ABC Los Angeles: Expert confirms radioactive water on way to West Coast and arriving in next few months; Will we really be told if it’s dangerous? — Journalist in Japan: Lethal contamination is gushing out, endangering millions and wreaking havoc on ocean (VIDEO)

Published: November 8th, 2013 at 2:35 pm ET


ABC Los Angeles, Nov. 7, 2013: Fukushima: In-depth look at potential fallout […] The Fukushima nuclear power plant continues to spew radiation. It’s 5,300 miles from Los Angeles — and still not far enough. […] Nuclear Engineer Dr. Arjun Makhijani, president of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, confirmed that ocean currents are carrying the radioactive water to the West Coast. “There are several hundred tons of radioactive water that are pouring into the ocean at the site every day,” Makhijani said. According to a study published in the Journal Deep Sea Research 1, it will begin arriving this March. But Makhijani says there’s no need to panic. The radiation will be diluted, and levels found on the West Coast are very low and not considered dangerous… so far. But the question is, will we really know? “I think we should be doing a better monitoring of food. I don’t think the EPA and FDA are doing a good enough job,” Makhijani said. […]

Susie Taylor for Ms. Magazine, Nov. 5, 2013: […] I was standing in the middle of the road adjusting my camera in view of the Daichii reactor No. 2 when my friend Sonny delivered the news. International wires were buzzing with talk of Fukushima as the Japanese government revealed knowledge of a disaster far worse than imagined: 300 tons of contaminated water were surging into the Pacific Ocean every day since the tsunami broke land more than two and half years ago. I replied with a speechless stare and returned to what I was doing. […] [Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s] administration negligently concealed information concerning the fallout of Fukushima, while continuing to endanger millions of lives as strontium-90, cesium-137 and radioiodine I-131 wreak havoc in the world’s oceans. […] Standing in the midst of Fukushima’s fallout on that hot day in July, I had a visceral sense of the trouble at hand. Though assigned to produce a video for TIME with my partner, I couldn’t focus on work. Tears surfaced as I thought of the deserted towns we passed […] Then I looked out to sea. Somewhere beneath the shoreline, lethal radioactive water was gushing outward […]

Watch ABC’s broadcast here

Published: November 8th, 2013 at 2:35 pm ET


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85 comments to ABC Los Angeles: Expert confirms radioactive water on way to West Coast and arriving in next few months; Will we really be told if it’s dangerous? — Journalist in Japan: Lethal contamination is gushing out, endangering millions and wreaking havoc on ocean (VIDEO)

  • Oncewaslost Oncewaslost

    ITs puzzling how they continue on with experts and all this talk about "its coming" to the west coast.

    What may be coming is a profoundly more concentrated endless dose washing up on shores as the accumulation of near three years worth becomes impossible to ignore.

    But to suggest it has yet to arrive is a twisted and sick deception.

    • lovE lovE

      What if all this ionizing radiation can come out of the water like some GODZILLIA once it reaches the shores of North America…

      Scientific studies from the United Kingdom and Europe show that sea water infused with radiation of the sort spewing out of Fukushima can travel inland from the coast up to 300 kilometers inland. A 62-page UK study released in December 2011 found that sea spray and marine aerosols created from bubbles forming and popping when the sea is choppy or waves break have increased concentrations of radioactive “actinides.” Actinides are chemically alike radioactive metallic elements and include uranium and plutonium. One actinide infused the spray with a 812 times greater concentration of Americium-241 than normal amounts of Am-241 in ambient seawater. The report cited information that sea-spray-blown cesium 137 was found 200 kilometers from the discharge source in the New Hebrides islands in northern Scotland.

    • digitalaardvarks digitalaardvarks

      it's coming and it's safe so don't worry, be happy

    • We Not They Finally

      Oh well what you dont know cant hurt you?Or is it lets not let the lobsters know they are cooking….Other possibilities we dont want a panic when the population learns it has no hope….Remind you of hitlers Germany you betcha

  • Canuck1

    If they told us the truth the entire economy would collapse. Since California is the 6th largest economy in the world can you imagine them leaving, bumper to bumper? Much easier for them to eliminate the truth so they can perish with disease and cancer…quietly and in wonderment.

    • Oncewaslost Oncewaslost

      absolutely good for both the GDP and the economy.

