IAEA informed in March that No. 1 reactor core started melting about 50 minutes after cooling stopped — Melted pile of fuel in 3.5 hours

Fukushima reactor had meltdown 3.5 hours after cooling system collapsed: U.S. researcher, Mainichi, May 23, 2011:

IBT: “Japan nuclear radiation leak gives birth to earless bunny?” (VIDEO)

Japan nuclear radiation leak gives birth to earless bunny? (VIDEO), International Business Times, May 23, 2011

UN committee chairman studying Fukushima radiation impact: “We wouldn’t expect to see health effects” in children, workers, or anyone else

Over one thousand nuclear workers have internal radiation of 10,000+ cpm after visiting Fukushima

Radiation at Reactor No. 1 skyrockets — Now over 200 Sieverts per hour

Highest Yet: State of California finds Iodine-131 in milk sample for first time since March

ACRO: Contamination from Fukushima meltdown is very large and comparable to environment of Chernobyl

Siemens Report: Reactor No. 4 spent fuel pool cracked from earthquake (FAIREWINDS VIDEO)

Fukushima plant “seems to be going through a limited version of the China syndrome”

Report: If fuel melted through reactor, it would react with concrete floor of primary containment — Could add significantly to total radiation release

Testimony: University professor pressured not to release radiation data

Work to reinforce No.4 reactor building starts soon, hoping done by August — To prevent bottom of spent fuel pool from falling out