Japan will no longer be a developed country in less than 40 years: Most Powerful Japanese Business Organization

Published: May 2nd, 2012 at 2:38 am ET


Title: Inviting economic suicide?
Source: The Japan Times
Date: Wednesday, May 2, 2012

[…] Now it is at least semi-official: Japan’s economy is on the skids. A report just released by a think tank of the Nippon Keidanren, the country’s most powerful business organization, says that by 2050, Japan will no longer be a developed country, predicting years of negative growth from 2030 onward. 

“Unless something is done, we are afraid that Japan will fall out of the league of advanced nations and again become a tiny country in the Far East,” says the report in Japanese by the 21st Century Public Policy Institute (21st CPPI), the research institute of Keidanren. […]

Tackling the real issues is complicated by distracting immediate problems exacerbated by the last year’s triple disasters of earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown at Fukushima. […]

Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda has expressed his determination to get the nuclear plants operating again, warning that the alternative is electricity cuts of up to 20 percent in some areas during Japan’s sweltering sticky summer. But the government’s assertion that the nuclear plants at Oi are “more or less” safe to resume is an object lesson in political folly. […]

Kevin Rafferty, a Hong Kong-based journalist, has reported on the World Bank for 35 years and was managing editor at the bank in 1997-99

Read the report here

Published: May 2nd, 2012 at 2:38 am ET


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46 comments to Japan will no longer be a developed country in less than 40 years: Most Powerful Japanese Business Organization

  • Kevin Kevin

    Any word on where the US will be?

    • goathead goathead

      Not sure there Kevin but then again all dominoes look alike to me!!

      • Spectrometising

        @goathead.."Japan will no longer be a developed country" means, "Japan will no be a nuclear country"..(Simple matter of changing one word in the sentence to translate the text from 'nuclear-speak' language, into basic english.)

        => Spectometising~"The solar panel is mightier than the fuel rod".

        • hbjon hbjon

          The photoelectric effect that drives your solar panel has a problem way down here on the surface of the earth. If they expect the freed electrons from photons striking matter to power the Japanese industrial machines, imho they are sorely mistaken.

          • rooks rooks

            Japan has outsourced most of the manufacturing along with the US. With the right grid solar panels will power neighborhoods without fear or blackouts due to threats of the monopolies. Decentralize it all and we have a solution.

          • Spectrometising

            @hbjon so exactly why are they sorely mistaken, all the Japanese collectively all at once?

            Surely you can see?? Has the strange radioactive bacteria/fungi also affected you? Please explain your reasoning. They will not be using the photons that strike my solar panel.

            Loss of emotion and despondency are all the halmarks of control via Unidentified Financial Objects (UFO's). These UFO's can print vast quantities of money (Debt) out of thin air, so that the nuclear industry can print power out of thin air along with the compound interest SFP's (Spent Fuel Pools).

            Clearly they are being controlled by that mystery radioactive black bacteria or fungi.

            The bacteria/fungi lives off radiation and is controlling the Japanese via an invisible matrix of very fine mycelium, and came from an Unidentified Financial Object (UFO) which is driven by an elite reptilian race who are in turn controlled by the black bacteria/fungi also.

            I could go on, but i will keep it brief so that HAARP and Chem-Trail enthusiasts can talk about that if they think it is necessary here.

            • Spectrometising

              Now the bacteria/fungi is fast-tracking nuke re-starts.
              "Inanely Intense Push To Restart Nuclear Reactors – Modern-Day Mass Harakiri"
              I wish ther were another explanation.
              Very good coverage of the matter by "Published on Apr 30, 2012 by rumorecurioso"

              • What-About-The-Kids

                LOL!!! +1000! Very clever, Spectro! Thanks for the comic relief. The not-so-subtle jabs of truth were so brilliantly worded. Smiling here. 🙂

                • Some of these tsunamis may be as high as a ten story building and they are speaking of starting these reactors ???
                  Need to get all the fuel out of Japan NOW !

