IAEA closed door session: Group was unable to obtain necessary information from Japan about Fukushima — Led to difficulties projecting how radioactive materials would spread around world

ABC: “Two feet of water have already made its way to several areas of the Fort Calhoun plant” — “Authorities say there is no immediate danger”

“Japan issues tsunami advisory after strong 6.7-magnitude quake” hits off northeast coast

NRC says it is “closely monitoring” Missouri River as floodwaters rise at Cooper and Fort Calhoun nuclear plants

TEPCO admits decontamination system at Fukushima “not working”

UK gov’t plan based on radiation release from Fukushima being almost double Chernobyl total

81 microsieverts per hour detected 60 km outside nuclear evacuation zone — 800+ times acceptable radiation levels (PHOTO)

Radioactive substances rose 5 km in air on March 14-15 — Carried by jet stream to US and Europe

Reactor No. 2 basement filled with radioactive “rust red” colored water measuring 430 millisieverts per hour at surface (PHOTO)

Work begins inside No.2 reactor building, NHK, June 22, 2011

Virginia nuclear reactor shuts down — Problem detected in cooling duct

Reactor No. 3 temperature up 7°C in a day

TEPCO: Excessively high radiation at Reactor No. 2 — Abrupt jump may be from leaking pressure chamber

“They lied to us”: Radiation release comparable to Chernobyl — Total core meltdown in all 3 reactors — Worst industrial catastrophe in world history (CNN VIDEO)

Fukushima ‘still a ticking time bomb’, CNN, June 21, 2011