Mainichi: Fukushima nuke plant workers blasted with beta radiation

“We’ve got to stop these sorts of reports coming out” — Int’l conference warns that media talk of Fukushima health effects “may be harmful”

Nuclear Expert: Quake-hit Virginia nuke plant should be distributing bottled water to nearby residents — Pipes under North Anna are potentially a grave public danger

29 million bq/m² detected in Okumamachi nearby Fukushima meltdown Nuclear reactors to power Mars colonies — “Sadly” biggest hurdle for space fission may be bad press

Japan gov’t finds 165 locations over wide area with cesium-137 exceeding Chernobyl evacuation levels — Data shows radiation could be “spreading to other areas”

The first comprehensive survey of soil contamination from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant

Fish caught in river north of Tokyo exceeded legal limit for radioactive cesium — First time seen outside of Fukushima

40-year-old Fukushima radiation worker dies of acute leukemia after working at plant for week — Checkup showed no prior health problems

NRC now sending ‘Augmented Inspection Team’ to quake-hit Virginia nuke plant — Does not ‘necessarily’ mean reactors are any less safe, stresses NRC

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