WaPo: US gov’t emails reveal serious discussion of setting off explosives at Fukushima reactor

Over 6 µSv/h detected at Kashiwa High School near Tokyo

Bloomberg: Tepco injects boric acid to prevent criticality at Reactor No. 2

Gizmodo: “Just when you thought it was over” — Temps soar 26.7°C in last few hours at Reactor No. 2 — Tepco admits they don’t have a clue about what’s going on

News Agency: Helicopters fly over Fukushima to measure air for possible effects of reactor’s temperature increase

89 sieverts per hour measured in soil near Columbia River in Washington — Worst contamination just feet from groundwater

Nuclear Expert: Pipe ruptures at Calif. nuke plant could have lead to meltdown, China Syndrome, catastrophic radioactivity release (VIDEO)

Tepco: Water injections may no longer be able to properly cool down melted nuclear fuel in Reactor No. 2 — Says criticality is not taking place (VIDEO)

FOX DC: Temperature soars mysteriously inside Fukushima nuclear reactor, despite pumping in more water

“Disbelief”: Japan gov’t discontinued radiation monitoring program weeks after meltdowns — Had been operating for over 50 years, a world record

Steam/vapor rising from Fukushima reactor (VIDEO)

Temperature doubles at Spent Fuel Pool No. 3 — Up 70% at SFP No. 6

Gundersen: I’m afraid gov’t will try its very best to hide numbers coming from Fukushima — No death rate data for areas near meltdown… Why is that? (VIDEO)

Asahi: Tepco checking if “chain of nuclear fission has occurred again in melted fuel” at Reactor No. 2 after temperature rises sharply

Mochizuki: Leakage from Reactor No. 4 indicates fuel is inside — Fukushima Diary is attacked every 15 minutes and run on 4 servers (VIDEOS)

Fire at nuclear facility in Moscow: Grey smoke and bitter smell reported — Reuters source says fire crews were denied access — Russia says no risk