Fuji TV Poll: Over 80% of Japanese voters do not trust government’s information about Fukushima

Fukushima risks Chernobyl ‘Dead Zone’ — Over 5,000,000 becquerels per square meter of Cesium-137 outside 20 km zone

Off the Chart: 225 Sieverts per hour at Reactor No. 1 — Highest radiation dose yet measured

Radiation dose, Unit 1 nuclear power plant Hukushima, atmc.jp, May 29, 2011

TEPCO official admits there will be “major delay” to contain crisis because of triple meltdown — Stabilizing reactors by start of 2012 may be “impossible”

Steam from No. 2 spent fuel pool is filling reactor building, humidity at 99.9% — Cesium level now double No. 1

Tweet from PR officer at Japan Red Cross: “Landslides and floods are happening in Fukushima” — “Tokyo is crystal clear”