New Scientist asks “How did the population of Fukushima prefecture dodge the radioactivity?” — Chernobyl 10 times more radiation

Japan nuclear minister with strange sores on face (PHOTOS) — Emperor unable to leave hospital: “He has lost his appetite”… New respiratory infection?

Radiation now triple May levels in Soma City’s Niida River, double for Mano River

Major Website: Mystery cloud of dangerous iodine-131 over Europe is absolutely cause for concern — Certainly deserves more than 129 words by IAEA

WATCH: Fukushima worker films as radiation spikes to 1.32 sieverts per hour (1,320,000 microsieverts/hr)

26 houses ‘decontaminated’, only 4 were reduced to target — Official: “Radiation levels will not drop as easily as expected”

Fukushima Diary: “I’m under their surveillance… I can’t post everything I know” — Next day writes “4 men interrogated me”

Radiation precautions for areas near Seattle, Vancouver, Portland? “Perhaps you need to wash your shoes”… and other things (VIDEO)

NRC email 10 hours after quake: “We all need to say a prayer” — “They are struggling to shut down the plant” in Fukushima

City workers in Date find radiation rising ‘unexpectedly’ below surface… While another buried radium bottle blamed for Tokyo hotspot

WBAI: “There should be grave concern in Japan” — Country to see 20 to 30 percent increase in cancer, maybe even higher in Fukushima — Gov’t deliberately playing down significance (VIDEO)

Japan TV: Journalists on Fukushima tour ordered to put cameras down as radiation readings spiked (VIDEO)

“Quite Exceptional”: France reveals detection of iodine-131 — Says it could be from nuclear reactor

Translated Tepco Testimony: “The moment I entered the reactor building, the soles of my shoes melted” — Very high levels of radiation and temperature

WSJ: High radioactivity has experts ‘puzzled’ and Tokyo-area residents alarmed — Study says “relatively large doses of tainted materials” were dumped on parts of Tokyo

New contamination map shows Cesium-137 deposited over 900 km from Fukushima… Extends west of Hiroshima

Americium-241 and Plutonium detected in ALL soil samples off Fukushima coast — Tepco says NOT caused by meltdowns