Canadian gov’t to test caribou for radiation levels from Fukushima — An attempt to answer questions by citizens

Canadian gov’t now plans to start radiation testing on fish off B.C. coast

Doctor for Fukushima workers: When going into danger areas they don’t use radiation meters — It’s hiding amount of exposure — “Real radiation count is much higher, that’s a fact” (VIDEO)

Gov’t: South of Tokyo 12,400 becquerels/kg of radioactive cesium found next to children’s swimming pool — Radiation measurements nearly doubled over recent 5 day period

Radioactive cesium now contaminating rice, boar meat — Both found outside Fukushima Pref.

Fukushima mom comes to Portland: “10-year-old son started having symptoms — Nose bleeding and fevers”

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Fukushima Safety Fears , Channel 4 News, August 18, 2011

6.8 quake hits Fukushima, tsunami warning issued — Cracks in ground and escaping steam had been reported “after two large earthquakes in the last few weeks”

14-year-old: “My body has taken in radioactive materials — I would like to be told whether I am OK or not”

Marine biologist in Canada: Salmon species needs to be tested for radiation — Gov’t doesn’t want us to know