustrations are shared all 'round. And don't sign off of enenews, please!

    • jump-ball jump-ball

      No criticism ME, but abolishing further creation of manmade radionuclides, and even closing down the world's remaining 400-plus operating NPPs, does nothing to 'completely eliminate' the existence of the problems that exist at Fuku, WIPP, et al, which contaminations will continue for many decades, nor will stopping production and usage help in maintaining the power, the cooling, the facility maintenance and containment required to prevent the world from having to face 400 more Fuku-style contamination disasters.

      Diamonds and herpes are forever, as are spent fuel units and containments.

  • I see there are quite a few new ENENEWSers around these days. As such I post a quick revisit on WIPP issues explained in a way that non-scientist "lay people" can wrap their head around it.

    And a write up on the relative risks of different forms of radiation. Please review and comment.

  • Ontological Ontological

    Wind Injected Plutonium Puffer WIPP. There is fluorine to consider here also. Shudder.

  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    Don Hancock of the Southwest Research and Information Center “Anybody with a cat knows that kitty litter itself is not combustible. It’s got to be kitty litter and something else.”

    That's entirely true, Kitty litter is NOT normally combustible, ask anyone who lives with a cat…

    But then again, how many cats piss 'radioactive waste' when they use the Kitty-litter ??

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Pretty sure those numbers are now climbing steadily over the past 3 years.. 🙂

    • mairs mairs

      I put down one of my cats this last year because she contracted thyroid cancer. My vet said one option would be to kill her thyroid with radiation therapy. She would have had to stay in a special vet hospital for a week while they gathered her radioactive poop and disposed of it.

    • We Not They Finally

      Note, they would not have even NEEDED kitty litter if they were not transporting LIQUID waste to WIPP, which was apparently prohibited by law. They don't think that laws apply, just excuses.

        • We Not They Finally

          Dr. G, just read your excellent article. To summarize (though sketchily): Waste products got arbitrarily re-named ("When we say war, what we really mean is peace" a la GWB) so that illegal waste that was prohibited from the site could be sent and might seem legal. The prohibition against non-transuranic waste was also ignored and violated, so cesium,strontium, etc. was illegally sent to WIPP.

          Thus tons of illegal waste got sent while meanwhile, safety regulations got dismantled. There are also tons of materials there which create flammable gas. Which means that anything there is liable to go BOOM!! at any time.

          What exploded, how, and to what extent, is also the fodder of lies and deceit.

          This description is probably quite sketchy and incomplete, but a layman probably gets the idea!

  • ACtivist thought of the day.

    Write a letter to the Pope explaining why creating radiation is a sin against nature.

    During a Vatican Radio address in May, the Pope said:
    "Creation is not a property, which we can rule over at will; or, even less, is the property of only a few: Creation is a gift, it is a wonderful gift that God has given us, so that we care for it and we use it for the benefit of all, always with great respect and gratitude."
    After being elected Pope in March 2013, Jorge Mario Bergoglio took the name Francis in honor of St. Francis of Assisi, the 13th century saint know for being the patron saint of animals and the environment.

    Read more:

    HINT you don't have to be Catholic to write the Pope

  • Sol Man

    For a moment, regardless of the reason that this event has occurred, the world now has a huge pump putting into our shared biosphere the worst of radionuclides, as well as other extremely nasty acids, voc's and such, that now concern is about what we can do to protect against the raft of diseases and genome rearrangement issues that follow.

    What are the protections when we live in an deepening ocean of these chemicals?

    We understand why some have termed these events ele's.

  • Jebus Jebus

    I always wondered if a canister got jostled around, in the cheap seats, into the repository…

    Nuclear nitroglycerin laced barrels, rumbling down into the repository, on decades old unmaintained transporters.

    With an ineffective fire supression system.

    Except for the kitty litter…

  • mt1000

    shorter link to this =

    (for tweeters etc.)

    Also note… N.M. is important stop for migratory birds.

    • 52Rockwell

      New Mexico is a very important stop for wandering Texicans too 🙂 Im worried about my Shiner beer brewery. These assholes are such lairs. I was figuring it was about 10 times worse than they were letting on. At that last community meeting they asked Frank my question. When will WIPP comply with the order to shut down Block 6 and room 7. When they get direct shot questions like that their masks come off. They dont express their open hostility, but you can read it in their face and body language.

  • weeman

    it is very difficult or impossible to determine exactly what happened and how much contamination was released. What nuclear accident can you determine how much contamination was released, it is always speculation and no make up of release reported?

    • Jebus Jebus

      But we do know that more than none was released.

      And we also know that ANY radionuclide contamination, in the environment, in the food chain, is deleterious for any, and all life.

      We also know that given the long life of many many of these radionuclides, they bioaccumulate and biomagnify, from the 70 years of dumping, into the Earth's one environment.

      The problem, the answer, and the solution are obvious…

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        jebus- New Mexico, the entire west coast of North America, inland Washington, Texas, Pennsylvania, Europe, Japan, Pacific Ocean, are now radioactive tot he nth degree. Is your answer the same as mine? Shut them all down now, and work on mitigation of the waste, and containment of the disasters.

        Even with that, it's probably too late…

        • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

          Correct, but include the East Coast of the U.S. as well.

          There was a report here on ENE that showed evidence that the East Coast of the U.S. was just as badly contaminated by Fuku fallout as the west coast or the Great Lakes region.

          But, that aside, the East coast is loaded with NPPs of their own…and they have been getting fallout from planned and accidental releases from every NPP that lies to the west for decades (because of jet stream and general west-to-east flow).

          And then on top of that, there are high concentrations of naturally radioactive materials trapped in the clay and shale all throughout the east coast region…liberated by money hungry fools who develop houses with basements in a region where no one should be digging into the earth.

          • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

            So true Moonlight- plus I think there are a few reactors spills on the east Coast that were downplayed. I think Yankee was one that leaked radioactive water everywhere for years. The whole earth is done…put a fork in it…

            • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

              Yes, but we must not let that realization make us apathetic for the time that we as individuals (and as a species) have left.

              In many ways it comes down to morals. For those of us who know…would it not be existentially rude to continue the same behaviors and purchasing habits of our pasts that have lead to the current predicaments?

              Shouldn't we at least try–more honestly than ever before–to show that we do, indeed, have souls that are worth saving? (that's a general, not religious statement).

              The future is quite certain…quite predictable…at least from an environmental contamination standpoint…and yes, the fork is "in", but we are all still at the table. The house is burning down and none of us are going to get out. I (while the house burns) am eager to make amends by showing–at least myself–that my existence IS worthwhile…that I wasn't just some total asshole that sucked up resources and left only destruction and contamination in my wake.

              An objective, alien observer (hypothetically) could look at many individual, human lives–from beginning to end–and see lush green life in front of it…and ashes behind.

