Thyroid problems found in children from Fukushima — 60% from outside evacuation zone

Japan reactor goes into automatic shutdown after cooling problem — “No reports of fire or smoke” — Plant at center of recent scandal to manipulate public opinion

Asahi: Decontamination zone may be larger than expected — Could spread to Tochigi and Gunma prefectures

Kyoto-area Professor: “I can’t believe this is going on! This is a nightmare” — “I’m just afraid this has dealt a near-fatal blow to Japan” — “Japan has lost its future” (VIDEO)

Japan Gov’t: Plutonium will no longer be measured — Almost impossible for normal person to detect, geiger counters ineffective

Regrets: Mother finds 20 times higher radioactivity than normal in child’s bedroom — “The national government and TEPCO kept saying it’s alright and I believed them”

Professor in Japan: Gov’t blatantly under-reporting radiation data — “It will become common knowledge that the contamination has come far beyond what is being reported in the media” (VIDEO)