Highest Yet: 2 Sieverts per hour detected in No. 1 reactor building on May 13

Published: May 14th, 2011 at 5:04 pm ET


Reactor building, a large amount of debris … … Publish Photos No. 1, Yomiuri Shimbun, May 15, 2011:

Google Translation

Double doors near the southeast entrance of the robot, a high dose was recorded 2000 mm per hour Sv radiation measurements, the scattering state is not reflected in particular. TEPCO is the result of high concentrations of polluted water flowed in the pipe near this location are expected to record high doses.

h/t EX-SKF

See also: Off the Scale: Radiation in No. 1 reactor building exceeds 1,000 millisieverts per hour — Levels too high for Geiger counter to measure

Published: May 14th, 2011 at 5:04 pm ET


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69 comments to Highest Yet: 2 Sieverts per hour detected in No. 1 reactor building on May 13

  • Cindy

    Is that 2,000 miliseverts hour ?

    1 sievert is 1,000 miliseverts, right ?

    Wow !!

  • Jack

    Hell, you remember ol’ Millie Sievert? From the church?
    She always brought that yummy jello-salad to th’ potluck…

    • dan

      Yeah, I remember that jello. And it always had a strange green iridescent glow.

      • cossack55

        She always served it in red Fiesta Ware.

        • Jack

          Of Course COSSACK! So pretty, and the ladies were talking
          about that new doctor in town, who was giving those new
          treatments they call Barium Enemas! OOH! They all just had
          to sign up and get one!

  • Novamind

    As the level of radioactivity increases,does not the saturation in air and WINDS also increase?

  • FanJapan

    Tepco recognized the possibility of a meltdown at units 2 and 3.

    Here we go…

    • ocifferdave

      Anybody reading this site from Japan today?

    • storming here

      translation, please?? How are things in Japan, in general? Hang in there!

      • FanJapan

        None of my Japanese friends wants to talk about the nuclear plant issue. This is a HUGE taboo.
        They are misinformed for sure and probably it is hard for them to recognized that the path, that they have followed and have worked for so hard for decades, may be at least partially a dead end.

        But this does not mean that they don’t understand what is happening. In Japan, when you know something, it is not needed to tell everybody that you know it, on the contrary this is considered very rude. There are many other ways to make it clear without telling a word. It is not the strong wind of change yet, but something is changing for sure.

        • storming here

          Do you think they will reach a point where they will call forcefully on the international community?? If not yet, when?!
          I recently saw a video from Chernobyl… Despite low tech obstacles and lethal radiation levels, it showed the MANIAC level of commitment by the workers on behalf of the nation. They worked absolutely INCREDIBLY hard and fast–well-coordinated. Can’t Russia & others offer some direct assistance & motivation now?? I know they want to assist Japan. We all do!! Best regards!

          • FanJapan

            I think that they will never call for assistance from the international community. They will not beg for help.

            But first, it is not clear which kind of help we could offer them. You know, even a small technology edge (from the US, France, Russia?) in nuclear technology could be overwhelmed by the complexity of making Japanese and foreigners work together. I got some experience in it and, to tell the truth, this is incredibly slow and sometimes counterproductive. I don’t see how a crisis could be handled efficiently this way. This is very very tricky.

            Second, the whole history of Japan plays against this move. For the time being, I don’t see the slightest change in mind toward a ask for help. But I may be wrong…

          • storming here

            hmmm…a friend from Moscow told me that the Russians repeatedly and seriously offered their hard-earned expertise from the beginning! How can Japan turn that down in good faith?? The all-important Pacific Ocean (and Jet Stream) definitely make Fukushima an international matter. And it seems only minimally responsible for Japan to consult with the only other place that also has had a Level 7 Nuclear Crisis…
            I would think the history of surviving two nuclear bombs would enhance Japan’s desire to end this disaster by any means possible.

          • nyc

            Russia sent over a water decontamination plant, but I think it was a joint project anyway.

        • tony wilson

          well this rotten taboo is going to kill them all first,then the rest of us mugs later.
          what good is cultural politeness when the maggots are eating your guts.
          what kind of fucked up mindset would leave tepco in charge..everything they have done week in week out has been a disaster.
          my belief know is the site has a minimum workforce.

          • Cuica

            And if these folks were from the middle east the world would have already taken matters into their own hands, descending on the situation and working together to solve the problem that the bad guys created…..I guess the Japanesse are now wearing white hats so lets let them kill us. Well maybe whatever life form exist through this disater will be more intellegent than us. Too bad we don’t use more of our God given common sense and stop believing in whatever Science comes up with as a miricle of modern science.

