40-year-old Fukushima radiation worker dies of acute leukemia after working at plant for week — Checkup showed no prior health problems

Published: August 30th, 2011 at 11:40 am ET


Fukushima N-Plant Worker Dies of Acute Leukemia, Jiji Press, August 30, 2011:

Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Tuesday that a man in his 40s who had worked to help contain the radiation crisis at the firm’s crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant has died of acute leukemia. […]

The man worked at the Fukushima plant for seven days from early August. His jobs included radiation exposure management, the officials said. […]

A medical checkup prior to his work at the plant showed no problems in his health. […]

TEPCO says the man’s death had nothing to do with his work at Fukushima.

See also: Nuclear plant workers developed leukemia despite radiation exposure below legal limit

Published: August 30th, 2011 at 11:40 am ET


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46 comments to 40-year-old Fukushima radiation worker dies of acute leukemia after working at plant for week — Checkup showed no prior health problems

  • larry-andrew-nils

    thc oil made from marijuana cures leukemia.

    we’re all going to tend toward leukemia.

    eventually we’re gonna all grow marijuana.

    • Nukeholio

      No thanks to either….I don’t want dope and I don’t want cancer.

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        “Dope?” Seems odd to say that when it’s been proven to help Chronic Pain Patients = CANCER etc. It upsets me when comments like that are made. “Until you walk in someone elses shoes” or however that old saying goes is the way to look it. And ignoring a comment you disagree with (LIKE POT) will keep you off MY radar. PEACE

      • That’s your choice and your right Nukholio. Like any medication, it’s not for everyone. It can be used or abused as with any drug.

        However, if you do get ‘sick’ (and I certainly would not wish that on anyone), you MAY want to consider changing your mind regarding the healing and medicinal properties of cannabis. (there are many)

        It literally saved my life once, no doubt for me! Enough said.

    • Remember all, It is illegal to cultivate and more time then simple possession in most states, may be able to cease your home and all your assess too !!

    • socal stukncali

      Who cares if it’s illegal or not. Anyone against marijuana have not extensively researched it. I don’t know one senior with cancer who’s been smoking weed their whole lives. The only problem is now that even the weed may be contaminated.. Oh and to Larry: there is a guy on youtube who made a documentary of him rubbing thc oil on his skin cancer on his face and it completely went away in a month or so. I’ll find the link

      • You may be place in jail and all you own for trying to heal/keep yourself healthy is all I am saying, did you watch the video from the wonderful man in Canada ?
        And yes grown indoors would be the only safer way now thanks to our present/future condition on the planet !

        • I live in Florida and much of it is grown this way here (hydroponics) and some “BIG BUST TOO” !
          Very elaborate setups shown on the news !

    • odylan

      . . . or maybe drink some red wine – like a Merlot from a biological source

      I believe there’s evidence that cannabis is useful in treating cases of MS

      ps – I suspect my budgerigar of being on a permanent high

  • norbu norbu

    good morning Larry. I am for the movement, I think marijuana helps for sure, but to claim it cures leukemia is not proven. My dear friend died 6 months ago from leukemia, He smoked everyday and put the oil on his food every meal. Some will live, many will die. I do support the use of the plant medicine. thank for your info.

  • larry-andrew-nils

    well that’s too bad. i bet he was putting hemp-seed oil on his food, and smoking it does nothing for cancer except ease the pain. I’m sorry.

    ingesting it is proven to cure leukemia. i am up-to-speed on the leading-edge grass-roots happenings revolving around thc oil…
    …which is not hemp-seed oil

    hemp-seed oil, which you might put on your food daily, is not thc-oil, which tastes terrible and you eat it in a small dose trying not to taste it at all.

    thc oil is stripped off of the raw cannabis flower… they call the flower a “bud”
    thc is stripped from the bud using a solvent.

    it is not something you may purchase at the store unless you are in California or another place that has those medical marijuana places… they have the thc oil.

    i wish nobody ever died from cancer.

    • mungo mungo

      if you are ingesting thc oil you must get a hit? i am a seasoned smoker, the thc is the stuff that gets you high!

      • larry-andrew-nils

        you don’t get high except for the first two or three days you take it, or when you increase the dose; taking it regularly lets you stay on a fairly even keel… and you can take it at night.

        i will admit to being happier than if not medicated all the time, but that’s a side effect… it’s a small price to pay. đŸ™‚

        • mungo mungo

          what would be a daily dose, in grams?

          • larry-andrew-nils

            a large common dose is one gram per day.

            rick simpson tells to start at about a rice, sized peice of oil per day and work up to a half gram to a gram.

          • larry-andrew-nils

            you can grow a pound with a 1000 watt light in four months.

            … that’s enough to make 2 ounces of oil… and that lasts about 2 months at one gram per day.

            also, that dose with those two months have shown to be adequate to cure most cancers especially leukemia, which the thc oil has absolutely no problem with whatsoever.

            and eat well, and exersise… just walking is good… or flexing your arms.

          • mungo mungo

            it is misleading and dangerous to say that thc cures cancer..it does help with lots of the symptoms though

          • larry-andrew-nils

            if you ever watch “Run From The Cure” the full version, you’ll see those people who all got cured and you’ll know it’s all true.

            it’s the real cure for every disease.

            watch that vid. you’ll see.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    When did W.O. start this feature?
    Geiger Counter Feeds from Asao Kawasaki – Absorbed dose rate
    Big headache this am. So taking break for awhile.

