Local TV: “They believe radioactive water is leaking from the top of the vessel” at North Carolina nuke plant — Significant because it goes directly through reactor core (VIDEO)

Kyodo: Number of births declined significantly in Fukushima and Tokyo between April and June

ABC calls radiation plume over Europe “massive, but harmless” — IAEA now claims Hungary lab likely source of iodine-131 — “Extremely unlikely” says director

Internal NRC emails on Mar. 15: “Are we still looking at a possible total meltdown and big release” from Fukushima? — As US regulator was debating whether Level 4 or 5 accident… Ended up Level 7, the highest

Time.com: Fukushima dangers “may not be as grave as we first feared” — Only 10 people surveyed had high levels of radiation, says study — Only 10% of Chernobyl release

Disturbing Photo: 84-year-old retired teacher pepper sprayed at Seattle protest — Expressed opposition to nuclear plants in paper (VIDEO)

Evergreen leaves with cesium up to 220,000 becquerels per kg — 10 times more than deciduous trees… Be careful during holidays

Study: Much of Japan’s east, northeast likely contaminated — Yet included NO radiation data before March 19, when explosions spread massive amount of fallout

Experts on iodine in Europe: Something very unpleasant has happened — Either serious accident or reactor emergency required venting radioactive substances

WATCH: Truck with nuclear fuel rods wrecks on Memphis highway after being rear ended — “No fuel rods fell off the truck”… but no word on damage

Hungary lab emitted iodine-131 — But lab director says “It cannot be the same as what was found covering Europe”

Absorbed radiation dose of iodine-132 was 10 times higher than iodine-131 in Northern Japan after Fukushima meltdowns — Plus iodine-132 is 9 times more ‘effective’ at irradiating thyroid

Mainichi reporter: Seeing mountains of radioactive waste in Yokohama, I felt the ominous weight of the nuclear crisis, which had seemed a distant affair to me until then

WSJ: Latest food scare hits Japan — Rice over radiation limit found 60 km from meltdowns — Gov’t said previous tests were under

Gundersen: Could there be another explosion at Fukushima? Discusses recent hydrogen buildup (VIDEO)