Japan Professor: ‘Really shocked’ they found contaminated fish by U.S. coast — Urgent situation to get samples, but stopped by Customs — They need to understand just how critical this is (VIDEO)

U.S. Gov’t-funded Study: West Coast and Hawaii residents are Fukushima downwinders — Effects of this radiation exposure expected to be ‘beneficial’

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Chinese official calls Chiba Port an “area with high radiation risk”

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Warned: Race competitors told not to bring personal food to Japan — Many teams wanted to — Told do not pack food in luggage

Green tea with over 1,000 Bq/kg of cesium found in Paris

Tester finds radioactivity levels up to 50 times maximum limit on container from Japan at Dutch port — “Could be dangerous”

Dutch find radioactivity in container from Japan, AFP, May 6, 2011

Chile finds radiation in Korean cars — Tests show up to a level 5 on radioactive index, level 9 needed for alert