French Gov’t Experts: Japan radiation limit should be lowered to 10 mSv/yr — 70,000 more would be evacuated around Fukushima

Japan-based Author: Fukushima damage so great “Japan gov’t would go well beyond bankruptcy” — Up to $10 trillion says Tokyo prof. — Equal to 10 years of national budget

Shukan Asahi reporter says he heard ambulances come to Fukushima plant “at least for 10 times a day” (VIDEO)

Co-chair of Russia’s Ecodefence and others “still fear criticality” at Fukushima — “I don’t think there is a reason to say situation has improved much actually”

Report: Journalist gets inside Fukushima plant, says Reactor No. 4 Spent Fuel Pool is completely exposed (VIDEO)

Decontamination Scandal: Japan experts say gov’t just waiting for radioactivity to decrease by itself — “I really doubt their seriousness” says professor

NPR program practically begging for US to make more plutonium-238 — “Supplies running low”

Kansas air filters had Iodine-131 above highest levels detected in California by UC Berkeley