Nuclear expert: Fukushima about 1,000 times worse than ever anticipated by the nuclear planners (VIDEO)

Latest UCB test results: First time radioactive cesium found in spinach, arugala, and kale around San Francisco Bay area

University of California, Berkeley Department of Nuclear Engineering

Japan official says delay in raising Fukushima to a Level 7 was because “we could have triggered a panicked reaction”

“Some foreigners fled the country even when there appeared to be little risk,” he said. “If we immediately decided to label the situation as Level 7, we could have triggered a panicked reaction.”

Japan’s nuclear commission reveals Fukushima may have emitted more radioactive material than official Chernobyl totals

Japan TV: Temperature in spent fuel pool at No. 4 “much higher than the normal level” — “May be boiling” (VIDEO)

Nuclear engineer: Enormous amount of plutonium at No. 4 spent fuel pool in danger of catching fire; Pool is cracked and leaking (VIDEO)

Extreme spike in I-131, Cs-137 levels 100 miles from Fukushima after radiation skyrocketed off the chart at No. 1 reactor following recent quake (CHARTS)

International Atomic Energy Agency, April 12, 2011

Japan gov’t worried reactor buildings are in danger of collapse — “We must devise some ways” to reinforce structures despite high radiation

TEPCO: Nuclear fuel rods in No. 4 spent fuel pool are “confirmed to be damaged” — First time damage revealed at any pool

Highly radioactive “lake” has built up in the depths of Fukushima