              But some of us–with our dying breaths and last bits of energy–are walking with pockets full of wild seed…sowing in the ashes. For that alien observer to see such an act…so humble…such beauty…so HUMAN to do such a wonderously-meek thing in the face of such heavy understanding…

              • Winterborn

                Sometimes that is the only thing one can do in the face of such understanding. Born into a time after nuclear proliferation began to a race that didn't know how to deal with the waste and proceeded in mass production anyway.

          • Aging relics….each so close to being the next in our faces event.

          • We Not They Finally

            M.E., re West Coast versus East Coast, radiation we can't see visually. But we also need to be concerned about geoengineering, which recklessly manipulates climates and selectively makes areas inhabitable. We just moved back East and the greenery here looks pristine and gorgeous, whatever the rad counts are. (And they are WAY lower than NM where we came from, even according to a beta radnet from EPA, some minimal measure.) Whereas in California, radiation or not, the greenery is dying from manipulated droughts and excessive UV-B radiation from the Sun.

            So no place is necessarily safe to live, no! But we may have to make relative choices as life moves on. Which areas are more survivable than others. Only wish people had the mobility to be able to do that — many (or even most) of course do not.

    • We Not They Finally

      Well, yes and no. Within days after the Valentine's Day whatever-happened-there, husband and I were both symptomatic. Then when enenews published about WIPP, it made sense. But the extreme fatigue (and a couple of other symptoms) continued until we left New Mexico.

      We were in Albuquerque, 274 miles north of Carlsbad. We weren't even supposed to be in the wind currents path. Yes, sometimes you can know, then finding out what happened just confirms that something happened that was terribly wrong.

  • Yeah, "something caused the drum to later catch fire" immediately after placement in panel 7 (the same night).

    For their public personna, they're still ignoring the elephant in the room: criticality.

  • 52Rockwell

    I aignt worried Bob,and Tammy and Frank are on the J-O-B. Faithfully monitoring the entire situation.

  • Shaker1

    I would wonder if LNL even specifically knows what's in each of those barrels. I remember a report when I lived there of some getting burned from a spontaneous fire when they opened a barrel to check its contents. And, again, despite all the best plans and reams of procedures, we're simply human and shit happens. Seems that though that's a factor in statistical models, those statistics will never truly tell when there'll be an abberant event. (I'd love to see the accident models that I'm sure were run when entertaining the idea of the place. That might be interesting, no less damning.) What's bothersome to me (well, the whole thing is but…) is that the packing and placement has a chance of passing on that event to other barrels that might not experience it. Nuke by its very nature tends to make those abberations into 'damned if you do; damned if you don't' situations where there is no really acceptable alternative. I guess for now they feel that have to vent and have to monitor as just sealing it off might create a situation confined to a small area with the potential to be much more dangerous than it is. Like making nice little HEU or plutonium spheres for bombs?

    Sorry I haven't kept up with this like others. My opinion is rather solid against WIPP for decades and reading some of this stuff is like eating a good breakfast then intentionally pushing a finger down the throat immediately afterward. The argument against is just too obvious to need explicit…

    • We Not They Finally

      Maybe the very fact that plutocrats in New Mexico WANTED WIPP to be built there, shows enough mental deficiency (and/or hubris!) that negligence was bound to follow.

      • 52Rockwell

        Money money money worship.

      • Shaker1

        There are some who simply have a devil-may-care attitude, but as I said in another post, with nuke it seems that some intentionally count on being dead before worst and enjoying it while they can. Personally, I'm not specifically a gambler. I take chances, sure, and in some portions of my life some may think me rather reckless, but those who might think that don't take time to examine the method in the madness.

        Here, it's just plain stupid gambling, lack of respect brought on by insuffient or ignored knowledge, and poor examination of the risk/reward curve. Seems we're in the middle of the curve going too damn fast, rising to the wall with a foot stuck on the accelerator and the other scratching an itch on our leg. But we're a patriarchal hero-culture who can't quite accept that most great heroes are flawed and tragic creatures who fell into a benevolent set of situations or that the surrounding general human condition is so poor that a half-lame horse is better than walking.

  • Uranium_Mountain Uranium_Mountain

    Question: With $331 Million to be budgeted toward clean up of WIPP. [Another waste of tax payer money], who will be doing the "clean up"?
    Will it be Energy Capital Partners? Who owns Energy Solutions, who packed the barrels, who are now passing the buck and pointing fingers at other causes. Will the same companies who are responsible for the mess be in fact the ones cleaning it up?

    In the above article, I found it interesting, "We do not have a final answer yet," said Joe Franco, the manager of the Department of Energy Carlsbad Field Office. "With current testing, (the scientists) have not been able to reproduce the event.""

    Why would they want to reproduce that event? And where would they reproduce the event?!!! Are these idiots serious? Create the same event and contaminate another place? How would they clean that up and what would that cost? Perhaps they aren't actually putting Pu and Am in their test barrels?

    They want to point out the burning Truck as a possible cause. Isn't that like blaming the neighbors BBQ 2 blocks down for your house fire? The truck wasn't near the barrel. Unless there is indeed a related cause called, Sabotage. I'm going to go ahead and fucking ask it. Did WIPP hire a radical Muslim to work in that mine or someone willing to harm America? Have you WIPP assholes even looked into that?

    • 52Rockwell

      I thoght the same thing . Why would they want to replicate the event. Tru madness. I guess if we understood the mind set we would be just as mad . Im gonna pray now

    • mt1000

      maybe they could use some of their 52 billion $ stash

    • We Not They Finally

      Please. Before you go off half-cocked abut "radical Muslims," consider that most Muslims are NOT. And the story about paper passports found at the base of the Towers [allegedly] "proving" that Arabs did it. So you really do NOT have to "f-ing say this." Really NOT. It's just gratuitous.

      • Uranium_Mountain Uranium_Mountain

        There is plenty of gratuitous shit being said on this board by many and hence why I said "radical" and also why I also said "someone". I don't think it any secret that there are certain people meaning to do this Nation great harm and the point I'm making is whether or not WIPP may have hired some employees in the name of "Diversification" or otherwise and one or more of those persons could commit sabotage and whether or not WIPP management has even dared consider this option considering there is a huge avoidance in any accountability by any agency involved, WIPP, LANL and Energy Solutions. Who the fuck is responsible then? If it wasn't the kitty litter mixture, the acid, the radioactive waste then what was it? I think our Government has managed to hire Chinese and Russian Spies in the past who have managed to steal secrets and I sure as hell don't put it past the WIPP to have hired less than desirable employees when eliminating other events should we believe the "Scientists" starts narrowing down to other equally undesirable options. WIPP has or had a thousand people employee there after all so yes, I am going to say it and there is plenty more that could be said.

