Former Japan leader says meltdown of Fukushima reactors ‘would’ have released several times as much radiation as Chernobyl — “Or even dozens of times”

Prime Minister Kan: I thought nuke mishap could destroy Tokyo

Tweet: Cesium detected in well water @ 31 becquerels — Almost 200 km from meltdowns; 40 km from Tokyo

More on “Second Fukushima” in progress for Japan and Pacific Northwest (AUDIO)

Lung cancers in Northern Japan will increase by 20-30% in 3-5 years as a result of Fukushima, according to estimate — Other cancers to follow

Almost 500 millisieverts of radiation for some in corridor NW of Fukushima meltdowns — Around 50/50 chance of cancer, says nuclear engineer

Nuclear Engineer: I find it very strange there’s been no photos of Unit No. 3 fuel pool for months

Tents over Fukushima reactors will increase dispersion of radioactive gases — Trapped radiation to be pumped up high into air

Nuclear Engineer: Fukushima reactors continue to emit significant quantities of radioactive gases — Latest figure is a Gigabecquerel per day (AUDIO)

Gundersen: People around North Anna didn’t lose power, only nuke plant did — Best info says a problem in switching yard (AUDIO)

Japan to have zero nuclear plants in future, says newly-appointed top Japanese official

North Anna: Officials unsure whether control rods fell into reactor core due to shaking or loss of power