Cesium spikes to highest level in 7 months north of Tokyo — 10 times recent averages (CTBTO)

‘Mind-Boggling’: Far more cesium released from Fukushima than previously thought says Japan gov’t agency — 40,000 trillion becquerels estimated -Asahi

NRC team’s initial impressions were that Spent Fuel Pool No. 3 might not be there after seeing photos from different perspective

M5.3 hits Fukushima within hours of M4.8 — Level 4 of 7 on Japan intensity scale — M5.8 in Chiba

Asahi Flyover: No spent fuel pool seen in Reactor No. 3 — SFP ‘must’ be in center of screen, however we can’t see any of it (VIDEO)

CNN on Fukushima’s constant threat: Plant Chief reveals biggest risk is if something goes wrong with reactors — No more stable now than in April says defender of nuclear power (VIDEO)