    • own_quality

      The entire economy will collapse when the massive radioactive debris and highly radioactive water begin washing ashore. The West Coast hasn't seen the worst of this yet… not by a longshot. By this time next year, you'll see that a mass exodus from the coast has begun. I just hope the California sheep herds don't come to Colorado. Go to NY. You'll feel right at home there – except the weather sucks. Maybe Feinstein will get cancer and die.

      • plankton_oxygen plankton_oxygen

        Ha. Telling Californians not to migrate to avoid pollution. Real helpful and thoughtful. How about some real solution other than stereotyping? Yea it's funny until your family is affected. The sense of humor on this website is getting really sickening. I don't like how people are not trying to help each other but kicking people when they are down. You are more disgusting than the TEPCO executives.

    • Ana Ana

      I live here in California. Thanks for your kindness and empathy. I also want to remind you that most of the radiation comes down and has come down via rain from atmospheric distribution by way of the jet stream. There are hot spots all across the country. Laugh at the west coast if you like but you must realize that the entire continent of N. America has been hosed with radiation for years now by way or snow and rain. Including Colorado. Enjoy your skiing.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Its wonderful and more is on the way! 🙁

  • Alpha1

    They Lie look at the truth:::

    Read… do research into the letter… but it backs up what you have been saying. I am so excited we will be able to move on creating ways to clean this mess up or at least protect us going forward. Hopefully we can find away to preserve nature and the other innocent creatures.

    • Oncewaslost Oncewaslost

      This Hatrick Penry stuff, is bizarre. Its more of the Alex Jones style of controlled opposition, they have made an industry out of it in the US. IF only Americans realized how goofy these people make them look, unfortunately it is the populist politics of the Koch fueled Republican party and they will likely take power soon. Which is a frightening prospect….. anywho…

      They have already addressed the SFP 4 FOIA commentary of the NRC.

      It was a bunch of hacks stabbing at data in the dark.

      Regardless, the truth will never be known. However, we do know that the NRC modelled a plume hitting the west coast the same time Obama held a rose garden press conference saying no such threat exists. The NRC chair JAscko, knew of teh modelling and the threat, most of which is based on reactor three, as it blew larger than any of the others.

      The cover up has ensued ever since and the whole focus has been put one the one reactor that blew that was NOT operating…. lol

      The gullibility of people is stunning.

      See details here when the real plume gate was broken.

      I know conspiracies are much more exciting, but this thread shows how ENENEWSERS crowd sourced a story of great importance and laid out very detail proven, documented and indisputable… that is the real…

    • We Not They Finally

      Look God created the earth and the Devil is destroying it…Obviously radiation and the nuclear industries and those who profit from nuclear energy are the DEVIL.Possibly intelligent life all over the UNIVERSE do not want us to survive probably cause our demonic actions threaten all life in this universe.

    • plankton_oxygen plankton_oxygen

      well, EVERY SINGLE RAIN DROP is contaminated with Fukushima radiation, so I don't know about "preserving" nature. I am most worried about the phytoplankton and zooplankton dying off and depleting the oxygen so everything on the planet suffocates. The highest oxygen output through photosynthesis other than Phytoplankton and Zooplankton is – GUESS WHAT??!@?! – CANNABIS!!!! GROW CANNABIS ALL OVER THE WORLD AS PLANKTON ARE BEING KILLED!! WE ARE ALL GOING TO SUFFOCATE BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE HAPPENS TO MUTATE US.. Photosynthesis = vital for human existence = grow cannabis = plankton are being mass killed in pacific ocean =

  • Alpha1

    Will be excited to get the largest class action suit in the world going for crimes against humanity with our gov, japan, and the us along with EPA and everyone else we can pin anything on like the media.

    Lets get it started!!!!

    • We Not They Finally

      You seem to be an outlandishly naïve person who hasn't a clue what you are up against. But since you seem to have a lot of energy and enthusiasm, what would be helpful is local organizing like teach-ins and protests. Go out and educate people! Also better educate yourself. It's not a fairy tale. There is no happy ending. There is no American Dream. There is no more Japan. By and by, there is no more Pacific Ocean. But if you can swallow all that hard, you might effectively EDUCATE people. Good luck!

