19.8 microsieverts per hour in Tokyo air on Nov. 15 — Nearly 200 times normal level — Incineration of radioactive debris suspected

Published: November 23rd, 2011 at 5:22 pm ET


Google Translation: Twitter / @ necoyo: Shinagawa numbers, not by the wind I go … microstrip Toka 19, Nov 15, 2011:

Shinagawa numbers, I’m doing 19 micro Toka by wind. Some even during the seven-time of 0.04 microseconds Rubble, Shinagawa Ota burn or not supposed to be? This capture time of 19 microseconds

Google Translation: 19 micro Sv / h «Merx in Shinagawa, Tokyo, Merx.me, Nov. 18, 2011:

The map to visualize the cloud measurements of radiation sources throughout Japan, on November 15, had been found that a high number of 19  micro Sv / h, Shinagawa. The site has posted more images that I take a screen shot necoyo.

Original Screenshot: http://ow.ly/i/lgYt

19.0 micro Sv/h in Shinagawa, Tokyo, Fukushima Diary, Nov. 19, 2011:

  • This unusually high level of radiation is suspected to be related to incineration ash of radioactive debris, which started to coming from Iwate to Tokyo.
  • The smoke and incineration ash are suspected to be highly radioactive to cause secondary exposure to all around in Japan.
  • There is no proper filter in the facility of Tokyo Waterfront Recycle Power. They only have bug filter, which is useless to clean radioactive material.
  • Because of the wind from North, and this smoke from Tokyo Waterfront Recycle Power will contaminate Tokyo again.

At ~7:30 in

  • When the debris arrived at Tokyo, it people were banned to measure radiation around the container.
  • Radioactive debris is supposed to be burnt at Tokyo Waterfront Recycle Power, which is a group company of Tepco. By accepting radioactive debris to Tokyo, Tepco makes money again.
  • A journalist who asked about this “transaction” at Tepco’s press conference was banned to attend at the conference anymore by Mr.Terasawa, Tepco’s spokesman.

Published: November 23rd, 2011 at 5:22 pm ET


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38 comments to 19.8 microsieverts per hour in Tokyo air on Nov. 15 — Nearly 200 times normal level — Incineration of radioactive debris suspected

  • nobuggy nobuggy

    There is a very large exclusion zone where they could dump this hot stuff. But, if they *must* burn this stuff, using incinerators right next to Tokyo is probably the worst place in all of Japan (assuming that they care about people).

    Thanks for the real news, enenews. I was still hoping for geiger counters and HEPA filters for all. Guess I’m not cynical enough.

  • CB CB

    (Lethal) radiation doses can be treated with drugs , so says this;

    Don’t shoot the messenger.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    TEPCO states these videos will ONLY BE UP until December so they will go away on their website in a few days.

  • dosdos dosdos

    Spreading it around….. like idiots who have learned to smile.

    Can you imagine the business deals going on, business men desperate to get rid of the contamination at any cost.

    A tragedy in the making.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Attack of the Nuke Trolls.
    God, I wish more of you would join in. I’ll admit it: I can’t debate them like YOU guys could do. Outnow and CaptD do a great job but if more with the expertise would join in, it’d be SUPER.
    I’m off here (i think) so HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!

  • Anthony Anthony

    False Fukushima Fears. If It Scares, It Airs.

    David Ropeik on November 23, 2011, 10:31 AM


    • Anthony Anthony

      **David Ropeik
      Dear Drkaku,

      Big Think has lots of contributors offering lots of perspectives. I would humbly suggest that the biological evidence about the human health effects of radiation, developed from nearly 7 decades of study on the human guinea pigs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, does not nearly warrant the alarmist view Dr. Kaku takes in some of his writing. Even at the extraordinarily high and extended periods of exposure received by 100,00 or so ‘hibakusha’ – the survivors of the bombing where were within 3km of center of the explosions and got the worst doses, epidemiology estimates that roughly half of one percent of them died prematurely of cancer due to radiation. And those doses are off the charts worse than anything caused by Fukushima. Ionizing radiation is indeed potentially carcinogenic at some doses, but even at high doses it’s not very powerfully so. That’s why ALL the experts in the AP piece said what they said about the cancer risk being low. And if I may, respectfully, those are experts in the direct field in question, the biological health effects of ionizing radiation, not theoretical physicists like Dr. Kaku.


      6 hours ago
      in reply to Drkaku


  • Sickputer

    Radiation 200 times background levels in a city of 37 million people. Those are scary On The Beach numbers. The death rate will be staggering and sooner than expected with the Japanese Incinerator Holocaust. Who needs Zyklon B when you have concentrated strontium, plutonium, and cesium?

