Cooling system at reactor No. 5 “abruptly stopped working on Wednesday afternoon” – TEPCO

Smoke/steam rising from all 4 reactor units — Workers evacuated (VIDEO)

UPDATE: Neutron beams suggest uranium and plutonium have leaked and nuclear fission has occurred

TEPCO said it had observed neutron beams, a kind of radioactive ray, 13 times on the premises of the Fukushima plant

Controversy? 500 millisieverts per hour at No. 2 says TEPCO spokesman, 500 microsieverts says Japan nuclear agency — 100 millisieverts beyond 30 km radius says Edano

Is Fukushima radiation plume highly dispersed before it hits US West Coast? Watch latest forecast from Norway (VIDEO)

Neutron beam seen 13 times at Fukushima — Maybe evidence of nuclear fission or release of plutonium

Tokyo drinking water unsafe for infants: Officials — Government distributing bottled water

Black smoke billows from No. 3 containing plutonium — “We don’t know the reason” (PHOTO)

Prompting another evacuation of workers from the plant during the afternoon, Tokyo Electric officials said