Radio: Just a matter of time before molten core reaches groundwater at Fukushima, says architect of Reactor No. 3 (VIDEO)

Magazine shows angler who died from Leukemia fishing in Fukushima during May, two months after meltdowns (PHOTOS)

Yomiuri: Mayor near Fukushima dies — Had recently been hospitalized two weeks with enteritis, which affected many Chernobyl liquidators

Local gov’t tests kids’ lunches: Tokyo nursery school serving milk with 18 Bq/kg of cesium — Over 160 times EPA limit — Milk industry protested testing

Just Back from Chernobyl: Mutations not seen anywhere else in world — Much greater frequency in contaminated areas — “Directly proportional” to radiation levels (VIDEO)

Top Biology Professor: Incredibly high frequency of very, very large abdominal tumors observed on latest trip to Chernobyl — Also high percentage of smaller brains (VIDEO)

5.8 trillion becquerels of strontium leaked from Fukushima over weekend

Japan Times: Tepco’s decontamination system doesn’t remove strontium — Media butchers details on latest Fukushima leak

WSJ: New Leak Detected at Fukushima Plant — Asahi: Strontium at 1,000,000 times gov’t limit?