“Japanese catastrophe is already more serious than Chernobyl” — Air force chief at Chernobyl shocked by poor response to Fukushima

New EPA radiation tests show Cesium in California rainwater at highest level since crisis began

Nuclear expert: “Water is literally pouring out of the side” of reactor containment (VIDEO)

Russian TV Host: There are reports that one of the Fukushima explosions was not actually a gas blast but a “nuclear reaction” (VIDEO)

RT, April 25, 2011

Disinformation by nuclear proponents tries to confuse public about effects of external and internal radiation

New type of Fukushima forecast shows radioactive Cesium, Iodine over large sections of U.S. and Canada (VIDEOS)

Japanese experts believe Fukushima crisis is more serious than Chernobyl

Temperature rising in No. 4 spent fuel pool despite increased water injections (VIDEO)