Top Japan official discusses “total meltdown” at Fukushima

“Plant will not have a total meltdown if the current cooling of its overheating reactors continues” -Edano

TEPCO official reveals there is “little doubt” plutonium has leaked from Fukushima (VIDEO)

NHK, April 18, 2011 at 4:43 pm EDT

Fukushima Forecast: Uninterrupted line of radiation stretches across Pacific, tracking towards West Coast of U.S., Canada (VIDEO)

“Dangerous spike in reactor 3 radiation” -Japan Times

TEPCO: Unit 2 containment vessel leaking nuclear radiation (VIDEO)

Accumulated Cesium-137 deposited near U.S. East Coast at same level as West Coast

‘Severe spike’ in radiation around No. 2 spent fuel pool — Japan officials say damage to spent fuel rods ‘could not be ruled out’