More trouble at Calif. nuke plant: Worker falls into pool of radioactive water above reactor

Local Paper: “News could be catastrophic for San Onofre” nuke plant in Calif. — Over 800 tubes show damage — Multiple pipes may have burst — Still can’t determine size of leak

“Unusual” find at shutdown Calif. nuke plant: “Safety implications could be very, very severe” — “I’ve never heard of anything like that” -Retired NRC engineer

Study finds Fukushima worse than Chernobyl on bird population — “Dramatically” elevated DNA mutation rates and extinctions — Insect life significantly reduced — Shows immediate consequence of radiation

Nuclear Researcher: Mutant microorganisms thrived in melted fuel at Three Mile Island — “Sounds like something you’d see on Star Trek” says host (VIDEO)

Fukushima worker on Reactor No. 4 leak: “I wonder if it was because earthquake or explosion”

Gov’t estimate says radiation released after emergency at Illinois nuke plant was 1 microsievert — 3% of yearly ALARA level set by NRC

Group of women attacked while protesting nuclear plant — Pulled out of vehicle and assaulted — 10 people in custody

NRC: We know California nuke plant vented some radioactive gases — Paper: No ‘significant’ danger to workers or public

Local TV: People came home to find animals with eyes burned out after TMI evacuation (VIDEO & PHOTOS)

Official admits decontamination only for reducing EXTERNAL exposure to radiation — We’re aware of need to prevent radiation in food, but it’s outside our jurisdiction

Lecturer tells parents Tokyo radiation is “not so serious” and to let kids play outside — Just gargle, wash hands, etc.

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