      • flatsville

        You are naive if you think legal action accomplishes nothing. It can stop a nuke project cold or delay it long enough to make it financially unfeasable.

        Educating people is essential. However, if you are not prepared to take legal action, ALL you have done is educate people to better understand how they are being poisioned.

        You seem to think that it will somehow tranfer into action?…Not without a legal and lobbying plan.

        "Educating" people allows many to post to internet and actually believe they are doing something when not screaming "HYDROVOLCANIC EXPLOSION!!!"

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          You are our last hope and you need to step up your game and contact thousand of lawyers world wide and yes then have a meeting and then get it done…shut them (NPP's) all down quickly.

          What have you been waiting for?

  • Alpha1

    This stems into the murder of even future generations to come we need to turn off the power plant like this and any nuke world wide!!!

  • Hot and Bothered Hot and Bothered

    The coast is toast.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Several people I know have sick pets, dogs and cats with cancer tumors and leukemia. And several people I know have been getting ill and/or dying off lately. This is from the bottom of California up to Washington coast areas. It's creepy, to say the least.

    • We Not They Finally

      Yes. Also check out the National Cancer Institute's (that's an arm of the NIH) proposal that we are "over-diagnosing" cancer. That the word "cancer" should be reserved for terminal cases, and everyone else just has some kind of "growth." They are also trying to re-define infant mortality, lest anyone thinks that rising rates might come to public notice.

      Someone posted a link for that, but I'm sure that it can be googled. They want the stats to NOT REFLECT REALITY. So we actually NEED tons of so-called "anecdotal" evidence. Keep talking about it.

      Most people will just get a devastating diagnosis in the privacy of some doctor's office, and feel isolated and afraid. People need to keep talking, and to organize — teach-ins, protests, support groups, anything.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    Don't worry , be happy and smile and you will be safe. Besides your pres Obunghole promised that we had nothing to worry about, so surely we are in no danger right? 🙂 He wouldn't lie about something so colossal would he? Naa, not the great allah of Kenya! And surely he wouldn't leave 70,000 sailors and marines of the Pacific fleet during operation Tomodachi in the direct path of the massive fallout plume of fukushima for over a month would he???????? Whats that? His family was shipped to Brazil while the worst of the fallout was landing all over the US? Must have been a coincidence………………………………………….

    • own_quality

      Yes, he shipped his family off to the southern hemisphere for safety while I took my newborn daughter and 8 year old son to San Diego on vacation based solely on his assurance of safety. I had decided not to go before he spoke, but changed my mind after his reassurance. Now my daughter is 3 and only 33" tall. I still can't believe that I trusted him. I hope that scumbag liar and his worthless white shadow both die of the most horrible cancer imaginable.

      • bo bo

        That. Makes. Me. Furious.
        I am so sorry about your daughter, own _quality

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        They all lie…and its all legal! 🙁

      • Au Au

        own-quality, I am also sorry about your daughter. It just makes my blood boil.

      • own_quality

        Thanks for the thoughts. She is otherwise developing normally – in fact she is very smart and active. We were in San Diego March 28th through April 2, 2011. From my research that was when the worst (to date) hit and San Diego had some of the highest readings on the coast. My wife is in denial and refuses to allow her to be tested for thyroid function – which the doctor is recommending.

        • digitalaardvarks digitalaardvarks

          i have thyroid disease, guess i shouldn't even visit. my favorite place in the world. it's best she be tested.

        • We Not They Finally

          own_quality, very sorry about your distress. Husband had a damaged thyroid, so takes regular tests. It's just a blood test. VERY easy to do. And he uses a fabulous product called Iodoral (available at compounding pharmacies, not regular ones) which brought his thyroid readings up to normal. Have no what dosage would be safe for children, but there has to be something if it's an issue.

          It's a simple blood test. You need to protect your little girl. Just tell your wife it's a simple non-invasive blood test. It's NOT a test for malignancy. It just says whether the thyroid hormone has to be working harder because the thyroid function is weaker.

      • digitalaardvarks digitalaardvarks

        canceled plans to go back to calif. this year where my daughter is, called a bad mother because i don't want to die. how much do you tell a 20 yr old to try to get them out of there?

