Nearly 5,000 nuke plant workers suffering internal radiation exposure after ‘visiting’ Fukushima — Local gov’t to consider testing residents

Published: May 22nd, 2011 at 2:14 pm ET


Nuclear plant workers suffer internal radiation exposure after visiting Fukushima, Mainichi, May 22, 2011:

The government has discovered thousands of cases of workers at nuclear power plants outside Fukushima Prefecture suffering from internal exposure to radiation after they visited the prefecture, the head of the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said. […]

The revelation has prompted local municipalities in Fukushima to consider checking residents’ internal exposure to radiation.

Nobuaki Terasaka, head of the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, told the House of Representatives Budget Committee on May 16 that there were a total of 4,956 cases of workers suffering from internal exposure to radiation at nuclear power plants in the country excluding the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant, and 4,766 of them involved workers originally from Fukushima who had visited the prefecture after the nuclear crisis. […]

But as of May 16, only about 1,400 workers have gone through checkups — roughly 20 percent of the total number of workers. And only 40 of the workers have had their test results confirmed. […]

Published: May 22nd, 2011 at 2:14 pm ET


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40 comments to Nearly 5,000 nuke plant workers suffering internal radiation exposure after ‘visiting’ Fukushima — Local gov’t to consider testing residents

  • Franky

    This is what happens when you have corporations in control of government.

    • this is in addition to the 3000 hopsital trips.

      8000 deaths <— ='s progress.
      Progress you still cant physically see with your own eyes…

    • BTW who is going to fix it when they are all dead?

    • U235P239

      As I’ve mentioned before … there will be other nuclear plants in trouble that we don’t even know about yet.
      This is Tepco’s way of covering their ass, when nuclear workers start dropping dead all over the country because they’ve “visited” Fuckushima.
      They make it sound like they organized sight seeing tours for all their nuclear workers to “visit” Fuckushima. Yeah right.

  • inode

    [cross posted to Global Cooperative]

    I poked around the server a little, and found a few things. I give simple directions to these below, but usually not URLs, to limit traffic: a stampede on the server and they might rope off even more.

    First, the zardoz server seems to have been around for a while, and to be neither Fukushima-specific nor radiation-specific. The ~flexpart folder (okay, it’s a UNIX directory), right off the root, has several subfolders, for assorted projects, dating back to 2006 (of course, they could have added bogus projects and manipulated file dates). In fact there is no folder here specifically for Fukushima data, which is consistent with it being a recent, ad hoc addition.

    Second, if you go to the flexpart_interactive folder under ~flexpart, and click Flexpart_custom.html, you get taken to a control panel (inoperative) for generating the types of plots we’ve been looking at, for eight data sets of which Fukushima is one. The control panel includes options for several plot parameters that may be set.

    I had wondered whether parameters we can’t deduce from the plots themselves might help explain differences between the “public” and “private” plots. Beyond the obvious parameters such as geographic region (featuring a slick map interface), date range, and isotope, you can set: Altitude (vs sea level or ground level, -1 for Total Column); Ageclass (e.g. 0-6 hrs, 0-5 days, all); and Nested Fields (no idea what this means). But I don’t see anything that looks both significant and unaccounted for on the plot legends.

    Finally, if you go to the forecasts folder under ~flexpart, then click the FLEXPART link (direct URL below), you can read a little about the “particle dispersion model,” and you can download the FLEXPART user guide (very technical) and source code (FORTRAN 77) if you’re really curious. FLEXPART “is being developed continuously,” so later versions may have additional parameters I didn’t cover.

    • No data specifically for Fukushima does not necessarily mean it is a recent ad hoc addition, rather the opposite.

      That is, they’ve been innocently testing all the time (since 2006? the page I have goes down to 2008):;O=D

      I’m wondering if the plots going to that folder is an automated process – in place for many years (since 2008?), i.e. like an automated backup program that dumps the files there, therefore not noticed even by regular workers, known only to the sysop?

      • inode

        NILU is the Norwegian Institute for Air Research – they were established in 1969 according to the website. They are currently involved in dozens of projects, a few radiation related but most not.

        I think it’s likely that the folder you linked to, with the Fuku plots, is rather a general-purpose output folder that the software is configured to use by default. Then specific sets of related output can be shuffled over to other locations as needed: for example the server cited in the globalcooperative article as the location of the “public” plots.

