98.6% of time, air contamination around Fukushima plant is not measured — TEPCO says it lacks qualified personnel to “change the filters”

Published: June 30th, 2011 at 10:19 am ET


Preliminary comments, CRIIRAD mission in Japan from May 24th to June 3rd, 2011:

[Emphasis Added]

[…] During TEPCO’s press conference of May 30th, the CRIIRAD laboratory manager, Mr Chareyron, asked a TEPCO representative about the air contamination monitoring procedure in the vicinity of Fukushima Daiichi. TEPCO explained that there was only one monitoring station, located at the western gate, but stated that the device is used only about 20 minutes each day. This means that during the remaining 98,6 % of the time, the contamination of the air around the plant is not measured. The CRIIRAD wondered how it is be possible when a small NGO such as the CRIIRAD is able to run 5 air monitoring stations in France, that TEPCO could not afford one. TEPCO replied that it was not a money issue but a lack of personnel qualified to change the filters of the instruments.

In the same building belonging to the Fukushima prefecture, the CRIIRAD met with an officer in charge of emergency situations. The CRIIRAD asked about the type of measurement that was implemented to detect early increases of air contamination. The officer said that the air dose monitor located in Fukushima city was no longer operational due to contamination by the accident and that a network of air samplers were measuring air contamination in the vicinity of the nuclear plant. He explained that these devices are not automatically operated but instead manually operated by people who have to physically go there and change the filters. Unfortunately, this is done in such a way, that the measurements are done only during 15 to 20 minutes each day. […]

Published: June 30th, 2011 at 10:19 am ET


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22 comments to 98.6% of time, air contamination around Fukushima plant is not measured — TEPCO says it lacks qualified personnel to “change the filters”

  • Look at my new article published today. NHK has confirmed all we were speculating about. They are using cranes to remove debris from reactor buildings. Thing is NHK reported that on 28.6. and we have first recorded the same crane on 21.6. One week is a huge difference, especially with all that smoke we were reporting about…


  • CaliMom

    It’s like watching a rerun of The Benny Hill Show over there! What a bunch of buffoons!

    • Steven Steven

      It does seem strange how they respond so flatly to this question of monitoring. Perhaps their frequent close proximity to the radiation source has created a measure of indifference to the risks.

      • Misitu

        To read that the “air dose monitor located in Fukushima city was no longer operational due to contamination by the accident” horrified me.

        They REALLY DO NOT CARE at all.

        That is the only possible conclusion, pretty it up with “bottom line” sentiments yes or no, they just do not care. Maybe the whole honourable Japanese culture is based on Do Not Care.

        Maybe they stopped caring in 1945.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    How many Tepco Officials does it take to change a lightbulb?­!? I mean really…i­t takes QUALIFIED people to change filters?!?

  • jonjon

    This attitude from TEPCO demonstrates one thing: They couldn’t care less about anything except the bottom line. If there’s no return on investment why do it? This is the nature of all enterprises and capitalism. Now if this story can damage their reputation and their stock price they will quickly try to reverse the situation by doing a press conference about their monitoring efforts. But that won’t happen unless it’s in the government and nuclear power plants best interests. Isn’t it similar to aviation safety? If the cost of a fatal accident is superior to the cost required to avoid accidents, then less security and occasional crashes is favored.

  • The Financial Post is saying that memories of the disaster are fading!


    Actually, it seems like they’re trying to bring the price of Uranium up.

  • Hot Tuna Hot Tuna

    This is definitely a serious crime against humanity. Why is the government not monitoring 24/7 since TEPCO won’t do it? Instead they leave it up to regular helpless people with Geiger counters at the other end of the death clouds. Unbelievable.

  • leopard_colony

    OMG! Translation: We (TEPCO) don’t care and don’t want to know. Tough luck everyone down wind.

    Check out the radiation groups on yahoo and you will find amateurs with better setups! What is so hard about buying an off the shelf device that monitors the radiation as the air goes through the filter!? Which is standard, BTW. Apparently they have to move the filter to the probe.

    For that matter they can stick a Geiger probe up in the air, set the alarm function. I have a SV500 surplus military Geiger counter that does that, for $200. It runs off batteries or 24V DC. Has adjustable alarm trip level with external contacts to drive a siren etc.

    Do they have any idea how stupid/arrogant/careless/cold they are? I hope American lawyers use this as proof that they are covering up knowledge that they are killing people. TEPCO management should be charged with crimes against humanity, extradited, tried, and imprisoned.

  • leopard_colony

    This is a great expose about the intentional disregard for everyone down wind. Which includes the US and Canada most of the time, Japan sometimes. The Japanese are not making any friends here. With the internet this can not be covered up!

  • StillJill StillJill

    That’s our hope, and some of us our prayer, leopard_colony. Many here have been somewhat patiently waiting for almoost 4 months now, to have the truth get all the way out, yes? If we all post links, email friends, call our representatives, etc,….we can do further erosion to their cover-up! 🙂

    These are some of the most concentration/ compacted highest deadly radiation !
    I would think they are having problems finding willing people to die from over radiation exposure changing and handling these filters !
    And I am sure that others there know of some that already died horrible deaths even though not reported to outside sources !

  • Hot Tuna Hot Tuna

    There getting caught up in all their lies as well. When they opened up the doors to R2 to ‘let the humidity out’ about a week ago, they were asked how come the FUK monitors showed no change in radiation at the time, where towns 20k away measured big spikes. Their lame excuse, which was revealing in itself, was that they ‘forgot to change measuring points’. I can provide links if you like.

  • tony wilson

    it makes sense..
    since the 1960s the jap mafia the Yakuza have been running hire teams security etc.
    taking homeless people getting them to clean out reactors.paying them some money then dumping back on the streets of tokyo.
    where they can die of natural causes at some point in the future.
    this hoodlum killer mindset works very well with the plc corporate affairs.
    i really believe the information containment is so good and strong that we will not see any shift here.
    a friend of mine is in tokyo and he has given up talking about it.
    denial..denial..denial of the people.
    tepco if we clean up and burn or hide the mess the danger goes away that is the mantra.
    they must be feeling a lot less pressure.
    as i said before.
    folks boycott jap products.
    as much as you can stop giving megacorps your money.
    take any savings you have away from the massive banks.

  • AustralianCannonball

    I actually submitted that report to ENENEWS. I was going to post it but I’d rather see if they can use stuff like this first. If you haven’t read the document it is 17 pages and it is quite revealing. I’m looking forward to seeing their next more comprehensive report. If any of you feel like me you want to give up. Yes I have given up videos for now but I’m amazed how much I can still achieve with a lower profile. From that report I dont understand how that new guy and I cant recall his name at the moment plans to shrink the evacuation zone!. If anything this report justifies why I call it genocide or neglicide what is happening over there. Sometimes I hope to be proven wrong so I can pull all my videos down but I think we are past that point. This is beyond serious. We need to push ourselves to stay on the case. Spread the information around. We are only separated by 6 degrees of separation at most so the internet and social media is the way to reveal the truth. In Chernobyl this technology was not available. Now it is.

  • AustralianCannonball

    Also I was censored by the “Tokyo Radiation Levels” facebook page a while ago. Drop in and pay them a visit if you get time. I went in hard which was probably my mistake but start out easy and gradually throw them the hard questions. You may last a week before they censor you too!. Its lucky we have ENENEWS.

    And about that facebook page you should have the right to ask questions without being censored. When it looks like they may censor you leave “regards from AustralianCannonball!”