Top Japan paper reports 100,000 at Tokyo nuclear protest, then alters headline (VIDEO)

Published: November 12th, 2012 at 11:58 pm ET


Title: Thousands protest against nuclear power in central Tokyo
Source: Mainichi
Date: Nov 12, 2012

Is now this:

Thousands of people staged a demonstration near the Diet Building on the rainy evening of Nov. 11 to call for an end to nuclear power.

According to figures released by demonstration organizer Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes, roughly 100,000 people took part in the protest. Police put the figure at about 7,000.

[...] At one point, there were so many protesters packed into one place they disrupted use of the local crosswalks. [...]

A demonstration scheduled for the capital’s Hibiya Park the same day was cancelled after the Tokyo Metropolitan Government refused to issue a permit.

Published: November 12th, 2012 at 11:58 pm ET


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23 comments to Top Japan paper reports 100,000 at Tokyo nuclear protest, then alters headline (VIDEO)

  • A novel form of protest would be for these 100000 to gather in front of the Diet(Parliament) each riding a stationary bicycle fitted with a dynamo and direct the lamplight-synchronously at the building floodlighting it with Greenpeace banner crying NUCLEAR FREE CARBON FREE JAPAN.

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  • Sickputer

    The police estimated 7,000 protestors…other observers counted 100,000.

    Next spring it would be great to see them amass a million or more in a show of strength. I don't see the country's health situation improving so bad news will continue to attract large crowds of protestors. Which is pretty unusual for Tokyo.

    In years gone by they would just blast a few hundred protestors away with water cannons. Now those police methods seem pretty risky with water cannons being used at Daiichi to try and stop the eternal fires. And with a crowd so large water cannons could lead to really bad public relations.

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    • @Sickputer November 13, 2012 at 12:54 am
      In Gibrischenland: We wash our clothes by hand. We use the solar cooker. We use our hands to shave. We use rolling stones to make atta and to make chutney.. We use the Brahmah Press to iron clothes.We walk to work and live in small self-sufficient communities and work cooperatively. We use the charkas to spin thread and make cloth by handloom. We use bicycles to light our homes thru the cycle dynamo by cooperatively riding our cycles in stationary mode with the dynamo connected to the shaft. We run our radios by our own power. We use animals to till. We hand pound rice. We live in log huts! And we can walk to the forest to get fragrant pure air and drink water from mountain streams pure and clear. We go fishing by the river. We have ALL KINDS OF plants and the trees give us luscious fruits. We return all our excreta by means of composting toilets and our grass is mown by cattle. Our grasslands thrive. Wild animals thrive in the forest. We grow enough fire wood for community cooking in highly efficient woodstoves. Ships worked by sails bring us things which we occasonally need. We do use iron and steel and make them by means of furnaces worked on wood. We also use biogas plants for our cooking during the monsoon. We use wells to draw groundwater. We produce electricity within our bodies by isothermal method at 1.2 volts in each of our cells and do work at the rate of 200 watts peak.We are a nation of 160 million people in 500000…

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      • (Concld) beautiful communities called villages We have also vast rivers on which boats bring cargo. I am told that 4.32 billion years ago a thriving country existed here with nuclear reactors but still the people were always short of power. They had enormous number of dams. Several great earthquakes were caused by dams which made the nuclear reactors to explode and kill the people and their civilization vanished. Their champion fighter against a wicked government fought corruption and proved that nuclear energy programmes were the biggest scam which only fed them poisons which lasted billions of years but consumed all the power the country produced reducing the people to penury….

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    • Radio VicFromOregon

      Good point SP. Very good point.

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  • PurpleRain PurpleRain

    I wish we could get our newspaper's to report on this. Where are all the Getty images now?! USA Today and the Huffington Post and Time Magazine and Rolling Stones and Mother Jones should all be giving us decent news coverage of what it happening.

    What is the number of GE or nuke-owned media outlets/papers, tv, radio? I think someone posted something likt that on here before but I don't remember the number…

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  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    People are done with nuclear reactors. And won't tolerate being forced to coexist with the insanely dangerous technology.

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  • amberlight amberlight

    I've been involved in enough marches & demonstrations (anti-war and timber issues mainly) to affirm that the organizers usually pad the numbers, but the media will drastically slash the number of protestors. E.g., let's say there are around 8000 protestors. The organizers might round that number up to 10,000, but the evening news will report that only 1000 demonstrators were involved. Although the exact percentages vary, they follow this general pattern every time in my experience.

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  • pcjensen

    This problem of counting heads by police and media has been occurring since the first protests… simple fact check – compare photos and video from overhead flights by helicopter with cameras… thinking, from the pics I saw of this last one and the other big protests, there were more people at this protest than has occurred before.

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    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Agreed, pcjensen, and one should also pay attention to whose helicopter camera footage is being shown. For an editor with an agenda, the formula is to use closeup shots to make a tiny crowd seem large, and use panoramic shots to emphasize that a large crowd really is large or to fake that a crowd is small (by pointing at something other than the large crowd). Anther trick is to use images before/after the crowd has fully assembled. Yet another is to focus on a small "rent-a-crowd" whose behavior is manipulated. These days "the authorities" generally work to break any large crowd into several smaller crowds, so of course video footage can then be selective.

      A related media manipulation gimmick is to show people holding signs written either in English or non-English languages (editor's choice) as a way to influence the effect on home audiences. If the home audience cannot read the signs, then they tend to accept the voice-over explanation of the images.

      On and on.

      Anyone with a helicopter has a generous budget to cover an event – why are they covering it – what's their angle on the story?

      Gotta love phone-cams in citizens' hands, but the bad guys know about phone-cams now also. It's easy to fake an event on one or a few cams, much harder to fake hundreds or thousands. Stay alert!

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  • nedlifromvermont

    Go Japanese!!! Go enenews!!!

    Saikato Hantei!!!

    Death to Nuclear Fascism brought to life by corrupt General Electric and cronies!!!

    Crony Capitalism revealed!!!

    peace …

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  • sunpower

    That is a great protest. I wish the Americans would protest like that. Well maybe in San Onofre!
    Ramaswami Kumar, I enjoy your vision and already live some aspects of it, but I don't want a carbon free future. Glacial cores show that temperature rise preceded carbon dioxide increase throughout earth history, therefore greenhouse gas theory is exactly wrong. The major heat sinks on earth are the oceans whose sun warmed currents determine climate and events like El Nino. Earth orbit and solar activity also affect climate. Climate change like glaciation has gone on since way before anthropogenic influence. Carbon taxation is fraud.
    As a farmer, I want to run my diesel tractor on biodiesel oilseeds grown in my vicinity. I do use a 9 KW solar system already but would not want to try to operate the tractor off it. Why should any of us feel guilty for breathing carbon dioxide out, and how would a carbon free future be different from being dead and not breathing? All the plants I know crave carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide can be readily used to increase food production. What is likely to happen is that petroleum will gradually deplete and leave civilization stranded. You will not have to legislate using less fossil fuel because there will be less and less of it anyway. There will be an impact on forests as we regress to where things were in the pre industrial centuries. I expect that without diesel transport the die off will be around eighty per cent.

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