        • Godzilla

          @FanJapan: how is teaching classes done in Japan if it’s considered rude to tell people when you know something? Pantomime? No wonder students have to study for so many hours there!

          • FanJapan

            Teaching is another matter… The “sensei” is a god to student. So, that’s easy.

      • moonshellblue

        Translation:Too few potential meltdown allowed the No. … TEPCO

        Primary Hukushima
         TEPCO press conference in 14 days, the reactor of Unit 2 and 3 for “the worst case, can assume a similar case No. 1,” and explains the entire nuclear fuel melt (melt) for the first time the possibility of admitted.

         In Unit 1, the result of adjusting the water level gauge 11, a low water level in the reactor was exposed to ensure that the melted fuel from the cooling water. Unit 2-3 level gauge has not yet adjusted, the same mechanism as the No. 1 after it shows the water level is lower than the original No. 1.

         However, the TEPCO and temperature in the furnace, the No. 2 and 3 are estimated to be less than No. 1 fuel damage.

        ( 34 minutes on May 14, 2011 22:00 Yomiuri Shimbun)

        • FanJapan

          Japanese is a very tricky language for automatic translation^^

          • Dael

            I don’t know about Japanese specifically but machine translation cannot be trusted between the languages that I do speak. Unless someone would provide a good reason why it would be different from Japanese to English, I would urge anyone using it not to take such “translation” at face value (when it makes sense at all, which isn’t always the case).

          • Dbug

            The translation is funny sometimes, I think I saw a reactor described as nervous. I hope they don’t get mad.

            The google translator doesn’t use simple word substitutes, it compares phrases people actually use. That results in other unexpected errors.

            Wondering if there was censorship, I wanted to see what the Cuban state paper had to say about the revolution in Egypt. The translation it gave for Spanish “de capital” was “Beijing” which was pretty funny when reading about Cairo.

            The Google utility takes text or a link to do a site.


          • FanJapan

            Dael, I totally agree with you. Japanese translation is most of time buggy.

  • Anna posted this on an earlier topic that got too quickly covered up, IMO. This video actually FREAKED me out.
    Is there any truth to this covert PLAN do you suppose???


  • FanJapan

    Interestingly, news about Fukushima are in the “Science” section of the Yomiuri Shinbun.

    I picked a few headline from yesterday.
    Tepco recognized the possibility of a meltdown at units 2 and 3.

    Possibly, a massive amount of polluted water in the basement of reactor 1 building.

    The transfer of polluted water from unit 2 continues but… the level has raised 4cm.

    Injection of water has been increased in unit 3… and the reactor temperature does not stop rising

    At unit 1, the dilemma of the strategy of submersion… more than 4000 tons of water have disappeared

    Bad news start to pop up here and there in Japanese medias. I would bet that we are getting closer to the truth now.

  • cover it with a tent and have a picnic inside.

  • ZARDOZ By dutchsinse “Planned population control”, for real???

    This is a must see.


    • Anthony

      Don’t know what to say about this one. Makes sense though in explaining how I have such a irritated throat….

  • jed

    “Bono” U2. The Devil or Prophet??? I think the latter!

    (Tokyo) “Electric Co” U2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrlPoiv8TrU

  • SteveMT

    Previous headline:

    “Off the Scale: Radiation in No. 1 reactor building exceeds 1,000 millisieverts per hour — Levels too high for Geiger counter to measure”

    Did I miss this [factitious] headline?:

    TEPCO develops new higher reading Geiger counter to measure ever increasing radiation levels at Fukushima

    Are we now expanding in a geometric progression with Reactor #1? Yesterday, 1,000, today, 2,000, will the reading be 4,000 tomorrow?

    Is UC-Berkeley still saying nothing to worry about, here? Move along?

  • Novamind

    R2D2 Tells all – Latest on #3 Rad Levels.

  • hawkeye

    reported by stooge news
    we cover the world with rads
    tempco will replace the severt

    with the sponge bob
    rad dose will be measured by the inverse of the square pants
    the change was made so school childen can understand better
    what there grownups have done for them

  • Duane

    Arnie Gunderson should be placed in charge of the whole mess and be given unquestioned authority to suppervise all Japanese government and Tepco personal for the purpose of bringing this catastrophy to a quick end and the best reduction in radiation possible after the Japanese have set the world in a situation where there will now be many deaths.


  • Heart of the Rose

    There is no fix…

  • Dael

    I don’t know about Japanese specifically but machine translation cannot be trusted between the languages that I do speak. Unless someone would provide a good reason why it would be different from Japanese to English, I would urge anyone using it not to take such “translation” at face value (when it makes sense at all, which isn’t always the case).

