Radiation monitors spike at several locations in western Japan — Highest level recorded in 100 days (CHARTS)

Senior Scientist: Irreversible heart damage for children with 50 Bq/kg of Cs-137

Jiji: Experts warned today there’s high possibility of strong inland quake hitting Fukushima plant — Water 150km deep may seep into fault triggering massive tremor

Mag: Evidence linking nuclear plants to ill health increasingly compelling, “clear something is going” says prof. — UK gov’t blames unidentified virus for childhood leukemia rise

Germany NOT restarting nuclear reactors due to cold as widely reported — In fact, now “massively exporting electricity” to help nuclear-powered France this winter -Reuters

Radiation spikes throughout Greater Tokyo Area on Feb. 14 — One of highest seen in months (Gov’t Data)

UN document: "There would be a hazard around eastern part of Japan" — 60 hours of emissions blowing southwest over Tokyo forecasted last March

Reactor No. 2 temperature steadily trending downward — Is gauge broken?

Mainichi: Japan gov’t seeking more data to treat people with radiation exposure

Magnitude 4.7 quake hits Fukushima

WSJ: Troubling questions raised by thermometer at No. 2 — No wonder things are breaking down at Fukushima after meltdowns, explosions, tsunami, quake (saltwater and boric acid, too)