Virginia nuke plant “venting steam” — Spokesman says “no release of radioactive material” (PHOTO & VIDEO)

ABC News: Virginia nuke plant has to “go to the backup to the backup” power supply — “That doesn’t sound good” (VIDEO)

Strange: Spokesman says workers at Virginia nuke plant were preparing to manually shut down reactors after quake when system went into automatic shut down — Another spokesman says “it was a manual shutdown”

Nuclear reactors at quake-hit Virginia nuke plant are “sitting on a fault line”

Emergency diesel generator fails at Virginia nuke plant hit by 5.9 quake

Company admits Virginia nuke plant only designed to withstand a magnitude 5.9 – 6.1 earthquake — Today’s quake was 5.9

Virginia nuke plant has lost offsite power after quake, generators being used to cool reactors — “As far as we know, everything is safe” says NRC

Paper: Fears of Fukushima-like nuclear disaster because quake centered just a few miles from an old nuclear power plant — Strongest to hit Virginia area since 1897

Quake rocks Washington DC area — 5.9-magnitude epicenter only 12 miles from Virginia nuke plant

Gundersen: Radioactive sulfur in California shows there were ongoing criticalities, recurring chain reactions (VIDEO)

Rapidly intensifying Hurricane Irene heading for Brunswick nuclear plant in North Carolina — Could become massive Category 4, up to 155 mph

Researcher too frightened to get closer than 100 km from meltdowns after seeing radiation levels — “I’ve been quite shocked by the amount” (VIDEO)

Potent radiation leak discovered: Pipe emitting 3 sieverts per hour

“We are basically recreating Fukushima all over again” — Clouds of radiation continue across to Pacific Northwest (VIDEO)