        • You are of course aware that Farok Shariff was the former president, if not google it. Draw your own conclusions. In this world of oh so politically correct as corruption oozes from every facet of our society, anyone even pointing a finger gets jumped on immediately.


            and rightfully so, stock. When we reach the point where neocon biases are used to explain-away nuke-industry failures, the battle's lost.

            Personally? If we're going to run wild with speculation, I'm putting my money on Christian fundamentalist as having lite the fuse. Seems people waiting-around for the end-times would make the most likely scapegoat for humanity's collective stupidity…

            • We Not They Finally

              Yes and no. Ignorance runs deep in many stratas of society. It can be blind religion, sure. But on the other hand, you'd think that in sophisticated places like New York and L.A., everyone would be hungry for the truth of what is happening with radiation. But they are blinded by their lifestyles and still party in sushi bars. While meanwhile, tons of "educated, progressive, enlightened" people live in the pocket of Al Gore and are not even horrified at chemtrails because that is supposed to "help keep the Sun's rays away."

              Apparently, when cultures foster sheer ignorance and doles out lies as badly as this one has done, people hide in whatever protective pockets they can.

              I relate to your frustration with fundamentalists who think that God did it and God will take it away. And honestly, if Jesus reincarnate showed up tomorrow, he might be ignored, ridiculed, or stoned by the very people who claim he is coming soon. I just think that the massive underlying issue is ignorance. And that people have never solved the problems created by imbalances in power.


                agreed, WNTF. I was obviously being absurd in blaming Christians for our situation; which was in response to those who'd blame Muslim "terrorist" for where we find ourselves.

                Our current nightmare is simply due to corporate terrorist, who think nothing of destroying the environment to accomplish their 'objectives'. And hopefully most will have determined for themselves, there's no shortage of humanity who will do anything to 'earn' a buck. That these sellouts come in an array races and religions only reinforces my conclusion, they're nothing but traitors to their own and the world about them…

            • @aftershock, actually both Christianity and Islam see a war of unprecented proportions, corruption everywhere, pain everywhere, before the "good" are rewarded.

              But Christians don't go on record as stating that it is your duty to kill everyone who doesn't believe in Christianity. Islam CLEARLY goes on record in their documents and even recent video presentation as saying it is a Muslim's duty to kill all who do not follow Islam.

              • We Not They Finally

                SOME (very few) muslims may say that. But then you also have the Westboro Baptist Church. And lots of other "Christians" who claim they greatly care about the un-born, but seem to care nothing at all about the born.

                Be a little more careful, please. Hate is an easy thing to whip up, even inadvertently. Then it is very hard to curtail.

                • There is no hate. Being suspicious of all members of a religion who have a prime directive of killing all others not in their religion, via the Koran, is just having open eyes, not hate.

                  Most Muslims are sheeple, just like most Christians, they don't want to fight or kill, they just want self interest for the most part and per recent study, most Sheeple would prefer pain over thinking.

        • We Not They Finally

          U_M, please get better educated! Do you not know that AMERICANS have done AMERICANS in better than anyone from an Afghanistan cave? Look to GE. Look to Dick Cheney. Look to Obama's atrocious DOE and EPA appointees.

          Cr-p, even look at James Conca, nuclear shill at WIPP. All-American non-Arab white guy.

          Get educated!! And please do NOT credit yourself with "courageously speaking out" when you just mouth propaganda. Far as I can tell, you are exemplifying some of the BAD things Americans have become since they got propagandized to think that everything that could hurt America comes out of an Afghanistan cave.

          Go eat hot dogs. Go play video games. Go wave the flag. But please don't do this! It's demoralizing to some of the rest of us.


            love it, WNTF…

          • Uranium_Mountain Uranium_Mountain

            I have said in the past that there are plenty of Nuclear Whores and Conca has been mentioned by me. I was bringing up the fact that we have not read once by WIPP even the slightest thought of sabotage as a possibility. Gee, who could commit sabotage? Yes, anyone from any race and group could. True, there is plenty of white greed. The love of money is the root of all evil. "Educate" myself. Now why didn't I think of that? One would think I just sit around all day eating hotdogs, playing video games and waving my flag. I think I was just labeled a simple minded American male. "Shhhh, be a good boy and keep quiet." Speaking of educating oneself, are you educated also in weapons as in the days of old? In the days of coming evil, will you be able to handle a gun, knife or sword? Do you have any manual skills? Are you physically fit? A lot of hopeless talk on this site of when all the world starts to "die" because of the radiation. The Pacific is dying, our land is contaminated, Chem trails, etc. Have you really considered what this means? Starving people will kill for a can of soup or a "hotdog". Because I do try and "educate myself", I watched this video last night. It was quite interesting.


              seeing how little information, Uranium_Mountain, we're made privy to, no scenario can be ruled out with certainty. But assuming lack of access justifies any theory, is dangerous.

              Thinking Muslims may be responsible for what's happening at the WIPP facility reminds me of those who hinted at the presence of Israeli security cameras at Fukushima, as proof that the facilities were sabotaged. And even if our wildest suspicions of Muslim terrorists were true, who in their right mind would invite the irreversible catastrophe of nuclear terrorism into this world? We're the ones who've been busy this last half-plus century, painting the bullseye on ourselves…

              It just couldn't be as simple as a bunch of self-important idiots toying with technology. No…that'd be far to simple a reality.

          • combomelt combomelt

            Conca has a clear agenda, 'The performance basis of WIPP is still excellent.'

            still excellent, as in 'we don't know what happened after almost 6 months excellent? like bill and ted 'excellent'?

            im so impressed with these finest minds working on this, while this tru-ahole tells everybody there's not a smidgen of risk and that we are lucky this drum blew its top INSIDE WIPP! gosh, i hope there arent any external 'pops' before they can reopen the wipp!

            tru-waste from a tru-ahole anyone?….


            and LANL, thy cup overfloweth…..




            'The performance basis of WIPP is still excellent.'
            'The performance basis of WIPP is still excellent.'
            'The performance basis of WIPP is still excellent.'
            'The performance basis of WIPP is still excellent.'

            A truly disgusting example of someone calling themselves 'human'.
            vomit wretch puke on you james

  • Uranium_Mountain Uranium_Mountain

    Miles Smith, EnergySolutions’ vice president of Southwest operations,
    "We think there are other things that caused the drum to later catch fire [there] are a lot of things out there [to investigate, including a truck fire and an electrical surge in the days before the leak.]"

    Of course you do, blah, blah, blah…

    Unless there were 2 electrical surges, the only one I know about is the one that happened the night of the leak. 23 Minutes before the radiation alarm.

    I can only hope that when they put in this new $20 million ventilation system, that they put the filtering system at the very bottom, that way when another barrel blows, hopefully they won't contaminate the new shaft all the way to the top. Stop the Pu demon at the bottom near the source.

