5.77 microsieverts per hour of radiation measured near Tokyo at ground level — Gov’t “is desperately trying to keep it quiet” (VIDEO)

Published: June 7th, 2011 at 3:58 am ET


Radiation check in Japan June7/11, , June 7, 2011:

[…] I am 135 miles / 220 Km south of Fukushima, on the outskirts of the Tokyo area. It is Tuesday, June 7th […] I just walk outside of my house and …. radiation. The air is not dangerous but the ground is. The radiation is much higher in low lying areas and the government here is desperately trying to keep it quiet.

See also: “A sign that a grave contamination is in progress in Tokyo” — 2,300 Bq/kg of radiation detected soil near plant in Koto Ward


h/t risabee

Published: June 7th, 2011 at 3:58 am ET


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40 comments to 5.77 microsieverts per hour of radiation measured near Tokyo at ground level — Gov’t “is desperately trying to keep it quiet” (VIDEO)

  • accumulation is going to get much much worse…

  • mff

    So much for keeping it quiet, well the tiger is out of the cage. What a tragic thing to “try to desperately keep quiet” Who do we get angry with first nuclear energy, then Tepco, then who…….

  • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

    Ummm, is that accumulation from atmospheric or is it coming up from the ground water? The guy had the dosimeter next to a manhole cover when it went nuts.

    • atmospheric.

      The man hole collects rain water…

      But if fukushima was in the ground water… then the runoff would almost directly fall into the ocean with only a radial spread of roughly 5km max… this is because of gravity. Hence the rain falls down everywhere…

      also if the fuel was touching down in ground water already… tepco would not be able to go anywhere near the site…

      This will happen eventually. for that you can be certain…

      • also if the radiation touches ground water the steam will completely eradicate everything… even remote controlled electronics… So the live feeds on camera would not comply when utilized. The images would be pixillated, and the cooling operations, would halt. This will lead all reactor’s into a complete state of fission…

  • BlackRain

    Radiation is harmful to the body … and to the human sprit.


    The first black rain to hit Japan since atomic bombs fell during WW II occurred this year at Spring Equinox when Japanese visit family graves to soothe their ancestors’ souls.

    Thanks to the new exclusion zones, many Japanese are forbidden to visit their ancestors’ graves, possibly forever.

    No compensation from TEPCO can mend the psycological damage and heartbreak that this crisis caused.

    TEPCO hasn’t bothered to apologize for black rain, but TEPCO has apologized to stock holders.


    • Novamind

      Tepco is so beyond broke, They liquadated stock to Japan. Japan will foot the bill as they see fit, as they now hold worthless shares of Tepco stock.
      It sure appears that Japan will soon be a country with mass fear, anger, and kaos. Evacuate Tokyo? And go where? South Japan? This is at best a temporary solution.

  • nomade

    Interesting. People in Tokyo were reporting a metallic taste in their mouths too.


    Everyone has been saying the wind blew the cloud out to sea but the wind map on this site shows it blowing towards Tokyo.

    Does anyone know which way the wind was actually blowing?

    And check out the radiation hotspots in the link at the bottom of the page showing regional radiation. Lots of radiation around Ibaraki prefecture. Isn’t that where they’ve banned green tea? (NB It looks like Ibaraki got more radiation that Fukushima itself but that was because the monitoring at Fuku was down)

  • matina matina

    Kagoshima Prefecture hits highest reading since accident 6 hours ago at 76 nGy/h
    Crowd-sourced realtime radiation monitoring in Japan on Pachube network

  • matina matina

    It is very important for people to learn how to make correct measurements and evaluations and learn how to protect and not contaminate measuring equipment. Therefor I am posting a link to invaluable tutorial videos from CRIIRAD
    which have been made especially for citizens to learn to evaluate the level of radioactivity of their environment and foodstuff and then further to learn how to evaluate exposition to ionizing radiation. Thank you CRIIRAD !


  • Lee Binder

    Thanks Grant for pulling all this information together, you’re really good!

    Does anybody know of the quality of the dp802i personal dosimeter from Yushi/ NTD, China (http://www.techndt.com/cp/cp_s­how73.asp) asuperdry is using? Can s.b. recommend a dosimeter which is affordable but does it’s job (provided that’s not an oxymoron ..)

