AP: Amount of radiation released from Fukushima is still unknown — Recent studies suggest Japan continues to significantly underestimate scale of disaster

Scientists: “We are not prepared for this, nobody is prepared” — Debris could bring radioactive contamination to US, Canada — May impact marine life (VIDEO)

Fairewinds: Hot particles bombarded west coast of US and Canada — Contaminated farms and some food sources in US — Radioactive debris island twice size of Texas crossing Pacific

Damage at Unit 2 is what prompted Tepco to discuss evacuating Fukushima workers — Perhaps because reactor “burned continuously for several days” as NRC admits?

Busby: “A criminal event” that gov’t failed to reveal true extent of radiation contamination — “Criminal irresponsibility” — “Quite a criminal affair” (VIDEO)

Mainichi: After months of torture farmers on verge of losing hope — “I had to receive medicine from my doctor because I can’t even sleep at night”

Local Official: “If we conduct a survey now, 80 percent of them would say they do not want to return” — Under 20% in June

Fairewinds: Fukushima dwarfs Chernobyl — Japanese face tragedy of a magnitude world has never experienced

NHK: Extremely high radiation in cedar flowers that release pollen — Not a “great” health hazard says gov’t — 2,000+ grains in a cubic meter of air during season (VIDEO)

Iodine-131 reported in Tokyo — 10 of 12 sewage plants test positive in December

Nuclear Minister: Certainly there is increased cancer risk if you are exposed to radioactive material — It can’t be avoided (VIDEO)

Physician: “When it comes to Fukushima, we are all downwinders”

Top Japan official: Very strong possibility there is nuclear fuel outside containment vessel (VIDEO)

Entergy President in NYTimes: “No one dismisses the radiological consequences of Fukushima”