3rd Fukushima Nuke Worker Dead

Published: October 6th, 2011 at 6:29 am ET



SOURCE: Unit 2 furnace, セ サ ー ン で survey = operator killed and three others present – Fukushima No. 1, Jiji,  October 6, 2011

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Google Translation

Meanwhile, TEPCO, five complained of ill-health on the day of male workers in their 50s had a water storage tank-related work as radioactive contamination in nuclear power, has announced the death on Monday. Man has been working since August, the cumulative radiation exposure is about 2 mSv. TEPCO, the causal relationship between exposure and death is hard to believe, has been confirmed with death certificates. Workers were killed and three people in total.

EX-SKF Translation

TEPCO also announced that a worker in his 50s fell ill on October 5 and died on October 6. The worker was doing the work around the storage tanks for the contaminated water at the plant. He had been working since August, and his cumulative radiation exposure was about 2 millisieverts. TEPCO said it was hard to believe his radiation exposure had something to do with his death, but the company would confirm in the death certificate. The total number of deaths among the plant workers are now three.

SOURCE: 3rd Worker Died at Fukushima I Nuke Plant, Cause Unknown, EX-SKF, October 6, 2011

[…] The first worker died of a heart attack in May, while he was carrying heavy equipment on foot to build the contaminated water processing facilities. The second one died of acute leukemia in August after working for one week doing radiation control for the workers in the headquarter building on the plant. […]

More information about what is storage tanks at Fukushima Daiichi: [intlink id=”radioactivity-100-trillion-becquerels-liter-sludge-fukushima-plant-kyoto-nuke-professor” type=”post”]Radioactive waste piling up at Fukushima: 100 trillion becquerels/liter in sludge, says Kyoto nuke professor[/intlink]

[…] The radioactive waste has been kept at a temporary storage site on the premises of the Fukushima plant, […] But TEPCO has been unable to fully grasp the details such as the types and the concentration of nuclear materials.

Professor Akio Koyama at Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute says, “The density of high-level decontaminated water is believed to be a maximum 10 billion becquerels per liter, but if it is condensed to polluted sludge and zeolites, its density sometimes increases by 10,000 times. The density cannot be dealt with through conventional systems.”

Only 2 millisieverts of exposure? See: Article by Hokkaido Cancer Center director Nishio Masamichi, a radiation treatment specialist

[Some of Masamichi’s points summarized by Japan Focus]

  • Referring to “protective” suits is a misnomer bordering on fraud in Nishio’s view since nothing can offer total protection from radiation exposure.
  • A lack of nutrition and rest can make workers more susceptible to radiation symptoms. Nishio speculates that having the workers sleep together in gymnasium-like barracks with no privacy is simply designed to keep them from running away. Just 30 minutes from the site, he points out, there are empty hotels which could offer those on the front line a quiet, secure place to rest and recuperate.
  • He accuses TEPCO of being up to the old tricks of the nuclear industry: giving dispatch and temporary workers broken radiation monitors, only giving them monitoring devices when they are working despite high levels of radiation throughout the site, and so on.
  • Without accurate assessment of internal radiation exposure through “whole body monitoring”, there is no way to tell how much exposure workers are actually suffering.
Published: October 6th, 2011 at 6:29 am ET


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19 comments to 3rd Fukushima Nuke Worker Dead

  • Misitu

    “only” 2mSv since August is a bit difficult to swallow.

    these people have no conscience! publish and face the music!

  • Sickputer

    My sympathies to the family of the deceased. Your efforts are appreciated!

  • matina matina

    well, as dear emeritus professor of physics in Oxford Wade Allison would say “lets not be radiation phobic” after all its well below his thought of limit of 100mSV/month ….. the man obviously must have died from mental health problems !

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  • matina matina

    Emmy, why are you redirecting traffic from ENENEWS to your website? Why comment there and not here?
    ENENEWS has been there for us since March, bringing as news in a timely fashion and accommodating everyone’s need! Why abandon ship now? And anyway why are you advertising here on ene don’t you think that it’s more than rude? Admin is more than kind.

  • Ken31ONCA

    Just read the story and wondered to myself what about the 2 or 3 workers who died in the explosion? They were workers, people… Why don’t they count? They died because nuclear power and lack of safety. I think its wrong they pick and choose what info they want to share about the workers and then say there is nothing for the public to worry about.

    • Hemisfear311 Hemisfear311

      More people died.