  • 52Rockwell

    I have prayed and god told me he is comimg soon. He can handle it.

  • mt1000

    page 2 of this GAO report on nuke security –

    "DOE and NNSA scaled
    back on their security inspections and increased their
    reliance on contractors to self-monitor and self-evaluate
    their security performance at NNSA sites…"

    NNSA = National Nuclear Security Administration

  • dunkilo

    Good point mountain!Could be a loner ….The war on terrorism,I feel is a lot closer than we know….and we made the bombs for them ,tied with a bow…I could be wrong .(WINK)

    • We Not They Finally

      Yes, dunkilo, as a matter of fact, you could be TOTALLY wrong!! Even the DOE's initial report said that the good old-fashioned American on-site managers and contractors were negligent from the get-go.

      "War on terrorism," this? If you were to go lock yourself in a closet (mental if not physical,) you could be terrified. Then you could have your own personal real-life "war on terror." Meanwhile, don't whip up your own brew out of air. We have enough mind-bending propaganda to deal with with just the FACTS. Not appreciated.

      Also remember that Ernest Moniz, current DOE Secretary went to Japan and all he had to say was "Protect the NPP's against terrorism." But that whole industry is terrorist! We don't need some lone nut case. We've got whole international cabals.

      Please get real.

      • Google Farok Shariff for your good old fashioned American managers

        • We Not They Finally

          O.k. Googled him. He's a royal Arab. And Bush was escorting members of the Bin Laden family out of the United States on 9-1-1. So our government is in bed with oil moguls and shills (duh). That's hardly like saying find yourself an Arab, he did it. I'm sure you grasp the distinctions about mentality. The U.S. government did NOTHING to sanction Saudi Arabia even though their own claim that Saudi Arabians were behind 9-1-1.

          But "the average Joe" in America is propagandized to think that everything done to harm America had to have had some muslim terrorist behind it.

          Surely you see at least 16 different problems behind fostering that mentality.

          • Nope not a Royal Arab. He is a Muslim born in Malaysia

            And his real name is Mohammed Farok Shariff

            And he was president of the company running the WIPP


            He went on video as stating the release at WIPP was like a dental Xray.

            Also in URS and its divisions where a surprising number of muslims, over 15%, when the average percent of Muslim in USA is 1% of population.

            You can find more on humble little me on Google, than you can on Mohammed Farok Shariff who was running the WIPP and others in his parent company were packing the drums.

            Just saying, the fact that all this is NOT BEING INVESTIGATED is also damn strange to me.

            • We Not They Finally

              The "wikipedia Farok Shariff" is a royal Arab, though you may be totally right that it's another guy. Problem is (well, there are a lot of problems!,) the mismanagement extended over many facilities, apparently, as an overall view of the entire industry gone amok.

              Could some foreigner (or anyone, really) opportunistically take advantage of that? Just look at contractors ripping off money during The Iraq War. In chaos you can steal. Also do a lot of other bad things.

              So no one is discouraging you from investigating. It's just that rotten fruit usually starts with rotten soil. And the soil in DOE is very rotten. I don't imagine that we are in any disagreement over that. Peace.

              • You could speculate that this was an act of terrorism…and everyone is entitled to an opinion…..but…'s also true that since the beginning of the nuclear age there has been no permanent solution for nuclear waste. As I write the spent fuel pools, designed as temporary repositories, of the many 1970's and newer nuclear power plants in USA and other places are stuffed to the gills with spent fuel in various stages of cooling. The spent fuel is stored (dangerously) closely together. It is very easy once you start investigating the nuke industry that incompetence abounds. Costs are being downloaded to our children. In my opinion terrorism is a red herring. So what the president of wipp is a Moslem? If he was a fat white Christian the lies would be the same. Although this American nuclear accident is not as bad as Fukushima, the play book is the same. Rule #1 is minimize danger and lie to the public.

                • It was clearly stated in one of the WIPP Townhall meetings that TERRORISM or SABOTAGE had not been ruled out.

                  Since they still really don't know what happened, anything is possible. 😉

                • My point is that a Muslim was running WIPP and his company had around 15% Muslims in the direct command line of WIPP and yet only 1% of America is Muslim.

                  this seems quite odd, and a FEDERAL investigation would be appropriate. The Google information on this guy is VERY limited. That is strange.

                  • Uranium_Mountain Uranium_Mountain

                    Thank you Stock. I'm kind of shocked at your information and just shaking my head. I was listening to a clip from one of the town hall meetings. The guy really has an accent. Let me just think security minded for a moment. How on earth could they put a foreigner in charge of WIPP? How long has that guy been in this country? What is his background in Malaysia? I would assume that they would have done a Top Secret Security Clearance on him considering he is in charge of such a scandalously dirty industry but I doubt that was the case. What was his clearance? His leadership was incompetent. Was he even qualified for the position or was he promoted via buddy system? Who has he personally hiring? What are their credentials? Where did they come from? We all know there is highly toxic shit down there. What security clearance was needed to even go down in that mine? How many other foreign citizens from what countries were working there?

                    Thank you ChasAha. I was also unaware they are at least not ruling out Terrorism or Sabotage. Do you have the link to that meeting?

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      Nuclear waste cannot be stored in caverns. There is no place to store nuclear waste. Using the wrong kind of kitty litter — this is a terrorist attack? It is easier to say terrorist attack than to admit that the nuclear industry should not be allowed to exist.

                      A conspiracy theory is just a red herring to the truth: nuclear technology is lethal and premeditated murder and the nuclear industry tells lies all the time.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      Hatrick Penry UNBOUND
                      Hatrick Penry UNBOUND
                      Achilles Heel: 13 Reasons why Establishment Forces Utilize Controlled Opposition
                      Posted on November 6, 2013
                      “…9) Controlled opposition can promote a bogus story as legitimate then discredit those who supported it by having controlled opposition agents, at a time of their choosing, discredit the information completely. This is called a ‘honey-trap’. Remember the ‘LIBOR shooter hoax’? Propagandists under establishment control promoted a story that claimed the Aurora and Sandy Hook shooters’ fathers were due to testify in the LIBOR scandal. It was later debunked but not until enough suckers had jumped on-board and blindly supported it without fact checking the story. Those that ran with the bogus story ended up looking incompetent and untrustworthy. Recently I debunked (with assistance) the Pattie Brassard doomsday hoax that was an orchestrated attempt to discredit ‘conspiracy theorists’ with a similar ‘honey trap’ scenario….”

                      So is it all real or a hoax? We are definitely bombarded with all kinds of propaganda to keep cover ups and environmental disasters from coming to light.