      • We Not They Finally

        Ive been angry since by grace i received an e-mail as the plume was beginning to come to the USA of what the Plume would look like as it hits north America right after the start of the Fukeshima disaster both my wife and I saw the plume in color and said it cant possibly be that bad. It was much worse…..Im so sorry WE werent warned as Germany England France and many other Countries were warned by their governments…

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    It really grinds my gears when a so called expert claims that radiation becomes diluted in water. Charged isotopes at a quantum level have no ability to "dilute". Who taught these people Physical Chemistry? Dilution is a term used in fluid dynamics not in quantum charged particle states. Neils Borr is rolling in his grave when these so called experts say his precious quantum model can be "diluted". Shame on the liars who propagate nuclear industry misinformation.

    • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

      Well said Grampybone, couldn't agree with you more!

    • digitalaardvarks digitalaardvarks

      diluted and even if it's not it's safe, it won't harm you

    • Patrick-Henry Patrick-Henry

      Exactly…you cannot dilute radioactive material…completely impossible. I wonder where the hell they came up with that anyway…no basis in fact at all…

      • Grampybone Grampybone

        If by dilution you mean 10 to the 10th of the 10th possibly repeating powers for a single decay of 1 isotope of a Xenon cluster? No no they measure at the micro atomic scale when it's convenient, and at the macro when it suits them better. Changing the spectrum and some basic scaling to fit your needs does not agree with Borr and does not agree with reality. Because science is too hard for the people in political office, it was decided that self governance within the industry itself would be the best policy. It was working, until that pesky triple meltdown happened dag nab it.

  • Alpha1

    Grampy, well said miss radiation nation…

  • Socrates

    In several years, the Cesium 137 will be increasing on the west Coast, according to modeling of currents. A maximum will be reached in about ten years.

    West Coast real estate will go down in value as being damaged goods. I call it "nuclear stigma" real estate.

    Cesium is a muscle-seeking radionuclide. The heart is a muscle with conduction nodes. The uptake affects the heart as we know from "Chernobyl heart." Unfortunately, vodka has not be shown to be protective. The beach will also have buckyballs of uranium atoms surrounded by tera-hedral arrangements of carbon atoms due to the sea water that was used to cool rods. We know the sea foam carries radionuclides into Wales and elsewhere from the Irish Sea from Sellafield.

    The jet stream will bring more aerosolized particles, too.

    Absolutely the world economy could collapse under all these meltdowns. SONGS was shut down in part due to real estate stigma. Ironically, the idea that their children did not seem to concern San Clements City Council members when I presented the California Nuclear Safety Study proposal to the Council. Now we have Fukushima radiation on top of SONGS radiation.

    The "decision-makers" give lip service to protecting children. They do care about expensive real estate prices on the beach, not to remind of the movie of that name.

    May God help us all!

  • Bird Bird

    Hard to wrap one's head around. America is calm before the rapidly approaching nuclear s#!tstorm… Aw, man. I wish I could live underground for a while when the panic gets going in America. Not gonna be pretty if you ask me. SIGH. This all sux.

  • bozzy54

    Finally main stream media in Los angeles (7) "thanks to enenews" aired a 60 second segment concerning Fukushima and the contamination of our oceans WTH did he think he was doing ? Don't mention reactors 1,2 and 3 corium burning thought the earth or maybe tepco has started to remove the spent fuel rods in reactor 4.
    What about the massive die off of creatures up n down the west coast, what about the people from Mexico to Alaska suffering from the fall out on march 14 2011. Then I watch Han cock in the No.4 reactor building reporting and claiming she was inside and that tepco was ready to start!! Removing fuel rods. Cesium may dilute If they can stop the corium's from flushing radioactive material and water into the ocean. (NOT) 🙂 WTHM if they tell me that I'm dead I'm not going to believe them. OMG pandora broadcast was wrapped around my head and sqeezed it like a grape WTHM!!! Complete nonsense from them all. WTF are we going to do! The country is bankrupt from borrowing money, very limited jobs, healthcare canceled and now nuked.
    All fing lying thefts to the core.

    • alasanon

      "Complete nonsense from them all. WTF are we going to do! The country is bankrupt from borrowing money, very limited jobs, healthcare canceled and now nuked."

      I hear you there!… I live near D.C. and the tension in recent months has been palpable. And it seems like a lot of those people who were shaky to begin with are now going off the deep end?… Is it just me or does it seem like there are a lot of beggars?…

      I tend to turn to religious faith, as the magnitude is over my head. At the same time, I think we have to face the reality of this–we're here to witness!