          • hbjon hbjon

            I would like to see how many soldering irons solar power can get hot. Smiling may be able to increase the efficiency, but how much? I believe the black fungus or wtf they call it is lithium from a fusion transmutation from 3H. But I am just a dump truck driver with MCS. Actually, solar power is my specialty and I still say it may charge your batteries for laptop operation, but will not power motors to a great or lesser extent.

            • Spectrometising

              hbjon, we are probably similar in interests and expertise.

              I am on solar and to power motors i changed any to 12-24 volts which is vastly more efficient than 240volt for motors under 1 horsepower.

              I converted my front loader by ripping out all the 240 wiring and replacing with 12-24 timing circuits and the drum was converted by adding a high quality wheel chair motor.

              I have a separate dedicated spinner which is not converted yet, but works fine with an inverter.

              I will never need to buy another front loading machine for the rest of my life.

              I can get all day operation from a single 60Watt panel.

              The fridge freezer uses 12-24 volt also and needs a 2 hundred watt panel for all day non stop operation. The refrigerant gas is isobutane (Similar to barbeque gas or LPG) This refrigerant gas remains possibly the most efficient and highly reliable refrigerant gas for fridges, air cons, freezers and is ozone friendly.

              We will never know how the other gasses became vogue, but a lot of these fridge freezers operating on Isobutane are for domestic use and come fro9m China.

              Recently purchased solar cells, (Not panels) and will assemble further panels later but purchased now in case corporate sponsored terrorists destroy more solar cell factories and they become extinct.

              I disagree. Solar is more than enough.

              I was off the grid for two years but only connected back up to do some welding. I will disconnect again when i get a petrol welder or more panels.

  • World Class Swimmer dies of Heart Attack in US

    PS its the cesium.

    Swimming world champ Dale Oen dies during training

    Published May 01, 2012 Associated Press Obit Alexander Dale O_Pata.jpg Aug. 10, 2010:

    In this file photo Norway's Alexander Dale Oen celebrates winning the gold medal in the Men's 100m breaststroke final at the Swimming European Championships in Budapest, Hungary. OSLO, Norway – Alexander Dale Oen, a world champion swimmer who was one of Norway's top medal hopes for the London Olympics, has died during training camp in Flagstaff, Ariz.

    He was 26. Federation President Per Rune Eknes said Dale Oen died after suffering a cardiac arrest.

    In a statement, the federation said the 100-meter breaststroke world champion was found collapsed on the floor of his bathroom late Monday. He was taken to the Flagstaff Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. Read more:


    • Bobby1

      Japanese swimmers reconsider altitude training

      TOKYO – The Japanese swimming federation is reconsidering plans to conduct altitude training following the death of Norwegian 100 meter breaststroke world champion Alexander Dale One.

      Dale Oen died Monday from cardiac arrest during a pre-Olympic training camp in Flagstaff, Arizona.

      Japan's federation was planning to send several London medal hopefuls to train at high altitude in June before the Olympics.

      Japanese federation official Koji Ueno said "under the circumstances, we can't send our athletes who feel uneasy about what has happened."

      The Norwegian team was holding a camp at elevation in Flagstaff before the Olympics, and the federation said the 26-year-old Dale Oen had gone through only a light training session on Monday. An autopsy on Dale Oen was performed Tuesday, but the results were not immediately released.


      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        Yes, it's much safer to train in a cardio-intensive sport in a highly radioactive environment. Let's just stay in Japan and avoid Arizona.

      • What-About-The-Kids

        The higher altitudes tend to get doused more by radiation (from wherever it may be derived). Flagstaff is at a higher elevation.

        Makes you wonder, doesn't it? Was it Fuku fallout or some "permissible levels" of death spewing from a nearer source like Arizona's Palo Verde NPP, the largest NPP in the U.S.?

  • snowwy snowwy

    no longer a developed country?

    no longer a country seems more descriptive of the current situation and its "fallout" (pardon the pun)


    coun·try   [kuhn-tree] noun, plural coun·tries, adjective
    a state or nation.
    the territory of a nation.
    the people of a district, state, or nation
    the land of one's birth or citizenship.
    rural districts, including farmland, parkland, and other sparsely populated areas, as opposed to cities or towns


    does not look good does it?

