Radiation inside Reactor No. 1 drywell hits new high of 251 Sieverts per hour

Published: June 12th, 2011 at 7:07 am ET


Radiation dose, Unit 1 nuclear power plant Hukushima, atmc.jp, June 12, 2011:

Published: June 12th, 2011 at 7:07 am ET


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255 comments to Radiation inside Reactor No. 1 drywell hits new high of 251 Sieverts per hour

  • bleep_hits_blades

    I would trust Mercola and also Mike Adams/the Health Ranger before I would trust Laibow and Stubblebine.

    It is pretty well known/standard strategy & tactics to salt the resistance movement with bad guys pretending to be good guys, who over a long period gain our trust and then are used in certain ops to lead us down the wrong path.

    Military/CIA psy-ops/disinfo is a very dirty/amoral business… do you feel that you can trust anyone who did that as his career, rose to a high position, and now is probably drawing a good retirement check, if not still on the payroll?


    Here is some info on GM foods and a link to mercola –


    More on GM, below, should be clickable – and a good video on U Tube for those who have not seen it is THE WORLD ACCORDING TO MONSANTO.

    Jere Beasley Report April 28, 2011
    Farm and Ranch Freedom May 4, 2011

    Dr. Huber Explains Science Behind New Organism and Threat from Monsanto’s Roundup, GMOs to Disease and Infertility from Food Democracy Now! on Vimeo.

    • blackmoon

      Yes I agree that they are trustworthy warriors. And I would also recommend the Documentary “Unnatural Selection.” For those who haven’t seen it you can find it here:


      I would also add Leuren Moret to the list.

      But I have been following Dr. Laibow for years and I have seen the fights that she has fought on behalf of our right to choose what we eat, whether or not we want to be vaccinated, and other health issues.

      I have taken action on many of the petitions that she has submitted on behalf of our freedom to choose. I personally, am not willing to discard ANY person or group, who is willing to put themselves at risk to fight on our behalf.

      So I will agree to disagree concerning Dr. Laibow and her foundation.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Another thing is that Stubblebine and Laibow solicit donations, thus – if indeed they are dis-info operatives – sucking money away from legitimate activists.

    Bottom line, how can one trust anyone who has had a lucrative career in dirty tricks/murder inc., for the elites, then comes forward basically as an anti-establishment activist?

    • blackmoon

      I judge their actions. And they do not force you to contribute to them. Anyone can go to their web site, and sign a petition without cost.

      Do you disagree with anything that was said by them in the video that I posted?

      As far as I am concerned, their words ring true, BECAUSE OF THEIR ACTIONS.

  • StillJill StillJill

    And,…there are ‘meager surroundings’ in the backgrounds. These are NOT the “pastie pinstripe-suit types’!

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Well it is a matter of personal choice and opinion, basically. I just offered the info for your consideration.

    The guy has a very unsavory background and his conversion came awfully late.

    He was essentially a professional deceiver/liar, for decades, but now you trust him and take him at his word.

    But,to each his/her own. I will let the matter rest.

    • BetaFlare

      Plutonium Reactor3. Four detonations or more?

      Sorry to say that this guyunderthesea (not allowed here to spell it right) belongs to the group. Underlined in his analysis of reactor3 – where he starts by turning the sound off…

      Ref 3.Reactor, at least 4 detonations

      • BetaFlare

        Plutonium Reactor3. Four detonations or more?

        Coincidence? Do you believe in them. This is the second time after my reactor3 comment:

        # AustralianCannonball: I made a video Tokyo Radiation but some official sources in …
        # AustralianCannonball: I made a video Tokyo Radiation but some official sources in …
        # AustralianCannonball: I made a video Tokyo Radiation but some official sources in …
        # Anthony: Radiation and thyroid cancer The frequency of papillary t…
        # BetaFlare: Plutonium Reactor3. Four detonations or more? Sorry to sa…

  • Rica E

    Thank you everyone, I’m off to bed as I face trial tomorrow for custody over my child that I tried to go on vacation in belieze with atfer watching a nuke plant blow up at the same lat. as I’m sittin. Her dad who recently converted to islam is calling me selfish for not praying for the japanese and worrying about my own safety. Y’all are the last bastions of sanity I have on this ever so solo mission. Ever see the movie Brazil? It is pure brilliance in light of our current affairs. In the words of OB 1 “Whose the fool ? The fool ? Or the fool that follows the fool? Ciao’

  • Godzilla

    Oh, looks like you guys drove off another rational person who knows something about physics. Good work. Report back to base (referring to my own bit of tinfoil).

    Thanks for the rational analysis, Judge. As I’ve noted, there’s a tinfoil group here from Godlike Productions, and they probably all flunked High School physics. The intelligent people here appreciate your opinion.

    We pretty much know that the radiation level in and around the 3 plants is deadly high. We also know that the instrument to measure that is indeed malfunctioning, because the numbers should be fairly even from day to day, but most of us here would say trending upward. It simply wouldn’t go up and down like that if the instruments were working properly.

    To you others …… can’t you go back to GLP or HuffPo? I’m certain that GLP at least will take you, lots of their bans are unintentional anyway, and it’s a tinfoil site that will appreciate your dumbth. I used to go there just for shits and grins, some of those threads are funny as hell. Just email an administrator.

    I don’t mind stupid or ignorant people as long as they are humble and want to learn, but you people are arrogant in the extreme, thinking you high school dropouts know more than people who have studied these things all their lives, and vile as well. Didn’t your mothers teach you any manners when you were growing up?