  • This is nut’s ! This is an atrocity beyond scale !

    • Grampybone Grampybone

      Welcome to nuclear hell. Hope you enjoy your stay. The people are going to exceed lethal dose faster than predicted. The walking dead is not a theory it is a reality.

      • CB CB

        Why was fluoride used in Nazi prison camp water?
        Why is fluoride a main ingredient in Prozac and Sarin Nerve gas? Why is it added to the water supplies in the USA? Why doesn’t anyone care?


        • Afraid So ! Critical thinking skills non essential in stupor !

        • And a little bread and circus !
          Food to eat = Food stamps, Cable = HBO, Dancing with the stars !

        • Grampybone Grampybone

          Hooray for well water as a child and water purifiers in my house!The American Dental Association is to blame for the promotion of tainting our water. Maybe next they will say it cures cancer for people who are radiation sick who knows…

        • jimbojamesiv

          Please give some support for your opinion that fluoridation is bad, and please provide a credible source.

          I am also interested to see what you say about chem-trails.

          If you ask me, these are non-issues, and there are far worse things happening than drinking fluoride, and as for chem-trails, I’ve never seen any proof. Nevertheless, it’s a nice smoke screen for all the other toxins in our water, food and air.

          • Bobby1

            From the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry:


            Fluoride causes fluorosis, decreased sperm counts, structural damage to sperm, decreased testosterone levels, increased bone fractures, osteosclerosis, decreased leukocyte and hemoglobin levels, osteosarcoma of bone, tetany, cardiovascular collapse, hypocalcemia, hyperkalemia, ventricular fibrillation, gastric irritation, nephritis, spina bifida, Down’s syndrome, decreased intelligence, and cancer.

      • Wish we all had been wrong in the beginning, but the reality will be ugly and hardened fast for them that were unable to flee !

  • Second video| Over 8 months in and “BELOW THE STANDARD” ?

    Back ground is not as high as before accident ?????????????

    They are disposing of it ????

    Burning puts it back into the air !!!!!


    BP 149 o 180 AHHHHHHHH !

  • maaa

    What are they trying to achieve buy burning the radioactive materials and bringing it to Tokyo? To get to develop cancer or to create an illusion to make them believe the rise of radiation is due to incineration?

    • Bobby1

      If they blanket the area with radiation from incineration, no one will be able to tell if it’s Daiichi or the incineration that is causing a rise in radiation readings.

      Plus Tepco owns the incineration company, so they are making money burning it too.

      • Could be so later they can say it was the problem but I believe the plant is dumping radioactive contaminates all over and the winds from the north are making it go far south now, but these arguments will prove to be valuable to attorney’s in the future for wrangling and circumventing truths in wiggle room in courts, we have seen this with other accident, have we not !

    • Bob Hardin Bob Hardin

      Perhaps the Japanese government knows that we are all fucked anyway, and burning the waste in Tokyo where it will harm the Japanese first is a kind of apology, like ritual seppuku.

      • Toadmac

        I’m hearing you Bob! Society would go down the drain pretty fast if we were told that we(us),your friends and family are all walking dead, its only a matter of time. The world would be in disbelief for about 24hrs and then all hell would break loose. Who has stock piled food….your the neighbours target. Who has bunkers and weapons…..target. Who has anything of use in a world where survival is the only agenda….. target! A true global nightmare….. neighbour vs neighbour, friend vs friend and so on.Just so we can live that little bit longer,just a couple more breaths on this greedy self polluted miracle world we call Earth….
        Unfortunately IMO the human species through the eyes of an advanced or higher being would be categorised as a disease similar to what we call cancer. Even if the above was not the case, its not far away if things don’t change quick smart. IMO 100yrs max!
        Sorry for the rant, bob got me thinking.

  • Toadmac

    Burning or the situation is just getting worse? There seems to be a lot of high readings coming in all around the place and not just Japan! The earth quakes are still pretty large and in the vicinity of Fuku. This can only make things worse! 6.1 and a 5.9 in last 24hrs and lots of smaller ones as well.


    Magnitude mb 5.9
    Date time 2011-11-24 10:25:34.0 UTC
    Location 41.87 N ; 142.73 E
    Depth 42 km

    Magnitude Mw 6.1
    Date time 2011-11-23 19:24:32.0 UTC
    Location 37.42 N ; 141.40 E
    Depth 38 km
    Could there be something they are not telling us? There track record says yes! My gut feeling and higher than normal background readings (+0.01-0.02 uSv/hr) here in Australia tells me more than likely.