    • many moons

      In a few years or less, Japan may become a 3rd world country…3rd world relates to the capability a country has to feed it's population. If the food grown in Japan becomes unfit for consumption and so can not sustain it's population, Japan will be a third world country.

  • rooks rooks

    I live here and will put my two cents in. It may take Japan 40 years to collaspe or not. How the infrastructure in Japan is set up they have three major cities excluding Tokyo that are arteries of Japan on the front lines. In 20 years the city of Fukushima will still have an annual radiation dose from the atmosphere at 1mSv/yr. Tell me how they will overcome this without hiding the truth. Let's also acknowledge that the US will help with the non-disclosure. When history is written it will be told that nuclear "technology" brought down Japan just like it did with the USSR.

    • snowwy snowwy

      The truth cannot be hidden forever and this is what the issue is right now. Bits of information will seep through no matter what and the death and illness of many people as expected in Fukushima and wider area will be compelling evidence. The question is not as to how will the recovery of Japan happen without the truth, I think the question is, will there be a recovery despite the truth?
      I am no expert and I am no oracle but I am under the impression that wealth, growth and financial success is far too deeply interwoven with nuclear power. Sadly, this seems to be the case world wide and as such and with the safe knowledge that there is a world wide economic crisis already in full swing, i fear that neither Japan nor many other countries will actually be able to continue with the current system nor with nuclear power.

      • rooks rooks

        "Will there be recovery without the truth?". This is a question every journalist should learn to ask and follow up. Great question!

    • "When history is written it will be told that nuclear 'technology' brought down Japan just like it did with the USSR. " – rooks

      I would also say 'IF' history is written and who writes it.

      The world's nuclear Death Machines, whether its just a couple like Chernobyl and Fuku, or whole a bunch of old ones failing, it will be 'the straw that breaks the camel's back'.

      If I were writing future history it might start something like this:

      Many years ago bad, arrogant, greedy decisions where forced upon citizens who were trusting of their elected officials. Innocent people were coerced into believing lies. (i.e… radiation can be controlled, is safe and cheap: and that's just for starters)

      Even in the time of darkest despair and suffering those chosen to lead would remain silent. However, there were many who issued warnings like the Paul Revere's of their day. Heroes like, Busby, Caldicott, Collins, Gunderson, Whoopie and many more. (you know who you are) They did what they did with love in their hearts for ALL living things.

      I hope and pray the final chapter reads. …and they were successful in the pursuit of truth. Their efforts saved countless lives and helped insure the future of 'our' planet.

    • Sickputer

      Rooks sez.." In 20 years the city of Fukushima will still have an annual radiation dose from the atmosphere at 1mSv/yr."

      SP: Good point…it's likely to be a country severed in two by a huge middle Japan hot zone.

      Bullet trains flying through the dead zone without stopping and like the USS Ronald Reagan needing a soapy rinse at the destinations north and south.

      Good government jobs for the yakuza though.

      Speaking of scrubbing off plutonium (where the hell does it go when you scrube an invisible killer?) here's a blast from the past…the crew of the USS Reagan obeying orders after saturated in a MOX fuel plutonium and cesium blast from Unit 3:


      Love that disinformation from the PBS shills:
      (Capitals are mine to indicate their blatant lies)

      "Air operations aboard the USS Ronald Reagan were temporarily halted today so more than 300 crew members could clean the ship of POTENTIAL contamination from a radioactive plume"

      SP: Excuse me…they scrubbed for TEN DAYS! Not temporarily.

      "aircraft carrier was 100 miles from the Fukushima nuclear power plant when it encountered the low-level radiation plume emitted by the plant. The radiation levels were determined to be low enough to continue humanitarian operations aboard the ship, including serving as a floating refueling station for the Japan Self-Defense Force"

      SP: No…they turned tail and fled Japan!

  • 3C

    Operative word: Habitable (as oppossed to developed).
    When your people can't stay healthy, have children, provide food for the living, export your goods and become a menace to your neighbors the word "developed" does not even translate into your vocabulary. As things look now, I would reduce that time frame to months.

