Researchers: Cesium-137 from Fukushima “not likely” to concentrate in fish as much as mercury — “Moderate buildup” might occur higher up food chain

North Anna: 53,300 picocuries per liter detected — Not sure where radiation is leaking — “No evidence” that increase in radioactivity related to quake says spokesman

Strange: 8 months later, plutonium test results still “pending” — Researcher compares Fukushima radiation to potassium — From nuclear-connected university

NRC Transcript: Evacuation zone “would possibly have to get beyond 50 miles”

CNN: Scientists surprised by high levels of radioactive silver in fish off Japan coast

Kyodo: “Potentially up to six spent-fuel pools in a degraded condition” -NRC transcript

FORUM: General Discussion Thread (Nuclear Issues) for Feb. 22 – 29, 2012

Gov’t kept child radiation survey secret — Thyroid glands of Iwaki kids exposed to doses up to 35 millisieverts in March alone — Headquarters didn’t want to alarm families

AP: Quake-hit North Anna nuke plant leaking radioactivity

Gundersen in Japan: 1,000,000 additional cancers from Fukushima over next 20 years — Based on university studies after Three Mile Island (1.5 HOUR VIDEO)

NYTimes: NRC official predicted rising levels of radioactivity may stop airliners from coming to Tokyo — “Unfathomable” challenges for Japan

Report indicated five Fukushima workers have most likely received a fatal dose of radiation -NRC Transcript