      The 3 from the article above
      The 2-3 that Ken31ONCA mentions
      The 2 workers that were sent to manually operate a nonfunctioning valve, when the tsunami struck.
      The countless ones that went to work at the plant site, and left again. Tepco even admitted that they lost record of several workers (convenient or what?) after they had left the plant site.

      9-10 confirmed dead while working at the plant. But apparently they only count “instant death”, so the total number is probably much higher.

      “No immediate risk to your health” has been a mantra throughout the whole crisis. “Immediate” is the keyword here. How many workers went home from work with more than a paycheck?

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    The workers will start dropping dead in larger numbers as we approach the December months.Those with the most exposure and weakest health will die the quickest. Honestly if Tepco cared about its workers it would have them sleeping offsite anyways. They know the exposure is dangerous yet they still keep their workers close to the plant for monitoring. This is terrible. People are dying and they are still spouting lies.

  • zapped zapped

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  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    I’m like you, Zapped!
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    Now, does providing my email to enroll,
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    I’m Paranoid, and So am I, and Myself, but they
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    Right or Not, My Zappy Friend?

  • zapped zapped

    I liked your analogy of the female mind and such…you very clever gal..You said it beautifully…I love your insight..always..keep em comin’

  • “The radioactive waste has been kept at a temporary storage site on the premises of the Fukushima plant, […] But TEPCO has been unable to fully grasp the details such as the types and the concentration of nuclear materials.”

    “The worker was doing the work around the storage tanks for the contaminated water at the plant.”

    “TEPCO said it was hard to believe his radiation exposure had something to do with his death”

    Lots of older posts alluding to TEPCO dirty tricks in regard to radiation monitoring. Maybe greedy un-educated workers falsify monitoring too so they can get more hours.

    Sounds like they don’t even know what they have with this radio active waste water. Sounds like something unprecedented. So on what basis can they say plant radiation had nothing to do with his death? Denial is the first line of defense.

  • alasanon

    These Japanese workers are tough. Keep in mind that Japan, per statistics, holds the records for best health and longevity (lowest rates of cancer & heart disease) in the world, bar none. Along with their consumption of seaweed (that stores for years), their strong baseline health is a real advantage for that population!

    Now if they can bring their collective genius and phenomenal, dedicated work ethic to bear on this!…They may be the only type of workers who can handle this!!

  • New safety rules for outdoor nuclear workers

    Japan’s health ministry will introduce safety guidelines to protect workers who clean up radioactive substances around the disabled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

    Existing guidelines target only those working indoors at the plant.

    Citizens groups had complained …


  • Anthony Anthony

    Comment found elsewhere
    MasahikoF. wrote:
    Aug 12th 2011 11:59 GMT

    I agree with 2KeFWkCT4e. It seems we don’t know if radiation is as bad as claimed because evidence is confusing. I am reassured to find that fewer people died in Chernobyl than predicted and that a research shows that people thrive in radium in some places and that natural background radiation is higher in other cities. All this media attention on meltdowns and radiation leaks and food contamination is just panic. In 20 or 30 years we will know and maybe there will be less effect on cancer rates of today’s children than expected. People need to leave this responsibility to the nuclear experts. The industry have worked just fine in Japan for many years doing that and have earned trust.

    One little accident and people panic over exposure to radiation in their food and water and on their children because they don’t understand. Experts do.

    • Anthony Anthony

      Responses to him

      japanese_barrister wrote:
      Aug 13th 2011 6:05 GMT

      MasahikoF, how can you call the Fukushima incident “One little accident” ?! Are you retarded or what ?! It is one of the most serious incidents in the nuclear power history and we are about to witness its severe consequences in the decades to come…
      …And yes! Of course we worry that our food and water maybe contaminated. The imbeciles in the government are either not “revealing” the whole picture or even they don’t know it. Btw which “nuclear experts” are you referring to?!? The ones saying that Japanese government should take immediate measures because the radiation in Fukushima is WAAAAAAAAY above normal levels or the ones throwing dust in the eyes of the people ?
      Recommend (6)
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      Muffinavenger wrote:
      Aug 14th 2011 7:56 GMT

      Masahiko calling the second or first biggest nuclear accident which resulted to the displacement of thousands of people, the economic ruin of plenty, including the biggest energy company in Japan and the banks which of course lend money to it a little accident is kind of an understatement, dont you think?