Top 25: NRC’s internal documents from Fukushima made public after FOIA request from

Radioactive Silver-110m detected at over 10,000 Bq/m² outside 30km evacuation zone (MAP)

Eye swelling a symptom of thyroid disorder — I often hear how childrens’ eyes become swollen after being in radiation-contaminated sandboxes, says Japanese organizer… Remember the kitten? (VIDEO)

Chernobyl Expert says of Japan: “Everywhere I go, I hear stories similar to the Chernobyl cases” (VIDEO)

8 year old girl has 3,000 disintegrations of radioactive cesium every second (Bq) inside her body

BBC: Belgium agrees to end nuclear power

Japanese kitten with deformed eye — Similar to Chernobyl victims (VIDEO)

Japan radiation expert: Plutonium-238 from inside reactors went far from Fukushima after explosions — ‘Misleading’ media said it would stay close by

A guide to the triple melt-throughs at Fukushima (VIDEOS)

Japan Gov’t on Containing Radiation: “We don’t have experience in this field” — “We’re talking about such a vast area” — Using methods not seen in U.S. for 5 decades

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