                    • Uranium_Mountain Uranium_Mountain

                      Farok Sharif
                      President and Project Manager

                      Farok Sharif serves as president and project manager of Nuclear Waste Partnership LLC, having previously served as the president and general manager of Washington TRU Solutions, the predecessor management and operating contractor at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP). Sharif has more than 25 years of experience in the nuclear waste management field with key accomplishments at WIPP that include leading the development of the highly successful National TRU Program Central Characterization Project, helping WIPP ramp up from one to two waste shipments processed a week to more than 30 per week, and helping to establish and sustain a world-class safety record at WIPP. He holds a bachelor's degree in Production and Operations Research Management and a master of business administration degree from New Mexico State University.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      “…Sharif has more than 25 years of experience in the nuclear waste management field with key accomplishments at WIPP that include leading the development of the highly successful National TRU Program Central Characterization Project, helping WIPP ramp up from one to two waste shipments processed a week to more than 30 per week, and helping to establish and sustain a world-class safety record at WIPP. He holds a bachelor's degree in Production and Operations Research Management and a master of business administration degree from New Mexico State University.”

                      This was written before the accident, and he has since been demoted.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      I couldn't find any information about his religion. He came to the US to go to college years ago and stayed. He still has a management position with the company, so the DOE doesn't suspect a terrorism attack.

                      Usually terrorism attacks are much more spectacular.

                      It is inevitable that there will be accidents with nuclear waste. One drum manufacturer lost the contract to supply Chernobyl because of a substandard product. Are the drums even lasting 5 years? Certainly not the 100 years proposed for nuclear waste that is radioactive from 500,000 to billions of years.

                      At 30 shipments a day, how many drums did that consist of?

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      I'm sorry. I didn't see your post at 1:35 am as I had been doing research for longer than that.

                    • Uranium_Mountain Uranium_Mountain

                      No Biggy VanneV. I did the same as you. Responded then saw your posts. I think we are reading the same things.
                      Looks to me although I could be way off that the United States Department of Energy created WIPP- Waste Isolation Pilot Plant and then later The Washington TRU Solutions, LLC was created which is the managing and operating contractor for WIPP (incorporated in 2000). So basically, create a company for their buddies to run and charge the DOE for profits. Sweet! Mr. Farok Sharif was at one time the President of The Washington TRU. Is this where they moved him back too? Basically a smack on the hand and lateral demotion? Seen that trick before. Any time a new Government agency is created. Lots of money to be made. WIPP is new. Who's doing the clean up anyway? Energy Solutions? Lets keep the $331 million "in house" shall we. Since it will be impossible to clean up, lets just round it up to a cool $1 Billion.


                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      I think it is a private company under contract to the DOE. I'll look to see where I read that.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      “…In a statement Thursday, the company says Bob McQuinn has been named president and project manager. Sharif has been moved to a new job overseeing the program for moving nuclear waste to other locations while WIPP is not operational, and working with other Department of Energy sites to develop plans for the temporary storage of their waste….”

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      An even bigger story is that France's AREVA is running things and this is a big failure for them:

                      “…Welcome to the Nuclear Waste Partnership LLC (NWP) Website. NWP is a URS-led entity with partner B&W Technical Services Group and major subcontractor AREVA Federal Services. We manage and operate the U.S. Department of Energy's Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) in southeast New Mexico….”

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      Damning Report About Radiation Leak at URS-led WIPP (partner is Babcock& Wilcox; major subcontractor AREVA)
                      “Who runs WIPP Nuclear Dump? That is, who are the damning allegations, found in the new U.S. Department of Energy Office of Environmental Management, “Accident Investigation Report, Phase 1 Radiological Release Event at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant on February 14, 2014“, April 2014, really against? NB: Release was of plutonium and americium.
                      “WIPP is run by Nuclear Waste Partnership LLC (NWP), which is a URS-led (URS Energy and Construction, Inc.) consortium including URS partner Babcock & Wilcox Technical Services Group, Inc. (B&W) Technical Services Group, and major subcontractor, approx. 90% French govt owned, AREVA Federal Services.
                      “Sellafield, UK, is run by a URS, AREVA, AMEC, consortium called “Nuclear Management Partners.” (URS claims to lead it): ‘Continuing failures at Sellafield, where staff were recently asked to stay at home because of heightened levels of radioactivity, will be a significant concern for the government,…’ See: “Sellafield consortium under fire for failing to disclose ‘damning’ audit, Parliamentary committee report criticises leaders of Europe’s biggest nuclear plant for lax financial controls“, by Jamie Doward, The Observer, Sunday 9 February 2014,
                      “Sellafield is,…

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      “Sellafield is, more or less, the UK equivalent of US Hanford, but it was claimed that the radiation was found to be “natural” radon — yeh, right…”

                    • Uranium_Mountain Uranium_Mountain

                      Greenpeace investigates nuclear waste at Sellafield, 1994

                      Dirty, dirty place…


                    • zogerke zogerke

                      V Anne V- THANK YOU for that Hatrick Penry Unbound article on controlled opposition. Excellent.

                    • @VanneV

                      His full name is Mohammed Farok Shariff

                      He intentionally leaves off the Mohammed part. He learned that trick from Hussein, LOL

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      “…Nuclear Waste Partnership LLC, having previously served as the president and general manager of Washington TRU Solutions, the predecessor management and operating contractor at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP)….”

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                The spelling of the wikipedia article isn't even the same. Farouk Shariff, if you read wikipedia, doesn't even live in the US. He is busy ruling his part of the Philipines. And he is not an Arab either.

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

              His father moved from India to Malaysia when he was 15.

  • Ki11more Ki11more

    I'm wondering if anyone else thinks thinks that the WIPP incident could even be the insidious act of 'Normalisation'.
    So now West Coast of the WHOLE America Continent got a fantastically high dose and it did't just stop there… we got fragments of this crap all over europe and no doubt with continuing minute by minute releases it's gonna all be real hard to argue that the actual millionth of a gram of plutonium most lifeforms have likely collected was from either this event or that event…
    The basic issue still comes down to this…
    We can't make it any safer and accidents are only going to get worse….
    Humans make mistakes…it's how we learn…nuclear is pure folly the cost to build, operate, maintain and decommission alone makes it a negative financial investment….all this is not even taking into account the cost of even a single accident, let alone a triple meltdown and out into the environment along with how many fuel pool excursions is it now? Sorry it's just hard to take it all in…. Chernobyl destroyed USSR….
    Fukushima effectively destroyed japan, its all over we all know it. Even without the reporting of a sterilized pacific marine ecosystem….and a fair portion of the privileged nations on earth.
    So well done of you one percenters. You killed or maimed all your slaves. Who you gonna earn your cash from now???
    Emperors of the Dead(end).

    • We Not They Finally

      Well, part of the problem there is that NPP's have never really been "an investment," but more of a boondoggle. You do it right, you get paid. You screw it up, you get paid. Big-time. No insurance company would even touch it becuase the whloe industry is so f-ing dangerous. So if you slip up, it's the taxpayers, not you, who get the bill.