    • Toadmac

      Some of the rain samples I have been taking have also been above 1.5 uSv/hr. They still only have a life of 3-4hrs. I consider normal radon during a thunder storm to be high(0.6-1.2 uSv/hr) but these sample have been taken during normal rain from a nth west direction with no thunder or lightening activity? I will be uploading some of the results on my youtube channel soon.


      Stay safe and out of the rain!!

  • dosdos dosdos


    Only 10 reactors remain online in Japan, three of those have passed the 13 month shutdown due date.

    Kyushu Electric Genkai 1 On line from Oct. 5, 2010
    Kansai Electric Ohi 2 On line from Oct. 21, 2010
    Kansai Electric Mihama 2 On line from Oct. 23, 2010

  • The Japanese are BURNING radioactive sewage sludge and then storing the resulting concentrated and highly radioactive material under tarps. Gunderson says that they now have FIFTY football fields of this radioactive waste, piled FIFTY FEET HIGH.

    They used to add this concentrated sewage material to cement or make cinder blocks to build homes out of this material. If they go ahead and do this, they contaminate everyone who is close to this building material. I have seen reports that up until recently that other cities around Japan were still doing this. At least Tokyo stopped making radioactive cement.

    When the Japanese increased the amount of radioactive materials allowed in food and water overnight by HUGE amounts, with no peer review, no discussion, no scientific or health debate, that is also going to cause huge problems in the future.

    Then there are the children and babies and fetuses. They are much more sensitive to radiation. The nuclear bombs caused problems for not just one generation, but is also causing health problems and genetic problems for all future generations up to today. Saying that these two bombs were somehow ‘safe’ or ‘harmless’ is ignoring the health studies on survivors, done by people like Dr. Helen Caldicott.

    Update From Arnie Gundersen; If You Love This Planet With Dr. Hellen Caldicott

    • pure water

      Thanks for the link! Long and intersting!
      It is true water and fire purify, but cerainly not radiation!

  • Rough transcript of video above;

    The NRC reports that plutonium and other core materials being found up to a mile away from the Fukushima plant are coming from the reactor cores, not from the spent fuel pools.

    This means the reactor core(s) have breached and the containment has breached in one or more Fukushima reactors. This is MUCH WORSE than just a spent fuel pool criticality explosion.

    According to Arnie Gunderson, the radiation inside the tent over Unit #1 is being exhausted up the tall ‘vent’ stack next to the Fukushima plant. This does NOT solve the radiation releases, and it only pushes the cesium and other radioactive poisons further away from the plant, deposited in far away locations.

    He reports that the Japanese waste materials under 8,000 Bq/kg are being allowed to be incinerated. In the US this is considered highly radioactive waste and has to be treated in a special way to prevent it from spreading radiation around.

    Arnie says that Japan also allows blending high radiation wastes, with lower radiation wastes. This makes radiation airborne that was at least settled on the ground. The cesium and other contaminants will be spread far and wide from this burning of waste products, over and over again.

    The ground deposition of radiation from both burning and ongoing current daily Fukushima radiation releases is now spreading and contaminating areas farther and farther away from Fukushima. This radiation is also entering rivers further and further away from Fukushima, which is then contaminating the ocean. Very high levels of radiation have been found in rivers around Fukushima.

    Arnie concludes that Japan has a SERIOUS PROBLEM, and that they need to start ADDRESSING IT and solving the problem, rather than denying it even exists.

    I would agree that facing a problem head on is much better rather than denying, spinning, fabricating propoganda or making up stuff.

  • I am not saying that incineration of radioactive debris is NOT the problem, but watch the video where Arnie talks about the huge vent stack and radiation emissions from Fukushima…

    These radiation emissions are ONGOING TODAY, EVERY DAY.

    If the wind is coming from Fukushima, and blowing towards Tokyo, wouldn’t it make sense that the radiation is settling out there?

    According to Arnie Gunderson, the DAILY radiation release from Fukushima is estimated at 13 TRILLION Bequerels per day. With plastic cover over unit #1 it is now down to 10 Trillion Bq per day, as long as filter is working well and taking out up to 90% of the total airborne radiation. This release is ONGOING, CONSTANT and NEVER ENDING.

    This amounts to 100 Trillion Bq every ten days, 1,000 Trillion Bq every 100 days, and 3000 Trillion Bq every 300 days. This has been going on since the effort started to get this all to ‘cold shutdown’. Is this their definition of ‘cold shutdown’? When does this radiation and the radiation coming out in the form of radioactive water get added to the total above?

    So where is the filter material? Who is in charge of disposing of it or changing it? Where is the report saying how often they change it out? Who is measuring the total amount collected and verifying this, plus the types of radiation found? Where is this filter material anyway?http://fairewinds.com/content/update-gundersen-if-you-love-planet-dr-hellen-caldicott