  • Heart of the Rose

    THE FLOOD: This is an area and people that have taken some of the worst effects of the BP oil spill.
    Many are out of work and have been for months and many are sick.
    And now they are to move.
    They will be shoved around.
    These people are Americans…that most of the rest of America forgot and abandoned..as did our government.This will begin the end of the Cajun culture.
    The land will become uninhabitable..the oil keeps coming..but you won’t see it..eminent domain,etc. will come into play.Or the Gov. might just hand it over to BP.

  • Anthony

    Scathing kind of report: TEPCO to cover damaged Fukushima reactors with useless polyester tents

    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/032400_Fukushima_tents.html#ixzz1MNbPmWWD

  • tony wilson

    As a prelude to this line of policy, Kan will express Japan’s pledge to give top priority to ensuring safety when working to expand the use of nuclear power.

    the sick corruption of this man and his rotten government..
    he has know concept of how many people his friends at tepco have killed yet and he is already talking of building new safer nuclear.


    • Dbug

      “the sick corruption of this man and his rotten government..”

      Tony, I understand how you feel. Still, they might be waking up some. They did shut down the last reactor at the central Japan site not far from Tokyo because they believe an earthquake is expected there that it can’t handle. This wasn’t a unit down since the earthquake, it was up and running. Considering that they’re short on electricity, that was a significant move.

      • SteveMT

        The coverup is not just national, but multinational. The fear is that TEPCO will go bankrupt and will thereby set off a “chain-reaction” [great word choice don’t you think?] of
        international financial crises. Read this:

        The new enervated Tepco
        Monday, May 16, 2011

        “Should Tepco go bankrupt, not only would the Japanese financial market be thrown into an utter chaos, but international markets would lose their trust in Japanese banking institutions to the extent that the institutions would have to pay higher interest rates to secure funds.”

        Conclusion: Other countries are participating in this coverup. There is no doubt about this as evidenced by the lack of any MSM reporting, despite the dire current events unfolding at Fukushima.

  • mary

    Isn’t it time the rest of the world insisted Japan accept help in stopping this disaster?
    It is effecting the world, all our lives.. So why is there no outcry from other nations that it is time for this to end?
    Time to bury these reactors like was done at Chernobyl.
    The longer this goes on the more in disbelief, I am~!
    How can this just continue? Russia ended their disaster ASAP…Why won’t Japan do the same?

  • FanJapan

    (Jiji press)

    Toward the confirmation of the condition for increasing injection of water in the reactor of unit 1. Consideration of a new method of cooling. The Mega-Float departure from Yokohama to Fukushima.

    concerning the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, in order to confirm another time the state of the nuclear reactor at unit 1 whose nuclear core has been established as melted, Tepco has announced the increase of injection of water from 8tons/h to 10 tons/h in the pressure vessel.

    For two days, they will survey the fluctuation of the pressure in the containment vessel in which is the pressure vessel, as well as the temperature and the water level in the pressure vessel itself.

    Changing the plan of a “water sarcophagus” made by flooding the containment with water to a new method of circulation cooling is considered and will be included in the update of road-map which will be presented on May the 17th.

    On the other hand, the upgrade of the Mega-Float (a very large floating oceanic structure), sponsored by the city of Shizuoka, has been finished at Yokohama docks and it has departed the 15th at 5:20pm heading to the port of Onahama in Fukushima prefecture.

    If everything goes well, it may arrived at the nuclear plant at the end of May, and will be sued for the temporary storage of 10000 tons of weakly radioactive water. During the upgrade, a crane which can handle u pto 150 tons of material and water pipes have been installed as well as protection coating against corrosion.

    In reactor 1, the level of water in the containment vessel is lower than the position of the pipes and, in case water can not be picked out from there, the water will be drained out from the pressure control room below the vessel. The large amount of polluted water which has gathered in the basement of the building of reactor will purified and re-injected in the pressure vessel.

    Polluted water water has reached the level of 4.2m above the floor in the basement and, after a measurement of radioactivity at the surface, this water will be collected and the concentration will be analyzed.

  • little lady

    mary – I have read that it cannot be “buried” OR doused with boron. it has progressed too far and is already melting into the earth and water below. I have not read any physicist who has a response or solution that will work. Nobody knows what to do. other than to keep pouring water on the rods to prevent another explosion.

  • Cassie

    I realized from the beginning that this event was bad, and that we were being lied to. Everyday is confirmation of this.

    The UN should have a nuclear event clean up agency which goes in after a nuclear accident and with military force secures the area. And brings in the top world talent of experienced experts to handle things. It is the only fair and sane approach to an insane situation.

  • Dr.Stranglelove

    Well taken care of “scientists” don’t talk to the peasents.