Yomiuri: Fukushima Daini was ‘near meltdown’ admits head of plant — “At the moment, I can only say we’ll maintain a STATE of cold shutdown”

Explosion at Reactor No. 1 reportedly caused by damage from quake: NRC

Newly published photos of bird abnormalities in areas contaminated with radiation, via USC study (PHOTOS)

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Japan TV: Professor detects 104 microSv/h near where kids walk to school — “Absurd reality” where children are right next to high-level contamination (VIDEO)

Officials make 1st inspection of Fukushima Daini: Still using temporary cooling — Cores didn’t “seriously” overheat — Most important task is keeping reactors in ‘cold shutdown’

FORUM: General Discussion Thread for Feb. 9 – 13, 2012

TV: Gov’t testing for radioactive material on Hawaii beaches — “It is something that’s been quietly under way for the past year here” — NOAA, EPA, State all preparing together for tsunami debris (VIDEO)