20,000 attend one Tokyo anti-nuclear protest, says organizer — 13 other events across city

Japan Times: No one yet wants to think about potential effects of radiation on babies born around this autumn

Fukushima is already at or above Chernobyl levels and it continues to release significant amounts of radiation, says former U.S. Energy Dept. official

Head of Fukushima health study: 100 mSv/yr OK for pregnant moms — “Effects of radiation do not come to people that are happy… They come to people that are weak-spirited”

“Remember the number 100. Compared to that, the Soviet Union required a mandatory evacuation during Chernobyl at five millisieverts.”

Trouble at SFP No. 4: Water injections not enough to cool pool — Workers find large hole in wall

Workers found with over 600 millisieverts of radiation after being in control rooms of Reactors No. 3 and 4 — Only tested them for iodine and cesium

Japan Gov’t tells residents that 20 millisieverts/year is not too high of a limit — Could have allowed 100 mSv

TEPCO: We’ll do utmost to get plant under control; Still huge number of obstacles — Decontamination system malfunctions during test run

On the Rise: Highest level of Cesium-137 in Bay Area topsoil since April

Young parents leaving towns 50 km from plant — Local officials unable to encourage residents to evacuate until national and prefectural gov’t says so

Paper: Hard to imagine something much more frightening than 5-year-olds marching off to irradiated school playgrounds with Geiger counters strapped to their chests

Prime Minister’s former adviser: Gov’t worsened radiation exposure — Says thyroid cancer expected in children from Fukushima and nearby prefectures