  • CB CB

    I'm thankful ABC got off it's ass and warned the sheeple of the supposedly coming doom, not the here and now of our sinking ship.

  • Sam

    Most of the radioactive stuff will go up the food chain ending up as concentrated doses in shark fin soup.


    Where is the discussion on radiation elimination? There is NO DANGER FROM RADIATION if we transmute it with PROVEN METHODS.

    There is no reason for the Fukushima FEAR-PORN.

    Here's the link FOR REMEDY.

    There is no excuse to for IGNORANCE. To ignore FACT IS INSANE behaviour.

    I'm NOT judging – I am nescient (no knowledge) – I just want LIFE – for you, me, our children, Earth…

    Note the use of the TORUS for eliminating radiation. Phi Mod9 Vortex Based Math = CORRECT MATH FOR THE TORUS.

    Free energy = NO MONEY. Are we ready for FUN?

    I am.

    Correct math FOR STRENGTH – FOR YOU.

    May Peace Prevail on Earth

    • Patrick-Henry Patrick-Henry

      Nice schematics…do they actually work?

      If they do, let's get on with it…

      The "Fukushima FEAR-PORN" comment is way off though.

      Billions of gallons of highly radioactive water have spewed and are spewing into the ocean. The ecosystem as we know it is gone.

      That's the truth. It ain't Fear-Porn to point it out.

      • We Not They Finally

        Its not fear porn. its wisdom to know what we all face its wisdom to find a way to deal with it. its wisdom to face our fates after doing everything to solve this massive problem……The Ocean is our mother and if mother truly dies then so of course do you and I…So if forces that are so intelligent that we stand as insects to them have a knowledge that can reverse our fears then somehow let them know we need their help…..What we breath, homeostasis that deals with the balance of cellular life all the way to the priciples of the Universe,the food chain,All is at stake.Eco-system indeed.

        • flatsville

          >>>its wisdom to face our fates after doing everything to solve this massive problem……<<<

          Which appatently doesn't include "legal action" in that "everything" category of yours?

      • GBCIR

        Sorry – I agree – we DO have reason to worry. We are killing our HOME (Earth).

        government and money THINKING ENDS (ENDED / past tense YET?)

        But cannabis oil is REMEDY if you get radiation sickness.

        Rick Simpson Oil.


    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Here is the world's future: Repeat!

      Looks like I will need to drag this link around with me for a couple of days

      Here is they, they are seen at the bottom of this link, they are the ones in control of your slice of world and these groups can be found all over the world…everywhere!

      OK so here is all of our futures in real time simply fast forwarded, if we continue down/on this Nuclear Technology path/direction.

      This link is not up for interpretation and/or debate or banter and this is all of our futures.

      Study it and look at it and then cry for your fellow man and then all life that still resides on this planet!

      You need to contact "they" and "bitch slap" each one of them until they shut down this technology!

    • American Phoenix57

      Check this out. . .

      Plutonium 239 is THE aim of nuclear power plants. It is chemically separated from the 'spent fuel' and made into atom bomb warheads. The late Dr. Radha Roy, professor of physics emeritus, invented a process to backwards engineer plutonium 239 to non-radioactive lead in 1979 after the Three Mile Island partial meltdown. In addition, 'The Roy Process' will produce electricity by using the decay heat to turn existing steam electric generators. See:

      Website: The Roy Process for Neutralizing Nuclear Waste

      There is a viable, cost effective alternative to the federal policy of burying nuclear waste. First, there must be a Congressional Bill passed to allow transmutation, or backwards engineering nuclear waste to a non-radioactive element. In addition to eliminating nuclear waste, the decay heat can turn the steam electric generators at each nuclear power plant to produce electricity.

      No Time To Waste: E.I.S. – The Roy Process
      for Neutralizing Nuclear Waste – About 18 min.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        AP57, outstanding video, and yes, I believe he is correct and would not doubt his sincerity in solving this nuclear waste problem. It is a shame that for 35 years it has not been tried. We need to attempt this "Roy Process" immediately and then evaluate the end product produced.