        That’s interesting that there are file dates before 11 March in the “private” folder, I hadn’t noticed that. Some spot checking suggests that the files from before 11 March are output from other projects (turns out the “C=M” part of the URL means sort by date, which is helpful). The earlier plots show latitudes and longitudes other than Japan’s, list targets such as “ash” and “BB-CO”, and show results in mass (mg and ug) rather than activity (Bq).

        In fact it looks like they did not get around to plotting Fuku data in that folder until 17-Mar-2011 15:50, after one run 44 minutes earlier that day for ash. This probably had something to do with getting their hands on the data in the proper format (something called “GRIB”).

        (We should bear in mind also that these are not live measurements. The timestamp on the file is the run date of the analysis, which takes static data from a database, and does a projection for a range of dates. The run date has no particular relationship to either the data collection dates or to the projection dates.)

        If you strip off the part of your URL that comes after ~flexpart in your browser address window, and hit enter (or, click “Parent Directory” at the top, then click it again in the next screen), you’ll see the folder I mentioned with the dedicated subfolders for other projects.

  • M

    Well, well what a pleasant surprise. -.-


    Can radiation from Japan reach the West Coast?

    NOTE TO READERS: I can only recommend that video for amusement purposes only – it should make you laugh, and then cry (since you know the real story).


    • Anthony

      Wow, really good packaging, unfortunately doesn’t seem in step completely with the reality. Even though he did concede (at the end of interview) he`d think differently if it deteriorated any worse. Well it HAS gotten worse and is well on the way to an absolute release.

    • fuckyoushima

      this is criminal.

      evil or stupidity, take your pick.

      you have nothing to worry about until in ten years you die from massive bleeding and infection secondary to leukemia from ingesting cesium-137 laiden berries and milk for many months in 2011 grown in california.

      despite ambient rad levels being much less than even a tsa scanner… the whole time.

      people do not understand radioactive particles, and the intellectual dishonesty that comes from likening them to an x ray machine is nauseating.

  • M

    Am I seeing things or are those flames inside the buildings?

  • M

    Looked like something orange. Maybe I’m just seeing things.

  • Lobo

    I think I see flames/fire in building 3 as well as building 4.

    In building 3: near the right side of the base of the large tower.

    In building 4: a little to the right of the corner pointing towards the camera, near ground level.

    They’ve been burning for some time now, too.

  • M

    Hmm looks like it but sun came to the rescue so can’t see so well anymore

    oh and is down, maybe it’s just a maintenance?

  • M

    oh nvm it’s up again.

  • ZombiePlanet

    Article states: […] consider checking residents […]

    Definition of the word “consider.”

    –verb (used with object)
    to think carefully about, especially in order to make a decision; contemplate; reflect on: He considered the cost before buying the new car.
    to regard as or deem to be: I consider the story improbable.
    to think, believe, or suppose: We consider his reply unsatisfactory.

    Well, we’ll chew it over and let ya know!

  • SteveMT

    Internal radiation levels means three means of entry: inhalation, ingestion, or absorption, probably in the order of frequency. Would you expect other countries to decrease their restrictions of food imports from Japan based of this report? Well, in an upside down world, the answer is yes.

    Wen to ease import restrictions
    Sunday, May 22, 2011 15:07 +0900 (JST)

    Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao says China will scale back its ban on imports of Japanese food and its requirement for radiation testing.

    Wen conveyed the plan to Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan when they met on Sunday on the sidelines of the summit of Japan, China, and South Korea.

    Kan called on China to ease restrictions on Japanese food imposed following the Fukushima nuclear accident.

  • mark V

    Breaking: terrorists attacked military base in Pakistan. Connecting the dots for me. Functional noncorrupt nuclear watchdog should have been created the same day nuclear technology was invented. Learning the hard way.

    • terraohio

      Interestingly, foreign policy experts were extremely concerned about Pakistan’s nukes in the hands of terrorists. Well, according to Dr. Helen Caldicott, to whom I am now listening, the terrorists are a joke compared to the destruction from nuclear weapons and nuclear disasters. Who are the rogue nations? The U.S. and Russia, states Caldicott.

      • Yes, we went looking for terrorists, and found out it that we are the terrorists.

        • Heart of the Rose

          YES..we are the terrorists..false flag= false victim op.

