Time: Some worry that melted Fukushima fuel may “reignite”

CNN: Spent fuel rods are “very damaged” — Fires from heat at SFP No. 4 are believed to have damaged reactor building (VIDEO)

Canada TV: Japan debris hits BC — Warned about radiation — “Never seen such a large quantity of debris” says resident — Moving much faster than expected — Estimated twice as big as Texas (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

LA Times: Fukushima reactors to be encased in concrete — “Critics say that continuing harm is being caused by the plant”

NYT: Experts suspect melted fuel may be threatening groundwater — “Battle of epic proportions” says Koide — Concerns over recriticality

Gundersen via Bloomberg: “I actually think it’s going to blow up in their face” after declaring cold shutdown while nuclear cores still “extraordinarily hot”

Gov’t officials investigating Fukushima want to know if “nuclear” explosions destroyed reactors — Tepco “not in a position to comment”

Independent: Giant concrete ‘diaper’ to be built under Fukushima plant in effort to stop radioactive substances leaking into ground -Nuclear experts

Mainichi: Absolutely no progress being made at Fukushima plant says reporter — “Japanese media have turned away from this issue” — Story far from over

Yomiuri: Former Japan PM ‘hints’ of recriticality at Fukushima — Found Chlorine-38 in Reactor No. 1 water tested at research institute