    • aSpadeisaSpade aSpadeisaSpade

      This is my take, as well. I am frankly surprised that this charade has continued as long as it has!

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    "the country’s most powerful business organization, says that by 2050, Japan will no longer be a developed country…"

    I'll wager by 2020 Japan will no longer be an inhabitable land mass. Neither will California, Oregon and Washington, British Columbia and large areas of Alaska, but I digress…..

    • SnorkY2K

      It looks more like March 31, 2015 is when a majority of Japan will be too radioactive to live in. Could someone help with a link to the quote of the japanese nuclear professor that made the prediction?

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      Won't take that long.

    • With much of Japan and it's products that will be irradiated I don't see it lasting a few more years and that is on it's savings, not on commercial/manufactured output, who wants rad goods sitting around them in other country's when it's already plaguing the air and water and soil ? Much has been disclosed to the contamination of manufactured goods being full of forms of radiation !
      Only hope is for Japans economic engine to move elsewhere and this dose not fair well for the working class in Japan, no income, no safe food receipt for extinction ! I seen adds asking for Japanese that speak other languages to go to other lands to get new business's going there !
      Sorry for the work forces of the Japanese people, a slow end is coming and health concerns will be there too !
      It's not going to be a pretty picture that has been painted by the greedy that have or can leave at will !

  • charlie3

    I agree, it will be uninhabitable. It is now, except for the short term.

    • Yes, we here have known this since the first days !

      : (

      We are can only stand by watching a horrifying slow moving train wreck !

  • Myme

    The irony of this article is that the Nippon Keidanren “the country’s most powerful business organization” has been THE leading force of the Japan Inc., in the nation’s economic and strategic policies as well as in politics, that has turned the country into the world’s nuclear red-light district and brought about the issues raised in this article, including the export-dependent economy, chauvinistic culture and weak labor law and is designed to undermine women’s participation in economy / power and treats generations of young workers like dispensable goods, the xenophobic attitude that prevents legal immigrants from real participation in society and breeds protectionism that undercuts the commercial contribution of foreign companies.

    Kendanren is as much culpable as TEPCO and JP Gov’t in the current and future fate of Japan. Both of their decisions are 100% economic driven, that is, the profits to their own pockets and members.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      They're all hypocrites. Just trying to 'save face', if that even means anything any more. Not to the dying Japanese, that's for sure.

      Somewhat OT: How's the health of the Japanese Royal Family? The Emperor seemed to be the only one in authority that gave a damn.

      The only person in authority in the entire world that gives a damn. I salute you, sir.

  • Myme

    I doubt needed change would happen soon enough just because the Kendanren issued reports on it. I’ve never heard of a Japanese politician who expressed a dissent to them.

    The Kendanren itself hates new blood and ideas, the majority of the board is made up with the CEOs and retired company heads who are over 60s. In fact, it was reported in the last board meeting, Keidanren opposed to closing of nuclear power plants in Japan, and they even refused to discuss alternative energy ideas.

    Coupled with a steady decline of the birthrate… Less and less Japanese women wanting to get married and raise children. Who can blame them? That is another serious issue. The Keidanren and JP politicians have been putting their heads in sand for a long time on this.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Might loose the whole country in short order if they don't figure a way to stop the radiation.

  • shiverca shiverca

    What a load of crap! They can use WIND POWER as 1 source as they're on the freaking OCEAN!

    Nuclear power use is nothing but GREED. And those Jackasses who caused this disaster won't pay up to the people who LINED THEIR POCKETS WITH CASH and are now dying in numbers!

  • The ad to the top right says it all !
    "Are you ready for the Zombie Apocalypse !"

  • Mothercares

    Ok, so here is the another elephant in the room. They must evacuate, where do they go. The U.S. is not a great place, unfortunately. No one wants to speak about it, so therefore I will. As Japan go's, so does the U.S. Unless, the necessary means are started and completed-that being complete encapsulation of the reactors of Japan. Again, there is no way to do that as well, to insure that it is really taken care of, without volunteers. Sorry, spelling is sloppy.