        This "Roy Process" will not solve the Fukushima problem though and/or future meltdowns from occurring, meaning the entire Nuclear Industry needs to be shut down immediately, until safety factors of/or above 100% are achieved at some point in the future.

        In the mean time this "Roy Process" can be implemented as a way to deal with the produced toxic radiation contamination until it can all be eliminated from the planet biosphere, storage areas, weapons, core containments and then all spent fuel pools sitting around the world.

        WE must pass this very important information along to the right people.. 🙂

      • GBCIR

        Thank you for the links.

        Government and money THINKING WILL NOT HELP US.

        Now we KNOW OUR ENEMY.

        Exposed parasite = VOID (DEAD) PARASITE.

        We WIN (now PULL yOUR OWN WEIGHT…)

        Ortegrity = I VOLUNTEER.

        Anyone need help to begin this?

        Study the magic of 369 and Phi Mod9 VBM Phi Tori array…

        May Peace Prevail on Earth

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Sounds great, but all Nuclear Technology must be stopped immediately worldwide..period.

      Then you and the boys can play with your fancy inventions and when it is all gone (radiation contamination) within the biosphere of Planet Earth, maybe then we will start one up after the technology is refined at/to a 100% non failure rate.

      We currently have Nuclear Rattle Traps operating all over the world and all of them need to be shut down right now immediately!

  • Tung Jen Tung Jen

    Watched "Thrive" the other night…..been living this survival Margret Atwood gardener's lifestyle since bailing on our life in Tokyo. Would like to see this "Torus", thing working. Would also
    like to know about how safe Belize is for the fallout. I have been looking very seriously at the caves surrounding us, and the remains of the Maya three thousand years ago, while creating this farm and refuge.

    Property to sell on one of the Gulf Islands for discounted price, a real bargain if you don't think Fukushima is an issue.

    • GBCIR

      I do NOT trust "THRIVE" – money-phile thinking.

      Free energy = NO MONEY REQUIRED.

      We DID live in harmony on Earth – Pyramids / Megaliths / Petroglyphs are proof of fact.

      Something bad happened. What exactly I do not know…

  • Tung Jen Tung Jen

    oh my word….Fukushimaamour! May first romance with Japan! Hiroshima Mon

    Amour!… imprinted on my brain more than 30 years ago before I moved to Japan…..Where is Robert Anton Wilson for a good chuckle?

  • Alpha1

    The funny thing is the non-delutable Radioactive particles will wash up on shore be thrown into atmosphere from the misting waves and are known to blow 2 to 300 kilometers inland. Now if that is something then think about the whole of the west coast becoming highly radiated within weeks of the actual contact which actually occurred 120 plus days ago. The sea kelp was radiated over 1year and 8 months ago which means the cover on this story is it is a wrap.

    There is no way to dilute it once it hits water they are lying chemistry 101 Science never lied about it, people are ignorant to radiation since the drop in Civil Defense warning and programs on the atomic bombs back in the 50's and early 60's it went from drop and cover the most deadly thing in the world, to them changing even the text books in schools to it is the safest thing in the world.

    Ignorance is not bliss ignorance is ignorant!!!!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Reposting here..
    I don't even use them for predict the local weather.

    NOAA Douses Fears of Fukushima Tsunami Debris Heading to the United States
    Nov 7 2013

    The concept dismissed with the wave of a governmental hand..

    But there is a discussion to be had.

    Tsunami Debris Presentation by Curt Ebbesmeyer and Jim Ingraham
    Dec 14 2011

    PS. A realistic conversation needs to happen.

    RDS-EDES- SPECIAL REPORT Tsunami Trash Adrift to Hawaii – Hawaii News Now – KGMB and KHN

    Nov 22 2011

    Along with/and behind it 2 1/2 years of radioactive it radioactive? the Great Pacific garbage Patch becoming more radioactive?
    I assume ..yes.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      PS..I don't trust NOAA..I suggest all people get some weather indicators..thermometers..wind gages, etc.
      NOAA will lie and let people die..these items could save your life.

      • CB CB

        Stopping conversation, blank stare looking at the elephant in the room realising it's your government…….sucked.

  • 😉 Sometimes these experts make no sense whatsoever to me. (?)