          • mark V

            I am not sure about false-flag. Some aspects suggest to me the attack could have been genuine. While I never was a big believer of the exsistence of OBL…

          • Heart of the Rose

            I thought… it was a more generalized statement… as to who actually brings more terror and violence onto the world and the US tops the list.

          • Heart of the Rose

            While Heart’s away Heart doth play.

          • mark V

            The amounts of not very nice people were really dangerously increasing lately in Pakistan. Were Pakistan nuclear-free country, it would be more their internal problem. And by the way I trust Obama, it’s probably some people sitting in other buildings who are not so peacefully minded, to blame for US’s perception as aggressive.

      • Jack

        It is pretty obvious that to refer to “Al Qaeda” as “Al CIAduh” is apt.
        This is manipulation like all the “terrorist” attacks.
        Mumbai was a false-flag, Other Foreign Power operation, and we have
        a really ridiculous Arms-Merchant’s Paradise today of a Rich, Israeli
        controlled INDIA, ready to eagerly go along with anything anti-muslim.

        • anne

          I think you need to study Muslim culture more. They conquered Spain to Indonesia. They defeated the crusaders. They kill Christian converts in Afghanistan. It is a militant religion, not anything like the Christianity Americans are used to. You could start by reading the Quran. Every Muslim is entitled to 4 wives. To divorce his wife a Muslim need only to say “I divorce you” 3 times. You need to study Shari’a Law. Don’t automatically think that every event is a false flag event. Try living in a Muslim country in poverty if you think it’s so great. They aren’t militant for nothing.

  • tony wilson

    Obama’s epoch-making 2009 speech in the Czech capital declaring that “the United States will take concrete steps toward a world without nuclear weapons.” : )

    anyone live in nevada,i bet your water is real sweet : )

    it turns out bush,liar blair and now filthy liar obama just love doing sub critical explosive testing.
    that’s where you take a little plutonium and a lot of conventional explosive and make it go bang.sometimes just 300 meters undeground.

    • 1111

      re. tony wilson and link to “sub-critical tests”

      it just never ends, what the hay does the test prove?? If ya blow something up – scatters stuff around ?? – but in the case plutonium – who would have guessed with out these tests ?? Don’t mean to sugarcoat it here but CLEARLY This is the work of the devil. When is enough nuclear destruction enough? Since it is sub-critical does that me its OK ?? Lord have mercy on these demon possessed biological units or whatever they are.

      Map will need updating :

  • Anthony

    Did Fukushima Kill the Nuclear Renaissance in the U.S.?
    Posted May 21, 2011 by Dan Yurman

    “The future of plans to build new reactors is not a case of black and white choices

    President Obama has resisted these panic attacks and the NRC has been conducting its own review of Fukushima issues for the U.S. fleet. Making sure the existing fleet operates safely has and will be the NRC’s continued focus. The NRC is also fully engaged in review of plans for the next generation of nuclear reactors.“

    • mothra

      The NRC was also fast-tracking re-licensing submissions far in advance of their due dates without credible safety review.

  • Zardoz

    Meanwhile, back on the title topic for this thread, here’s more essential “background” from a post on May 19 by Higgins –

  • Jack

    Yes Zardoz (by the way, is the Movie any good?)
    They must be doing some sinister, hush-hush hiding of dead bodies,
    probably a massive incinerator to make ash for cement out of bodies
    as well as sewage sludge. No “expose'” journalists in those refugee
    areas, hospitals with hidden cameras.
    It’s so seemingly hopeless, even with the much-expressed urging on
    to follow the Chernobyl Soviet Hero Sacrifce model. What are they going to accomplish in their 90-second workshift, only to be cooked to death?

  • Zardoz

    Movie was great, I really enjoyed being a giant floating head, extemporizing information. But like Zed told me at the time, “As far as that Hero Sacrifice Model goes, this variation would be much more efficient instead –

  • kx

    zardoz could be better, but you should watch it.

  • NorthBeam

    Why the SMOKE – stacks? Do they also burn oil or coal?

    The dirty secret is out: if no full blow ventilation, personnel would fall dead in minutes. In Chernobyl it took 2 minutes – all operators dead xcept one.

    All nuke Reactors produce Neutron radiation thousand miles – all around, every direction 24/7/365:
    NEW video

  • Dr.Stranglelove

    So, the darn stuff does get inside of people. I guess it’s not like dental x-rays or airplane flights after all.

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