WATCH: Nuclear protest goes very wrong — Violent battle of police vs. anti-nuclear groups

19.8 microsieverts per hour in Tokyo air on Nov. 15 — Nearly 200 times normal level — Incineration of radioactive debris suspected

AP: Strong quake hits near Fukushima nuclear site

Report: 49 Million+ Bq/m² of cesium in Namie machi — Detected over 20km from Fukushima plant

“We Are Not Alone”: Japan’s richest man ‘unlikely ally’ of nuclear protesters — 10 mega-solar plants in works — Donating lifelong future earnings to disaster victims

Radiation went UP inside Reactor No. 3 after ‘cleaning’ by robots — May have doubled or tripled

Fukushima Worker: Nothing left we can do — Zero plan/idea how to manage leaking reactors — Tepco begins reducing # of workers

Will California close all nuclear plants in 2012? Secretary of State approves ballot initiative targeting Diablo Canyon and San Onofre — Similar idea worked in ’89