Yomiuri: 451 deaths “due to physical deterioration triggered by the disaster” — Number expected to increase dramatically — From “long-term fatigue and worsening of chronic diseases”

Published: November 18th, 2011 at 7:14 pm ET


Quake blamed for 451 later deaths, The Yomiuri Shimbun, Nov. 19, 2011:

In prefectures affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, including Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima, 451 people have been recognized by local municipalities as having died due to physical deterioration triggered by the disaster as of the end of October, it has been learned.

As municipal governments have finished examining less than half of the 1,184 applications for such recognition, the number of deaths recognized as resulting from the March 11 disaster is expected to increase dramatically.

These cases are different from deaths in which people were killed directly by the earthquake and tsunami, such as in the collapse of buildings. The later deaths are defined as being indirectly caused by long-term fatigue and worsening of chronic diseases under the stress of living as evacuees. […]

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Published: November 18th, 2011 at 7:14 pm ET


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69 comments to Yomiuri: 451 deaths “due to physical deterioration triggered by the disaster” — Number expected to increase dramatically — From “long-term fatigue and worsening of chronic diseases”

  • Anthony Anthony

    Fukushima ‘not obstacle’ to Japan business: PM

    Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda said Friday that the Fukushima nuclear disaster was no longer “an obstacle” to business in Japan.


  • Captain Quark Captain Kirk

    Japan is now exporting glow-in-the-dark nightlights that don’t require batteries or plugging in……..

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    we are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO screwed. There is NOTHING IMPORTANT on the front page!

    Just finished Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the US” 2010
    This, everything we’re witnessing…has been going on in the US since the beginning. I’ve never felt more ashamed…
    EVERY LEADER has been a corporate TOOL!
    WE ARE SO SCREWED. No fucking wonder the MSM is ignoring Fukushima. It means NOTHING…ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to those in power.
    Next up: WAR WITH IRAN

    Zinn’s closing QUOTE”
    “Behind every fact, presented to the world – by teacher, the writer, anyone – is a judgement. The judgement that has been made is that this fact is important.­..and that other facts, omitted, are not important.­”

    • I agree that Zinn’s work is excellent.

      Have you read Naomi Klein’s shock doctrine? We are living it now.

      Confessions of an economic hit man by John Perkins is also good.

      Even Arnie in his latest interview stated that the government of Japan has ranked the welfare of its people last.

      The US and Canada are following the same priority structure.

      • WindorSolarPlease

        Hi majia

        I agree wit you they are all putting the welfare of it’s people last.

        They have put us all in danger with Nuclear Power and drilling oil in our oceans.

    • Captain Quark Captain Kirk

      I have to disagree, next up WAR with China, the US has no way to pay back its debt and will default. US troops are being stationed at Pine Gap in the Northern Territory, Australia and other strategic places around Australiasia.

      Russia backs China, North Korea enters at a later date as an excuse to invade Japan. England backs the US after a while, most of Western Europe tries to stay neutral but ends up taking sides with England and the US. Australia looks on in bewilderment, global economy collapses. Eventually enough nuclear fallout to make Fukushima look like Christmas tree.

      My advice? enjoy the good times while you can, and stock up on food, alternative energies, and lots and I mean LOTS of guns and ammunition….. Enjoy your day!

      • Oh i thought war against Iran was first–though I think China and Russia might back Iran.

        Not sure survival in such a future is possible even with food and amno. How much food can one store?

        The biggest problem is water! The formula is 1 gallon per person per day (minimum) in AZ.

        We are headed off a cliff fast and 95% of the population is asleep still!

        • Captain Quark Captain Quark

          Iran? that’s been on the table now for ages, remember some years back the mass movement of military equipment and personnel for invasion into Iran that never happened? I’m not sure what the US did but Australia went underway. This never eventuated though, I think Iran placated the US back then. This is not to say it wont ever happen, just that small wars are costing the US more than they can afford…..

          I included water when I said food sorry, although a good solution would be excellent filtration. No matter how much you store, (unless you have an under ground aquifer like some friends of mine), it will never be enough.

        • James Tekton James Tekton

          No…90% of the population is already dead.

        • stock stock@hawaii.rr.com

          You need your own water supply, aka a well, with a purification system such as RO

        • WindorSolarPlease

          Hi majia,

          I agree with you again, Iran and Israel could easily get over heated. Russia, China, and others would probably side with Iran, all entering in a disastrous conflict.

          A conflict of this magnitude might be the last, as we all have dangerous weapons than ever before.

          China is buying our land, I believe they intend to be here. We owe them and they can’t be happy about that.
          Has anyone told them we are going to be over radiated with these layers of radiation coming towards us.

          I hope the Countries decide to strive for peace instead. I believe, peace is what the people around the world would rather have.

          I also agree eventually there could be a shortage of safe clean water.

          If I had to pick one thing that we need to survive, it would be water.

          I agree with James Tekton I believe our population will be less, I don’t know how less that will be.

