10 trillion becquerels per hour of radiation currently being released from Fukushima plant: Researcher (VIDEO)

Published: August 18th, 2011 at 11:48 am ET


Christopher Busby: Chernobyl-like radiation found in Tokyo, RT, August 17, 2011:

At 3:45 in

Chris Busby [visiting professor at the University of Ulster’s school of biomedical sciences and scientific secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk, a think-tank –Bloomberg]:

I was told by somebody who heard this from a TEPCO official who was talking to the Prime Minister of Japan who said that the releases from the plant are now at the order of 10¹³ [10 trillion] Becquerels every hour. We’re talking about something that is absolutely ongoing and is just being ignored, it’s not being adequately reported by the authorities in Japan or indeed in the IAEA.

Yesterday, TEPCO and Japan’s gov’t claimed the release was now down to 20 million Bq/hr, or 1/50,000th of the figure stated by Busby.

Published: August 18th, 2011 at 11:48 am ET


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6 comments to 10 trillion becquerels per hour of radiation currently being released from Fukushima plant: Researcher (VIDEO)

  • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

    Good thing math was one of my strong subjects.
    The numbers just keep escalating!
    My head is sort of swimming now.

    The human behavior on this is so strange in how Fuku is bringing out such deep denial.
    If they don’t like the numbers, then the instrumentation must be broken.
    Let alone the US media’s avoidance of so much of this.

    “Out of sight…out of mind” has been taken to a whole new level!

  • selfsovereign



    Made of the same plastic as water bottles, this enhanced plastic reacts fluorescently, glowing brighter(blue?green?I’m blind to those spectrums) as the radiation levels increase.

    To sell for under $130.00 / 10,000 yen

    Back in the day, the CHEROKEE INDIAN doctors knew of an herb that disolves kidney and bladder stones, the root of the common HYDRANGEA.

    Turns out this is radioactive too. In the 30’s Dr. Edward E. Shook describes a natural process to MAKE THIS RADIATION VISIBLE in the form of FLUORESCENCE.

    Boiling the root and then adding potassium carabonate or even sodium bicarbonate would create a “green” fluoresence, especially if held up to sunlight(glass bowl) while viewing through a piece of dark blue glass.

    My relative interest is THIS- The free sodium ions of the hydrangea root liquify and mobilize FIXED CALCIUM.

    COULD this possibly also liquify its molecular mimic – strontium-90?
    Is there any way to remove fixed strontium from the bones?

  • americancommntr

    Excellent idea, and fantastic mental notes and observations!

    It’s thinking like this which solves problems.

    It’s reminescent of the Muscular Dystrophy Association. It’s had 56 years to ‘find a cure’. But people thinking like you had already found the cure, at least for much MD, by nutritional supplementation, back in 1953 or 1954. To this day MDA can’t find a cure, as it sucks down what, 70 million in donations a year, drawing down the pool so a cure can’t be found.

    Especially nowadays when some science or industry says something can’t be done, chances are they are either serving pride or greed, and that’s why they haven’t done it and don’t want anybody else to, either.

  • Anthony Anthony

    Radiation From Japan Reached California Coast in Just Days
    Level apparently harmless, but study provides insight into pollution’s travel

    Posted: August 15, 2011


    On a personal note, I think what arrived here IS HARMFUL and that this article downplays the dangers. Alternately, I am happy to be finding such information in the MSN, even at this late stage.

  • larry-andrew-nils

    ten trillion becquerels per hour

    ok… the earth is 196940000 square miles…
    lets cut that in half for the northern hemisphere.
    98,470,000… and that is close enough to 100,000,000.

    so, ten trillion divided by 100,000,000 square miles is 100,000 becquerels per square mile per hour for the northern hemisphere. (do not forget per hour)

    24 hours per day
    = 2,400,000 becquerels per day per square mile of northern hemisphere.

    7 days a week
    = 16,800,000 becquerels per week per square mile of northern hemisphere.

    365 days in a year
    = 876,000,000 becquerels per year per square mile of northern hemisphere.

    makes you feel…?
    comments… anyone?

  • Arizonan Arizonan

    Maybe that’s why the EPA’s radnet beta gross rates for many US states have recently been over 100 microsieverts…..