17 workers exposured to plutonium inside old Idaho nuclear reactor — Details on health “not immediately provided” — “No evidence” of radioactive release outside facility

Gov’t Report: Kansas detected Iodine-131 in grass at over 2,000 pCi/kg — “Attributed to Fukushima” — About 700% higher than highest levels reported by UC Berkeley

Gov’t: Japanese on average exposed to 100 microsieverts/yr of internal radiation from Fukushima… via food alone

Japan Times: People “fed up with the shroud of secrecy” in Fukushima — Starting to smuggle in journalists — Must rely on media for help

Expert on Fukushima radiation in US: “We know its going to impact public health” (VIDEO)

Tokyo Professor: Spiders bio-concentrated radioactive silver at 1,000 times level in soil

The Economist: Fukushima engineer reveals workers “often keeled over” while clearing radioactive rubble, heat blamed — Taken away in ambulance, “usually” they returned

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