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        Your right Capt Kirk. CHINA OWNS US They are buying up USA LAND as we speak. I love my life and will live it like always: UNDER THE DOME of my own little world. Love King. Was he a Prophet? Maybe.
        Tomorrow is another day.

        • Whoopie Whoopie

          Gas? Hell, we’ll all need WATER TO SURVIVE.

          • Yes and the contamination of the Cascades is a water nightmare for all of the west coast.

            I imagine the west side of the Rockies and Sierras were impacted also, though maybe not as badly as the Cascades.

            Funny though that the radnet data for Seattle has shown no spikes that I’ve seen as compared to California monitoring stations and those in AZ.

            My bet is some stations fudge ALL the data by simply lying about the numbers.

            Some stations don’t report at all.

            And some stations report most of the data but censor peaks (illustrated blatantly by straight lines)

            My guess is that the rationale for reporting any accurate data at all is so that when the cancer and circulatory diseases spike no one can accuse the EPA of not doing its job.

      • Misitu

        Aye, Aye, Captain Kirk
        who said …

        My advice? enjoy the good times while you can …

        To which I’d like to respond with some of my favourite Sitting Bull Quotations

        Look at me, see if I am poor, or my people either. The whites may get me at last, as you say, but I will have good times till then. You are fools to make yourselves slaves to a piece of fat bacon, some hard-tack, and a little sugar and coffee.

        You come here to tell us lies, but we don’t want to hear them. If we told you more, you would have paid no attention. That is all I have to say.

        I feel that my country has gotten a bad name, and I want it to have a good name; it used to have a good name; and I sit sometimes and wonder who it is that has given it a bad name.

        • Misitu

          Kind of in line with what I see as some of the ethics of this site. I hope I am not out of place in this thought.

          • arclight arclight

            I feel that my country has gotten a bad name, and I want it to have a good name; it used to have a good name


          • These accidents have happened before as I have be posting and always seem the same things are told and done, not just your country but many are in a sense co-conspirator’s in a cover for profit regardless to human suffering, present and future, lose of life, present and future, and destruction of homelands, present and future !

            In the end it’s the people who promote this human suffering, lose of life, and destruction of homelands, and no way to fix it, not the people told from the beginning their lives would be better !

            Blind Faith and trust left forsaking them in the dust of radioactivity and whoa !

        • Captain Quark Captain Quark

          Wise words. After I eat my pork pizza, finish my coffee with a little sugar in it, I can feel a little less righteous and a little more humble today.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Of course this ignores the fact that you generally get a much higher dose of radiation living near a coal power plant(abou­t 100 times higher) than you would from a nuclear plant. The answer isn’t to move away from nuclear… the answer is newer safer technology­(take your pick of gen 3/4 plants) rather than keeping the 30+year old plants we have now up and running.

  • Ron

    If I were writing a sci-fi story about this it might turn out that the best place to find human resources to fight the Fukushima disaster would be from those already presumed dead (i.e. Fukushima residents “killed” by the March 11 tsunami but which in fact survived).

    Round ’em up, hold ’em hostage and put ’em to work.

  • Anthony Anthony

    Protect yourself against internal radiation damage with calcium, selenium

    Monday, November 14, 2011 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer

    (NaturalNews) Though it has already been nearly a year since the tragic earthquake and tsunami ravaged the eastern coast of Japan, toxic radiation from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility is still a serious global health threat. But one powerful way you can continue to protect yourself from radiation

    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/034142_radiation_damage_protection.html#ixzz1e7hbmXBi

    • harengus_acidophilus

      What you say looks to me like: “poison yourself and you w’ont die on radiation.” Well, that’s true, but…


  • Human0815

    There are much more,
    in my Research i found more than 400 People who died
    because of the Evacuation in Futaba and surrounding Hospitals, Hospices and Retirement Houses!

  • Grace Grace

    The politicians actually know the truth of Fuku, I spoke with a councillor last night, he is a few tiers down the appalling hierarchy, yet he is responsible for disseminating policy, his name is Chris White, Hertfordshire – I could feel his knowledge – they honestly do think that people are stupid – bread and circuses………ashes and dust, I stress relieve by shouting truths at my local nuke power plant, “ask questions” be heard. Love and Light to you.

    • Misitu

      This matches the psychology I observed while serving in a local government office some while back.

      Global emergencies, like the bird/pig/housefly pandemic of influenza, are communicated from central to local government quicker than you can say “emergency bunker”.

      I am quite sure you are correct, Grace.

  • batista

    They know that things are bad and are trying to save themselves by allowing the population to live in quiet deadly ignorance…
    Actually they probably don’t all enjoy it. But they think it is there only valid way to self-preservation. It’s a gamble.
    Let’s see if there will be acknowledgement of the Pregnancy…

  • Steam event reactor 3 today. (current) < --- Thats why im posting here. 2011-11-19 23:50:20 Keep An eye on this reactor!!!