    • Lee Binder

      hm? why’s above link not working? Another attempt: http://www.techndt.com/cp/cp_show73.asp

    • matina matina

      Lee have a look at the Presentation of EPD (Electronet Personal Dosimeter)
      This are the only people i would trust
      CRIIRAD IS THE Comission for Independent Reaserach and Information about Radiation, it is an NGO (non governmental organisation)based in France, created by citizens in 1986 after the Chernobyl accident because they realized the government is lying to them about the contamination. Their guidance and vigilance is irreplaceable. The purpose of their CRIIRAD videos is to help Japanese NGO and citizens to evaluate the level of radioactivity of their environment and foodstuff and learn how to make correct measurements without contaminating the equipment. You will realize that if not correctly done measurements can be misleading


      • Lee Binder

        thanks Matina for the link. I was aware of CRIIRAD but had not visited their site so far. I found the vast collection of well-done YouTube videos. The scientist says that the EPD is meant for definitely contaminated environment, measuring up from 1 µSv/h, vs. the Dp802i which starts at 0.01 µSv/h = 100 times more sensitive!

        asuperdry from YouTube replied this: “I think the best one is the Inspector Detector because it also reads alpha radiation”. I think he is referring to the ‘Inspector Radiation Detector’, so here are two searches, Google and metacrawler.

  • mjmcato

    Just to put that in perspective (and please correct me if this is wrong)
    5.7 micro sieverts per hour > 1 sievert in 3 months
    So if you lay down on a grate like that for 3 months, you’d receive enough of a dose to have a greater than 50% chance of dying shortly afterward. If a person did survive that, they would be an invalid and die after a short and miserable life. Of course, no one is going to be dumb enough to sleep on a drain grate in Japan right now!

    I noticed on the video poster’s meter that he was getting 0.1 micro sieverts as a minimum reading.
    At that “background” rate, one would pick up 88 milli sieverts in a year. A quick search of the web pulled up (correct me if I’m wrong) that a nuclear power worker in the USA is only allowed a maximum yearly dose of 20 milli sieverts per year. Obviously for a civilian to exceed that, its bad. Really bad.

    However, all that ignores the fact that there are fallout particles floating around on dust all over that area, and if any poor soul breaths in that stuff, or consumes it in food or drink, then all bets are off. Once a radioactive particle is in the body, then the radiation dose for cells around the particle is huge, as has been pointed out on Enenews many times before.

    All those hot particles are a gamble. No one who had a choice, and was told the truth would want to live where that guy was taking measurements. What that will do to Japan’s already low birth rate I dread to think. This still has the potential to end Japan as a nation. The wrong wind at the wrong time with no government warnings could send Japan’s population “growth” rate into free fall (Actually the birth rate was well below replacement even before the disaster) If this were to increase the rate of still birth, or cause significant extra deformity rates, it would be one more nail in Japan’s coffin. Of course there may be other reactors in trouble we are not being told about. If people report hot spots near another plant, it…

    • paulr421

      I believe your calculations are not correct.

      A background radiation level of 0.1 uSv/h calculates to 0.8 mSv for a one year period and NOT the 88 mSv you wrote about.

      This calculation is done by there being 8760 hours in a one year period. Multiple that by 0.1 uSv/h to get 876 uSv of total radiation exposure for 1 year. Divide that by 1000 to get a reading in mSv, ie: 0.8 mSv.

      Before the earthquake the legal limit for radiation exposure to the public is 1mSv per year, hence the 0.8mSv reading which is background radiation level is below this.

      What is significant though is the 5.77 uSv/h reading in the drain. If this level of radiation remained constant for 1 year period then this would have an exposure of [(8760*5.77)/1000] 50.54mSv which is far beyond the legal limits.

      Recently there was much outrage over the fact Japan increased the legal limit for the public to 20mSv per year.

  • Dew,fog and rain and wherever ever it settles !
    Even here !

  • nomade

    No idea where to post this but that live webcam isn’t live. It’s pitch dark and dusk is in 10 mins.

    Yesterday I noticed dawn arrived early too.

  • kx kx

    it’s the so called fallout feared since the 50’s.

    Fucking human irresponsibility, i’m a all science guy, but some stuff… we can not just pop around nuclear plants that can make large pieces of land sterile for humans and influence populations far away… go geothermal… convert then to geothermal

  • BlackRain


    5.77 microsieverts per hour = 1.5 milliseverts per day. (It gets worse. Keep reading.)

    The maximum acceptable dose for the public from any man-made facility is 1 millisievert per year. (It gets worse.)

    Over the span of one year, 5.77 microseverts per hour equals (roughly) 5 or 6 hundreds times the legally acceptable CIVILIZED dose of radiation. (And it might get worse.)

    • did anyone even read my paper…?
      Google: “can you bust this fukushima”

    • paulr421

      Your calculations are wrong.

      5.77 uSv/h is 0.1384 mSv/day, not 1.5 in your calculation.

    • BlackRain

      @ paulr421

      Thank you. Yes, the answer is 50 times the allowable dose, not 500 times (or 600 times).

      I was goofed by a factor of 10. (I did the math in my head like a fool. No more math for me at this site.)

