Canadian Official: Iodine-131 in rainwater was above recommended level for drinking water during March — “It should not exceed the guideline” — Gov’t failed to disclose findings

Physician suspects Canada will see more cancers, decreased fetal viability, decreased fertility from Fukushima — We expect them to be generational

Journalist: Hospital did no treatment on dead Tepco worker, simply called police — Officers took body away for autopsy

Japan Radiation Professor: Women can’t control themselves — Leads to stress, then teeth & hair fall out

Gov’ts refuse to provide funds to research Fukushima effects — “Virtually zero monitoring” — “Disconcerting how big of an event Fukushima was and how little data are out there”

Strange: Dramatic drop in background radiation just before radioactive cloud detected in Australia

Defective Meter? Temperature in Reactor 2 doubles, rises above 100ºC — Tepco assuming low possibility of re-criticality