      So you have an industry that can kill people randomly anywhere; and still, whatever happens, its promoters and owners still get PAID. It's a natural magnet for psychopaths.

      • Hot and Bothered Hot and Bothered

        "It's a natural magnet for psychopaths"
        So terrifying and true : (

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        WNTF, very impressive you are says he, and you understand and see things very clearly! 🙂

        Only inside a controlled bat~shit crazy world, run by morons, would/could such Nuclear things/laws/ circumstances that you mention above exist! 🙁

        Truly bizarro land.. 🙁

  • razzz razzz

    I told you that changing out the radioactive filters would disturb and release radioactivity and that the filter building itself is to contaminated to ever be used again. But the filters have to be removed, they are probably hotter than most of the waste in those stored barrels. Of course the intake air shaft is as clean as a whistle, smoke and fallout avoids intake shafts.

    Next they should seal up the filter building and exhaust shaft and abandon them. Sinking a new exhaust shaft should be fun. Same engineering problems, need water stops at certain elevations except this time around there is already nuke waste stored below. Some fun.

    Kitty litter doesn't explode if it's clay base material. Could if it is organic like corn based kitty litter (a Green agenda). Wouldn't have to worry about radioactive liquids being stored by adding absorbents to claim the wastes are solids if DOE hadn't approved semi-liquids for storage at WIPP in the first place.

    Whatever the rising questionable barrel count ends up being, they will have to be removed. Hope it is done before an earthquake causes the cavern to cave in. It is only going to go from bad to worse with government at the helm.

    Radiation releases are only a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things on the way to getting rich.

  • Nick

    WIPP is an example of corporate profits over human existence.

    The tentacles of corporate anything are strangling nations and ecosystems planet-wide.

    WIPP is a money pit and a soul burner; my soul burns with a red hot radioactive fire when I realize how much money we spend on weapons and related research (WIPP= defense waste).

    Suffice it to say, WIPP is a very precarious situation.

    As the drums of war grow louder, I think about the other drums of war, hissing, sizzling, crackiling, and popping deep in the salt cavern.

    Just as we don't want more WIPP radiation out into the biosphere, so too do we not want a global conflagration.

    • Sickputer

      I'd like to have been a fly on the wall when Obama had his five minutes dealing with the WIPP issue:

      Obama: "So what's the plan?"

      DOE stooges: "We need $300 million to drill a new access hole and seal off the current areas and exhaust shaft. We have plenty more rooms ready to fill up with barrels of waste."

      Obama: "Okay, you will get the funding. Do you have a plan for sealing the shaft?

      DOE: "Sir, we have had a plan ready since 1996. This is a risky business. You can view our plan at

      Obama: "How long to get back in business? We have a lot of waste stacking up!"

      DOE: "With $300 million we can seal the shaft, dig a new one and be back in business before the 2016 election."

      Obama: "Ok! Now we're talking! Susan…notify the Congress leaders. And Decker! Get me a cigarette fast! My wife is out shopping. Wink! wink!

      • Sickputer

        Btw… From that 1996 plan they may need a little more money to fast track the shaft sealing:

        " The Air Intake and Exhaust Shafts are sealed first, and the Waste and Salt Handling Shafts are sealed last. With this approach, shaft sealing will require about six and a half years, excluding related work undertaken by the WIPP Operating Contractor. Sealing the shafts sequentially would require approximately eleven and a half years. To facilitate discussion of scheduling and responsibilities, it is assumed that sealing operations will be conducted by a contractor other than the WIPP Operating Contractor"

  • rogerthat

    hey combo melt, eric burdon rocks, the animals did half a dozen of the best of all time.

  • Nick

    Toxic at the atomic level. TATAL

    That is all one needs to know about radioactive elements.

    Yeah, I know about K-40, etc, but it's the nasty ones I am talking about, the ones that (as far as humans are concerned) are virtually eternal and infernally poisonous.

    When someone mentions dental x-rays vs plutonium, I shake my head in disbelief.

    Less than 1% of humanity even gets what radiation does, no make that .0001%.

    Our ignorance is our doom.

  • Nick

    I noticed newsblackout usa mentioned North Central Washington, Lake Chelan, etc.

    My first born son was conceived in Stehekin, a micro-community deep in the North Cascades; a lovely lovely spot on this globe!

    Tell me again why humans think warfare and all the noxious brews and misery associated with it is worth it?

    WIPP and Hanford are not going to just fade away, they shine with fissioning remnants that take 1000s of years to dissipate.

    Heck, why are we also cramming fracking waste deep into the earth?
    (because some of it is radioactive!)

    Time to rethink using earth as a toilet bowl. The stench is rising and there is no way to flush anymore!

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      We were given paradise and destroyed it for greed.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        The human species is very diseased.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Yes, this is apparent by now.. 🙁

        • Down The River Down The River

          Only the civilized humans. This is a problem with civilization, not humans in general.

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Look around..we all live inside a civilization. 🙁

            Ergo: All Humans!

            • Down The River Down The River

              Yes Obewan – After 10,000 years civilized people have conquered and plundered the entire Earth.

              It’s all civilized now!

              Doesn’t seem to be working.

              • Gasser Gasser

                The Sons of the Pioneers – Cool Water

                The Sons of thePioneers

                Cool Water

                Go here first before you drink the bitter cup down there.



                All day we've faced the barren waste
                Without the taste of water~~cool~water

                All humanity and I…with thyroids burned dry
                And souls that cry…for water~~cool~clear~water

                Keep a-movin', mah-man…don't you listen to NRC…mah-man
                Nuclear's a devil…not us…mah-man

                And he spreads the burning sand…..with Radioactive water
                Man can you see that big dead brown tree

                Where the water was once runnin' pure and free
                And now it's Actinide poisoned…killing you and me

                The nights are cool and we are all fools
                Each aquifer is now…poisoned water,…hot dangerous..Atomic brewed water

                But with the dawn…we'll wake and yawn
                And try to filter water…..into~~cool~clear~water

                The earthquakes sway and Reactors seem to say
                Tonight we better F—ing pray…for pump's water,…cooling,..water

                And way down there He'll's Corium's…beyond our prayer
                And spent fuel pools…void of water~~coooooling~~~~water

                Man's bodies are all sore's…we're yearning for
                Just one thing more…than water~~cool~water

                Like me…I guess…we'd all like to rest!
                Where there's no more quest…for unpolluted water~~cool~clear~water

                ~Gasser Classic~

    • We Not They Finally

      Nick, did not know that some of the fracking chemicals are radioactive. Then again, not surprised. And THEY are protected by law from disclosure? It's obviously penetrating into aquifers too. It's like a pack of pirates rediscovered the United States and are now carving the loot up amongst themselves. Meanwhile, the only sheriffs in town seem to be THEM.

