Watch: Fukushima worker films at plant — I was asked to fake documents — Underage people employed (VIDEO)

Panel: Nuke plant operator behind fake email campaign also destroyed documents sought by investigators about public support for MOX fuel

Faked: Japan nuke company caught using employees to ask questions during televised hearing — Told to impersonate private citizens who want reactors restarted

New radiation spikes detected in multiple countries — Mystery deepens as officials work to triangulate source — Nuclear Expert: “It is serious… likely means a continuing release still going on”

Bizarre mutated animal found near US nuclear site — CNN: It can only be described as monstrous — Fully-formed teeth and extra jaw growing out of head — Scientists “mystified… stunned… puzzled” by extremely rare deformity — Official: “We haven’t seen anything like this” (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

Japan Correspondent: It’s very scary, officials trying to brainwash public about Fukushima crisis — Professor: We’re wrapping our heads more and more around Fukushima’s legacy… human impact becoming more clear… that’s a very big and serious issue here — “Virtually no public support for nuclear power” (AUDIO)

OT: New Snowden docs reveal gov’t agents “attempting to manipulate & control online discourse with… deception & reputation-destruction” — “Deliberately spreading lies on internet” — Using “‘false flag operations’ & emails to people’s families, friends” (GRAPHICS)

“Too Absurd”: Fukushima Nuclear Worker Filmed at Plant for Two Months over Summer (VIDEO)

Reports: Fukushima women losing their hair — Resemblance to chemotherapy? (PHOTOS)

Japan reactor goes into automatic shutdown after cooling problem — “No reports of fire or smoke” — Plant at center of recent scandal to manipulate public opinion

CBS: Nuclear workers “terrified to come forward” — Whistleblower won’t appear on TV fearing retaliation by NRC (VIDEO)