    "But the question is, will we really know?"
    – Makhijani
    (1. create doubt)

    Makhijani says, "…there’s no need to panic."
    (2. assure no concern)

    "The radiation will be diluted, and levels found on the West Coast are very low and not considered dangerous…"
    – Makhijani
    (3. beLIEve, dilution makes it okay)

    ANY radioactive contamination LEVEL above background can be hazardous to life. Especially when it accumulates.

    It's been almost 1,000 DAYS of this.
    What will it be like in 1,000 more? 🙁

    BEIR VII Phase 2 Report:
    Health Risks from Exposure to Low Levels of Ionizing Radiation

  • w

    Insanely inhumane is Obama’s inaction in induce the Japanese government to intervene in TEPCO’s insincere effort in cleaning up the Fukushima Diaiichi’s NNPs accident. Obama, who has sold his soul to the nuclear industry, need to be charged for Crimes Against Humanity, along with Japanese Prime Minister Abe. Gu. 9/2013

  • We Not They Finally

    The basics from now on is to stay out of the rain.Eat nothing that comes from the sea.Purify your water by triple filtering it starting with reverse osmosis and adding oxygen to it.Use anything you can to treat yourself holistically as if you already had cancer…Im referring to non toxic treatment.But assume your enviroment has all kinds of health threats.Unfortunately as the ocean dies the whole world will be exposed Dont be afraid to spread the word for people to take ultra care of themselves and each other..Remember to circulate info on the web and in any way you can.WE are all in this to the end.The best way to deal with this is awareness action and spread knowledge.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Dear Daily Kos..
    There is more at stake here than a tuna sandwich.
    Contamination is going to cause damage…to the life forms in the Pacific.
    This is about the mortality of these life forms…free lives..not the insides of a sandwich.

    "Bottom line: We're on our own. We must seek out accurate information if it's out there to be found, or assess our risk in the dark. So while it's good to keep in mind that your tuna sandwich presents far less of an immediate risk of sickness/death from radiation than it presents for choking or bad mayonnaise, that does not mean low-level exposures to radioactive contamination are "harmless."

    From the paragraph above..
    "Radioactive elements will continue to accumulate in the ocean"

    Fukushima Putting Risks In Perspective.

    Allow that thought to progress.
    Other than that have a great lunch..

    Heart of the Rose

    • socref

      There is a really good code out there called RESRAD that calculates the bioaccumulation from radiation emissions. I would like to see it made available to normal ordinary citizens upon request.

  • discgolfer123

    Why do we continue to get these idiotic articles? There is no such thing as "safe dilution," but we keep hearing this nonsense. Radiation occurs on the quantum level and all that dilution does is to lower the dose–it's still cumulative, just the same.

    And even with dilution, there is the Petkau effect which indicates how LOW levels of radiation exposure may be more dangerous than single high exposures. Go here for definition:

    It is California citizens who care to spend $600 or $700 on radiation detectors that are putting up the videos on the Internet about contamination all up and down the West Coast. The media certainly isn't reporting it; can't even admit the "word" Fukushima when discussing dissolving/diseased Starfishes. Disgusting. Repeat after me: F U K U S H I M A . The mass media ought to be ashamed of itself. FINALLY after 30 plus months, the LAT's is doing a story on this–a white washed story, but a story, just the same. Why not spend some money on a radiation detector and do some REAL investigation of what's going on along your beaches? Why not put a detector to some melting starfishes? Some seafood? How about a report in the alleged spike in miscarriages and depressed thyroid function? That would be another possibility, so we can have science instead of fear on our sides. Are we safe or not? L.A. Times, please answer this question! Millions in the 6th largest economy of the world wish…

    • socref

      The Petkau effect is good if life is in a petri dish. I think we have looked at Petkau in a vacuum. I think the word "safe" is relative. We are safe from low low background radiation effects, but we are not safe from our own fears and neurosis regarding radiation en toto. Right now science cant tell us the relative risk of low low radiation doses over time, where as science can pretty much tell us that the risk of large acute doses is linear with exposure.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        were a lot safer from fears and neurosis than nuclear fallout. This common line of pro nukers is no good. Its said to make the public seem irrational. Children in Belarus are deformed, animals in Fukushima have small brains and genetic abnormality. Fear and neurosis didnt cause this. In reality its the pro nukers who are irrational and manipulative, what to say deadly

  • Jackerbon557

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