Report: Fukushima Reactors No. 5, 6 now in crisis — Cesium outside release points up 1,000% in recent days — Local says Hitachi engineers coming to help (VIDEO)

Fire at Swedish nuke plant — Reactor shut down for safety reasons — Extinguished by rescue workers — Cause of blaze unknown

Radiation Expert: Don’t be surprised by 57.7 microsievert ‘hotspot’, it’s only 4-5 times higher than many other places in city near Tokyo — “Just one of many to come”

New NILU, ZAMG study: Release of radioactive xenon from Fukushima more than double Chernobyl — Largest in history — Started “immediately” after quake

Japan Official: No need to evacuate people in city of 400,000 near Tokyo — Anonymous Local Official: “The numbers we found last week were way above what we could imagine”

“Alarming development”: 7% in temporary housing units have developed blood clots in legs

Kyodo: 57.7 µSv/hr was at “place where children always played” — Residents “deeply concerned” near Tokyo

Radiation dose of 11 microsieverts per hour filmed near Tokyo (VIDEO)

Yomiuri discusses “yellowish residue” found in Tokyo area: Radioactive Pollen? “Highly likely” Fukushima pollen will reach capital