  • rogerthat

    a day or so i couldnt get on to enenews, so posted this to enenews canada"
    Fukushima's radioactive soil sparks fights, exposes the enormity and hopelessness of clean-up task
    … In the months after the 2011 earthquake-and-tsunami catastrophe, environment ministry experts estimated that the amount of radioactive topsoil from parts of four surrounding prefectures that would have to be “decontaminated” and stored could be as high as 29 million cubic metres…
    … However, Yuichi Moriguchi, a University of Tokyo environmental-engineering professor, pegged the amount at closer to 100 million cubic metres …
    In December 2013, Tokyo announced that it would spend almost $1 billion to store 132,738 tonnes of radioactive soil already removed from near the crippled power plant. No towns came forward to offer to sell the approximately three to five square kilometres of land estimated to be needed to build the supposedly “interim” facility to house the waste…
    Greenpeace International has claimed that as of February 2013, more than four million tons of radioactive waste had been produced…
    A disposal centre in Rokkasho, Aomori Prefecture, for low-level radioactive waste from the country's nuclear plants (including metal parts and work clothing) cost $2 billion to build.
    And it holds only 200,000 cubic metres of material..

    • rogerthat

      … And because of the very public nature of this storage dispute, people throughout the country and the world, not just those who have not slept in their own beds for more than three years, are now starting to realize the magnitude, and relative hopelessness, of the cleanup effort…

      – great job from

      – i find this interesting. if it costs 1 billion US dollars to sequester 132,000 cubic metres of radioactive soil, and $2 billion to build a disposal centre for 200,000 cubic metres of low-level radioactive waste, what does it cost to sequester 100 million cubic metres of contaminated soil/low-level radioactive waste if the cost is $1 billion per 100,000 cubic metres? holy crap, if you'll forgive the french…

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        And where are you going to put it? Rocky Flats after the clean up still has just as much plutonium as before the clean up. Good way to make money doing nothing–worse than nothing==killing people needlessly. First, contaminate the earth. Then get money for the "clean up." Then get money for the medical costs of people ill and dying.

      • rogerthat

        … i mean, that's $10 billion for 1 million cubic metres, and $1 trillion for 100 million cubic metres. And that estimate of 100 million cubic metres is based on taking only the top 5 cm from only some of the contaminated land in japan. Read the story. 5cm may not be enough. maybe they need to take off the top two feet of topsoil over an area 5, 10, 20, 100 times as large? cloud cuckoo land. so i reckon is right. ''Fukushima's radioactive soil … exposes the enormity and hopelessness of clean-up task''
        Who is going to pay for this? A gold star for all those with the right answer.

        • rogerthat

          I mean, these are reasonable questions. Where will they put 100 million cubic metres, or 80 superdomes, of radioactive soil? What regions, what prefectures, cities, town and villages, who as individual citizens or communities, will offer themselves up as sacrifices in the national interest? How many square kilometres of land will be required for ''temporary'' or permanent storage of 100 million cubic metres, if 3 to 5 square kilometres is required for 132,000 cubic metres? What will the sequestration of 100 million cubic metres of radioactive soil cost? How does the nuclear power industry answer these specific questions posed by Fukushima? There are other questions. But it's reasonable to ask, after three and a half years:
          1 How much land?
          2 Where?
          3 How much money?
          4 Who will pay?
          And, finally, How Long, Oh Lord, How Long

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            rogerthat, you see the big picture and the one that they have tried so, so hard to hide from all of us these past 70 years… 🙁

            Went to a grown up wedding last night and one of my friends, who knows my stance on Nuclear, states he has a friend who has checked the air, water, soil and that we here in the US have no worries from Fukushima. I stated really? Of course he says well he could not check the whole area or Earth and I stated exactly. Little does he know the treachery of the laws recently written the guarantees all people living in the US "will be" most certainly directly negatively effected by what happened in Japan 3 years ago.. 🙁

            These comments I receive are often from highly educated people that I know in my area..if they only knew the truth as I know it they would be singing a different tune that is for sure. His wife and her friend just came down with breast cancer. Everyone gets breast cancer..don't you know. 🙁 Just like all men will get prostate cancer too! 🙁

            Denial is not going to save this world, that is for sure, as many of these people now clutch close to their breast their grand children with great pride..another 70 years and things will be seen much clearer than today that is for sure.

            What have we humans done? 🙁

            • We Not They Finally

              Who knows WHAT the friend tested for, with what equipment, or how. Or who pays that friend to do or not do whatever. Our own dear friend in Pittsburgh was diagnosed with TWO separate cancers last Fall, and the thyroid cancer (not even supposed to show up for four years??) turned out to be stage four (though she's recovering, thank God.) And we were mystified because this wasn't the West Coast, it was Pittsburgh. Then just a few weeks back, Leuren Moret gave an interview and said that there is no blanket protection anywhere because the wind currents shift and change. And as an example, she said, the worst hit city with the initial plume was Pittsburgh! That's the way it can go these days….

  • jec jec

    Anyone notice WHERE the news article came from? California..a tiny media outlet compared with,say, CNN. Print media. GADS. Hide the reports for WIPP, DOE! Good job, protect the bosses..(sarcasm).

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Always protect the bosses at all costs and at all times.. 🙁

    • rogerthat

      … Anyhow, I'm just askin', as they say. This forum may have a small readership, but I am sure that small readership includes many interested parties. Would any interested party care to offer public answers to these – and many other – reasonable questions?
      Would any interested party care to pose other reasonable questions? After all, free and open and public discourse on matters of reasonable concern is the only sure way to prevent harmful rumours, is it not?
      Or am I wrong? Is there a better way to prevent harmful rumours that I have not heard about? Do tell.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Top secret comment! 🙁 Turn away, move along, nothing to see here…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    By the way, before you go..bend over! 🙂

  • rogerthat

    obe, i remember driving across the states back in the nineties in a 7.6 liter buick station wagon that was more than 19 feet long and had three rows of seats. wow!. ripped the muffler off on a cut off lamppost in long grass and then it was awesome!
    anyhow, cindy lauper's Time after Time was a big hit, and we listened to it time after time, hour after hour, as we moved out of range of one FM station and into range of the next FM station. I thought: The earth is flat and ends at the state border.
    For all of us, the earth is flat and ends at the state border. So how does mankind, preoccupied with here and now, near and dear, survival today, muster the collective will to save the earth, preserve the species? A first step might be to tell people the true position: DUCK! FUBAR DEAD AHEAD . That way the survivors might trust you next time, should there be one.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Progress has come with many compounding problems, which few a have seen well in advance of them rearing their ugly heads for all to see. Many people like what this progress agenda has given them and therefor the ongoing compounding dilemma.

    Once the tipping point was achieved, things have/are/will start to move much quicker to the negative side of this ongoing progress equation.