  • Ken31ONCA

    did anyone read the story? it took less then a week for this guy to get radiation poisioning and tepco says its nothing to do with fukushima, what a crock of bullshit. they are sooooo delusional. atleast this is the first one that leaked out ive heard of. id take dope over cancer for the record…im not stupid.

    • larry-andrew-nils

      i know thc works and am therefore compelled to spend the rest of my life spreading the truth of it.

      amazingly, even for me, because my mind isn’t just “open” it’s “wide open”, i saw a video of a guy who had aids and was on teh oil for two years and he was cured of the bad things that the aids caused and in his last vid he said, the oil cures everything.

      so this oil even cures the dreaded AIDS.

      but very few people know this… sad but not hopeless.

  • DannieJ DannieJ

    Finally purchased a geiger counter. Someone tell me if this is a good deal:


    I need it to measure my garden and Japanese imports in general. Also I’m a huge fan of rice and I do feel that plasti .. I mean fish is necessary in a full diet.

    • Cindy

      I looked at that also. Seems to be an air monitor only…

      • DannieJ DannieJ

        Did you see any of the videos?

        It seems fairly impressive, but I guess I won’t know until I try it.

        I’ll let you know.

    • odiez1 odiez1

      I’ve got the GMC-080. They are a fine product. But they don’t come with the GM tube necessary for detecting radiation.
      You have to get the tube separate, but that allows you lots of leeway on choosing the right one.
      The SBM-20 is a widely used tube in the SOEKS and PRIPYAT detectors. I jsut got a M4011 tube, which is reportedly more sensitive than the SBM-20.
      I also have a CDV-700, and an Anton CBON-6107 for the GMC-080. Comparing the two, the CDV-700 is far more sensitive. But the 6107 detects Alpha radiation…

  • StillJill StillJill

    Whoopie,…I hope your headache goes away!
    Had one the better part of all last week. Now, my liver is acting up again!

    We will have to stay vigilant!

    • alasanon

      oww. I hope you feel better! Milk Thistle is great for the liver. I read that it can help your liver to completely repair & regenerate.

      I haven’t noticed any weird air on my throat or stinging skin from the rain ever since the Jet Stream veered north for most of the summer…

      It’s amazing what we all have to endure and now they’re stripping down Clean Air Act regulations even further! (w/o cutting huge corporate subsidies for polluters!!-crazy.)

  • dpl dpl

    NPP workers are the canaries in the coalmine
    the job guarantees free radiation treatments
    and you get to retire early

    • larry-andrew-nils

      wow… maybey they let him in even though he already had cancer… maybe we don’t know the whole thing… maybe they’re breaking rules and letting people with cancer work there so that they can get workers.

      and they give them all a clean bill of health, and let them work for two weeks and then give them money, even though they already had cancer?

      i know it’s wishful thinking, but things like that happen you know.

      people are real thinkers, and where it is appropriate to break a rule, we do it en-mass.

      • lam335 lam335

        Or maybe they are not using the dosimeters regularly (or properly), so that the actual exposure he got was greater that the “official” amount stated in the article. I have heard that workers are sometimes turning them off so they appear to get less exposure than they are actually getting, but I don’t know if that is true.

        There have been a few stories about people suddenly dying of “acute leukemia.” I didn’t think leukemia developed that quickly. I thought it usually took at least five or ten years to develop(?). Anyway, it’s a scary and sad development (though not an entirely surprising one).

  • Sky775

    The guy probably falsified his medical records and went to Fukushima to get some money for his family before he died of leukemia. There’s no way he got cancer from 0.5 mSv or even 5 mSv (about a mammogram worth of radiation) and died in two weeks.

    Either that or he got a massive dose >5 Sv and this is a coverup for extremely severe radiation poisoning.

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      Dear Sky: No, whenever a reporter says, TEPCO “officials” say, that’s journalistic code for, what was said by “officials” is BS. The rates of exposure are not being monitored, and many workers at Fukushima do not have any monitoring equipment or sufficient training available to them. The nuclear industry uses workers considered in Japanese culture to be “untouchables”, if you’ll recall what the term means from South Asian Indian Hindu culture. The region, Fukushima, is considered the “back and beyond” and the Japanese public do not take pride or have much concern, in general, for this region of the country. To assume that workers would be well cared for by any nuclear power industry corporations or related government bodies displays an extreme degree of ignorance of the issue and its particulars.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Thanks ‘alasanon’–You are right–and thank you. Our livers are getting too hard of a workout, I’m afraid! I just went back on my “Milk Thistle, Dandelion & Yellow Dock” herbal liver purifier.

    Had I not known, your suggestion would have saved me some pain and suffering. Now, I wonder if we shouldn’t ALL be taking it?

    • alasanon

      @Jill, Are you & your dogs still having many symptoms lately? I didn’t like the looks of the recent CU-Berkeley milk tests for Cesium in CA…
      Canada must be feeling it?!

      Too much pollution-that’s for sure!!

  • Radiation limit to be lowered for Fukushima staff

    Japan’s health ministry will restore the cumulative radiation exposure limit for emergency workers at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant to the original 100 millisieverts this autumn. The current limit is 250 milisieverts.
    The ministry raised the exposure limit soon after the nuclear accident …

  • … It’s difficult to sense the truth out of junk information.

    Maybe that’s why they hate it,because they can’t distinguish truth and lie,because they are stupid.

    They have been relying on mass media like spoon feed for too long. They can not wake up anymore.

    We can not go back to sleep anymore. …