“Occupy” Movement Hits Japan — Women camping in front of gov’t building in Tokyo calling for end to nuclear #occupyjapan #METI

Disposal of quake debris begins in Tokyo — To be burned in Koto — Radiation fears among residents — Will continue for years — Over 1 Billion pounds

Tepco: Possible that radioactive iodine was in gas sample collected at Reactor No. 2’s inlet filter

“Nowhere is safe”: Cesium levels in Yokohama mushrooms reached almost 3,000 Bq/kg — Already eaten by hundreds of children under 12 — 250km from meltdowns

Bloomberg: Mexico abandons plans to build 10 nuke plants — Fukushima causing nations around world to reconsider energy future

Mainichi: Fukushima cows stuck in piles of excrement over two feet deep — “They sometimes shake their massive bodies as if trying to wiggle free” (PHOTO)

MIT Newspaper: U.S. had plans for 30+ new reactors — Now just one under construction, and its future is uncertain

6 uSv/h outside busy shopping mall in Tokyo suburb of Kashiwa (VIDEO)

CNN: Tepco’s claim of ‘spontaneous’ fission is an “improbable phenomenon” says nuke professor — Strange that such a “rare” event was detected almost immediately after sampling began?