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Report: 75% of Fukushima’s 300,000 children going to schools so contaminated they would be radiation control areas in nuclear plants (VIDEO)

Canadians suspicious over radiation testing of seafood — Official “puzzled” gov’t withholding where samples were taken

Japan lawmaker: Plutonium certainly went deep within basement of Reactor No. 3 — Anyone’s guess where it’s at now

Strong typhoon headed for leaking nuke plant — Over 1 million Japanese told to evacuate — Due at Fukushima in 48 hours

Kyodo: Groundwater now flowing into Fukushima reactor buildings via cracks in walls — Up to 500 tons a day

Gundersen’s Latest: 60 holes in bottom of Fukushima-type reactors make core melt-through easier — Fuel only had to get through a thin pipe, not inches of steel (VIDEO)