    Some shit we just can't will not be able to ever fix…once it's broken. 🙁

    Ergo: Why Nuclear must be shuddered quickly worldwide. 🙂

  • cosmic charlie cosmic charlie

    Hard to fathom the mess at WIPP was caused by one 55 gallon drum. There are thousands of drums stored there.

  • rogerthat

    Officials stand by container switch after WIPP leak – The ……wipp…/article_…The Santa Fe New Mexican
    Jun 26, 2014 – ALBUQUERQUE — State environment officials on Thursday defended a decision to allow the U.S. Department of Energy to store highly …

  • Sickputer

    A photo of one of the casks used for the remote handled waste (extremely dangerous):

    SP: Looks like it is ready for a launch to outer space. 🙂

    More WIPP self-promotion:

  • Sickputer

    Page 184 of the 187 page document on February 5, 2014 truck fire:

    History of the Fire:
    "The vehicle was reported to have been in use for approximately 29 years at this location."

    SP: Quite an "aged" truck as described on page 5 in the opening statement:

    SP: I think it's fair to imply gross negligence in this haphazard operation of waste that is deadly for millions of years. Yet only one token management boss was sacrificed. The blame goes much higher.

  • reaiege

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  • 富岡_Blue_Heron 富岡_Blue_Heron

    I wonder what this so-called *electrical surge* is supposed to describe? They lost a phase, it came back, and a barrel goes up.

    That would be spooky action at a distance.

  • Jebus Jebus

    The Island of Doctor Moron…

    Underground Lab Capability at WIPP

    The deep geologic repository at WIPP provides an ideal environment for experiments in many scientific disciplines, including particle astrophysics, waste repository science, mining technology, low radiation dose physics, fissile materials accountability and transparency, and deep geophysics.

    It's a business model. We can provide you with a litigation free environment, for whatever science experiment you can dream up.

    Right here next to these barrels.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    Pesky profit eating radiologically contaminated maintenence.

    Hey!, we can outsource that…

  • combomelt combomelt

    so glad WIPP has so MUCH potential for energy production in the future! IT IS IDEAL!!!!!


  • Ana Ana

    VanneV is right. It is about money and if a company is destructive they want to give even more money to the same company to "fix" what they ruined. "Congress also is considering a more than $100 million increase in funding for WIPP next year." WIPP is a money wet dream.
    Ana in Sacramento

  • After reading through most of the posts above, I would like to welcome the new or renamed trolls to this site. This site relies on advertisement revenue. Every post generates more traffic thus more reasons to advertise here. Trolls especially generate extra traffic as some of us engage them. Free speech is alive and well on Enenews.

    I used to drive trucks on the busiest highway in North America which is the 401stretch across Toronto, Canada. I only ever saw one truck fire in over a decade of driving commercial vehicles. The fact of a truck fire happening in a certified nuclear waste repository is evidence of massive incompetence.
    Of course we are all being lied to. The playbook was created during the Gulf oil spill, honed by Fukushima and fully implemented at WIPP. Nuclear energy and in fact this whole petroleum based economy that has sold us on crap of all kinds including plastic encapsulated water is a boondoggle.
    Try if at all possible to give them as little of your time and energy as possible. Peace

  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    And the fun just never stops…

    Fukushima has 9 days to prevent 'unsafe' overheating

  • We Not They Finally

    "Hundreds of experiments" and they still could not reproduce the big bang. Are we supposed to be shocked, horrified, panic-stricken? They WANT to reproduce that? On the other hand, this admits that they (or so they claim) haven't a clue. So are we supposed to be shocked, horrified, panic-stricken?

    But since they claim not to have had a clue what happened, can they at least measure the damage, or STOP it? No, of course not. So yes, OF COURSE we are shocked, horrified, panic-stricken! These are the most dangerous substances in the world and they don't seem to have a clue what they are doing.

    On the other hand, if they actually DO have a clue and aren't saying, it means that the truth is too shocking and horrifying to admit to. No one wins. Let's hope we at least get out alive.

  • mt1000

    oh – they haven't even inspected those drums yet (!)

    "WIPP has begun building a full scale replica of Room 7 above ground, to provide a realistic staging area in which to test methods of remote observation that might reach the 14 uninspected rows."

  • califnative califnative

    reposting – Craig123 found this article today, have you heard of this commentator Jon Basil Utley? He's buddy is WIPP James Conca (link to Forbes in article). I'm in shock reading this

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      The nuclear ghouls are bold-faced liars. They are killing their own children as well as every creature alive.

      EPA Extinction Protocol Advocates.

    • rogerthat

      this is scary stuff. To prepare the world for an increasingly radioactive future, governments:
      1. tell people it's harmless;
      2. radically raise the ''safe'' limit as required so that everything you ever eat or drink or breathe is by definition always going to be ''safe'' because there will never be an unsafe level

    • melting mermaid melting mermaid

      Wow. The lies flow from that man's mouth like the radionucleides that are pouring out of Fukushima, I couldn't even finish it. Seems like, in our Topsy-turvy world, it's bad to be the enemy of the state, but good to be the enemy of mankind. Makes you wonder, huh, how deep the rabbit hole goes? There seems to be something dark and insidious at the heart of our little experiment with democracy. Racism, elitism, greed, lies and deceit. I don't know, but it doesn't seem at all to friendly to life on earth

  • Sickputer

    "WIPP has begun building a full scale replica of Room 7 above ground, to provide a realistic staging area in which to test methods of remote observation that might reach the 14 uninspected rows. According to WIPP:

    Options include a device that uses carbon fiber rods to extend the camera, a gantry camera suspended on wires, or a boom system mounted on a trolley that would move across the waste face from wall to wall and out 90 feet to view all rows of waste.

    WIPP has spent much of June improving the air filtration system to the mine, adding filters that reduce escaping radiation and improving underground air flow for the sake of entry teams. WIPP suspended underground entries on May 31, apparently to improve safety conditions. Reporting on June 18, field manager Jose Franco wrote:

    Since the radiological event, we have safely entered the underground facility nearly a dozen times"

    SP: They have not entered the mine since May 30, 2014. Things must be pretty gnarly inside that troubled mine.

  • Sol Man

    Here's a side of Pu (with everything else) to go with that money!
    Everybody's included so everybody gets IT. Who in their right mind would ever want to be anywhere close, and downwind, to this facility? Sink a new air shaft? Somebody must be found to run the machinery to poke through to the main cavern on that one. Any takers?
    The world's insane pu pump… still "leaking?"

  • jec jec

    WIPP is still leaking PU and AM since WIPP is
    'adding filters that reduce escaping radiation". The terminology..'ing as in escaping'..means CURRENTLY leaving the facility! Same for "adding." Words have such power and meaning..if you know how to interpret…

  • ~Beware The Evil Wind~

    Can anyone supply me with a link to the pristine trucks?

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