Asahi: Gov’t funded researchers “have sounded the alarm” — Calling for “immediate” monitoring — 175 Billion becquerels flow PER DAY in just one river in one city 60 km from meltdowns

MOX Scandal: Japan Times on “latest revelation of attempts to rig public opinions on nuclear power” — “Collusive ties” between gov’t and nuke industry

Interview with California’s ‘Nuclear Terminator’ — Ben Davis shut down nuke plant in ’89, now he’s at it again (VIDEO)

Report: Journalist dies of acute lymphocytic leukemia — Was living inside 30 km zone to support Fukushima

Asahi: Almost 1,000,000 times more radioactive fallout in Ibaraki soil than in 2009 — Low estimate?

Gov’t Survey: Shinjuku, Tokyo has third highest cesium levels of all testing locations throughout Japan — “Large amounts of radioactive dust fell in Tokyo”

“It’s like Russian roulette”: Only 10 percent of school lunches in Fukushima tested for radiation — Officials didn’t even know testing equipment was available

Busby: We are going to take some kind of libel action against George Monbiot’s advisers and Imperial College (VIDEO)