      Below are the calculations I used
      To convert microsieverts per hour into sieverts per year, I used the following values:
      1 uSV = 1 microsievert =.000001 SV = .000001 sieverts
      .000001 SV X 5.77 uSV X 24 hours X 365 days = 0.05 SV = .05 sieverts per year
      (translation: one microsievert times 5.77 microsieverts per hour times 24 hours times 365 days equals .05 sieverts per year.)
      To convert sieverts per year into millisieverts per year, I used the values below:
      1 mSV =.001 SV
      0.05 SV divided by .001 SV (a millisievert) = 50 milisieverts
      (translation. .05 sieverts per year divided by .001 sieverts (which is a millisievert) equals 50 millisieverts per year.
      So, 5.77 microsieverts per hour equals 50 times the maximum allowable CIVILIZED dose per year, not 500 times (or 600 times) as I calculated in my head.
      My source for the values I used is posted below.

      To paulr421: I agree completely with your calculation.
      1 microsievert = .000001 SV
      1 millisievert = .001 Sv (.001/.000001 = 1000 microsieverts in a millisievert.)
      5.77 X 24/1000 = .13848
      I was off by a factor of 10. I calculated 1.38 millisieverts per day (which I rounded, all in my head, to 1.5 millisieverts per day).

  • AustralianCannonball

    The guy who made this video in this article contacted me about the reading so I asked him to go outside and he made a video. I’m glad that people can see what is happening in Tokyo. I’m glad this guy has spoken out. Here is the video I made even before I knew he went outside and made this video that turned viral!.


  • nomade

    I saw another video like that last week…even higher readings but wasn’t in Tokyo I don’t think.

    The highest radiation levels always seem to be around ditches and drains at ground level…ie where recent rainwater accumulates.

    It’s a pity those geiger counters can’t measure what isotopes they are.

    • matina matina






  • willow

    Come on, admin, this is clearly a mistake. It should be 5.77 NANOsieverts!

  • Iodine and Cesium detected in Tokyo
    March 15th, 2011

    Radiation near Tokyo 40 times normal levels
    March 14th, 2011

  • Radiation at 400 times normal levels 60+ MILES from Fukushima… nearby ANOTHER nuclear plant
    March 13th, 2011

    CNN reports winds are forecast to bring possible fallout towards Tokyo
    March 12th, 2011

  • The Geiger counter in the video is the DP802i. Found this above Japanese video showing the differences between the DP802 and two other counters:


    I also found this on another forum:

    The thing is, the dosage of beta vs gamma radiation from Cs-137 in particular is pretty much 50:50 (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Cs-137-decay.svg). If the radioactive material is distributed evenly across the ground, putting the counter in the ground should only result in a doubling of the Sv/hr. The fact that it shoots up so much means that either: a) The radioactive material is in tiny concentrated lumps that he has found, or b) The beta radiation function on his counter is not calibrated correctly. If no one else is detecting the same thing, then it’s probably b).

  • Also this guy named Steve has been taking readings all over the place from even before the quake on 3-11:


    Information on Steve:

    This is a daily measurement of atmospheric radiation levels in Tokyo. If the levels spike we will take hourly readings.

    μR/h = micro Roentgens per hour
    μS/h = micro Sieverts per hour

    You can also find my measurements on Twitter too: http://twitter.com/#!/TokyoRadLevels

    *Disclaimer: I’m not an expert in nuclear physics or nuclear medicine. Nuclear physics and the behaviour of radiation is a hobby and passion of mine. I’m using this page to give you direct readings from my Digilert 100 Geiger counter (calibrated to Cs-137) and Polymaster 1703M scintillator. I’ll share my knowledge and opinion but please make up your own mind and own decisions based on all the facts you gather from all sources. Never get all your information from only 1 source.

  • pg

    If this news gets out it will crash the US stock markets. Too many American companies need Japanese products to keep their product line moving. Investors will bail if they learn of this. If the stocks crash the dollar crashes (which is good for the people, bad for the crooks because they will leave when the printing presses are useless). This is proof that Japan is being forced to lie to its people by the UN. 150 miles in all direction from Fukushima (Diatchi and Daini) and Oganawa should be evacuated MINIMUM. These people are being murdered for the sake of corrupt scum running a printing press. This will only get worse. It needs to be called for what it is.

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    Aren’t ALL these detectors compromised, having now sat
    in the sea of swirling rads, for months in some cases?
    …and do you trust the manufacturing world to provide
    for you a really accurate, precise, guaranteed Device to
    count up your analytical Titanic Deck-Chairs?
    I mean really?
    so-called Background is forever changed and is changing
    every second this stuff spews forth from the Gaping Maw
    of this Abomination of Desolation….
    Those of us following the story since the beginning day
    of the FUKU Era know that they have lied about severity,
    intensity, integrity, toxicity, vulnerability, tragedy.
    I submit for your consideration that your Detectors are
    about as useless as teats on a Boarhogg, in time.