Reuters: Major new leak at Japan’s nuclear plant — Frozen pipe burst in Reactor No. 4 — Tepco checking other reactors for similar problems

Radioactive Iodine-131 detected by Sweden, Norway, Finland — “Most likely a reactor or a isotope-source at a hospital”

NRC begins special investigation into water pump malfunction at Illinois nuke plant

AP: Many tubes found damaged at San Diego-area nuke plant — “Unusual” says NRC — Cause unknown — Radiation could have escaped… Developing

Radioactive release possible at California nuke plant: “We can’t make a black and white statement that absolutely none escaped” — Workers unable to enter to check if leaking

Workers turn brown grass to green around Fukushima plant (PHOTOS)

Kyodo: Pipe connected to Reactor No. 4 drops off — 1,000 times more radioactive water leaked than first reported

Kyodo: Leaking water at Reactor No. 4 “in contact with fuel in spent fuel tank” — May be from cold weather OR explosions

NRC spokeswoman for emergency at Illinois nuke plant also works as belly dancer — “Absolutely there’s no threat to the public” (PHOTOS)

Asahi column: Nuclear explosion at Unit No. 3 would have blown reactor vessel to pieces

Tepco sends emergency email to journalists: Leakage at Reactor No. 4 — “They assume the water is from the well of the reactor”